The UCS Millenium Falcon finished and child secured

The UCS Millenium Falcon finished and child secured

If you want ultimate cool points you’ll remove it from its shackles and let your kid swoosh it. Think of the memories. ;)

Edit: on second look your crib midget is smaller than mine. Wait a few years and remove the shackles.

Hehe! Yeah he’s only 1 year old and just started to play with duplo so he’ll have to wait a few years :)

I opted for crib midget because I thought “F*** trophy” would be faux pas.

Bruh......crib dying. Lmao!!!!

I threw this together to decorate my desk for Pride month. I tried to use as much variety as I could from the Creative Box.

I threw this together to decorate my desk for Pride month. I tried to use as much variety as I could from the Creative Box.

Looks gay

I believe that’s the point

Love the cloud of smoke or steam! Very creative.

lol that's gay

Lego Ninjago City Extension - Now With Docks

Lego Ninjago City Extension - Now With Docks

Album of a few more pics here

I finally caved and got the Ninjago City Docks. I am pretty happy that my extension can connect to the two official sets with no modification in a few different ways.

Work has now started on a 16x32 extension!

Thanks a lot! There are some better pictures here.

Your MOC blends in very well!

Also I really hope they continue this series. IMO the Ninjago Movie sets have been the best sets they ever made. The fact that they do not have any licensing restrictions makes it perfect to bring in crazy ideas into the LEGO universe.

Hey man, this is really cool. Could you snap a few pictures of your MoC extension solo, from all angles? I really like it, but it's a little bit difficult to see where it ends/begins when connected to the two official sets (which is a compliment to your build).

How do you move a 2 meter tall Batcave? Like this...

I had no idea it was that large... absolute unit!

I’ve been following your MOC and I can’t believe how quickly it has developed considering the size and detail.

To top it all off, it is absolutely beautiful.

Amazing job!

I'm 6'4 too so that gives you some frame of reference to compare

It hasn't really been quick, it's been a year and a half since the whole thing started.

The Batcave started in Jan 2017 and was first displayed in October. It sat collecting dust until a month or two ago. Wayne Manor began Jan 2018 and finished a month or two ago, that's when I brought the two together and finished it all up (along with some improvements to the cave)

Groundskeeper Willie BrickHead

Groundskeeper Willie BrickHead

Principal Skinner: Willie, go into the vent and get him.

Groundskeeper Willie: What!? Have ye gone waxy in yer beester? I canna fit in the wee vent, ye croquet-playin' mint-muncher!

Principal Skinner: Grease yourself up and go in, you guff-speaking work-slacker.

Willie: Ooh. Good comeback.

Willie hears ya. Willie don’t care.

As much as I’d love to see it, it probably wouldn’t get accepted due to their no existing IP rule. If we get lucky and LEGO keeps milking the Brickheadz for all they’re worth we may get Simpsons ones eventually

Lunch lady Doris, have ye got any grease!?

Wayne Manor and Batcave Complete! (Video in comments)

Wayne Manor and Batcave Complete! (Video in comments)

Fucking awesome, glad to see it finally done

That probably costs more than I make in a year lol

Video - Some weird jerky frames though in places. I had all sorts of issues with this video

More pictures will come soon, I need to sort through them all and edit them.

If you're interested in a commentated/narrated video let me know and I will do that too at some time.

Now i'm off to bed

This actually captures Batman's Attic and Bruce Wayne's Basement amazingly well.

I can build a pretty nice square shack...

You knew someone was working on one. WIP UCS style Kessel Run Falcon

You knew someone was working on one. WIP UCS style Kessel Run Falcon

I have a pretty substantial inventory of parts on hand, but my local Bricks and Minifigs knows when I come in most of the white pieces will be leaving with me.

Holy shit thats amazing! How much has it cost you so far?

Undecided. The frame is the 2007 UCS version, which is significantly different than the 2017. Still have to see the movie so once I do I’ll more than likely be inspired to try.

Thanks, in the greebling stage. Once it’s done I’ll post pics of all the features. The escape pod comes out and all the panels missing on the classic falcon either are removable or hinged to open.

You came to the wrong kitchen...

You came to the wrong kitchen...

Awesome, is the corn free standing or balanced on the other two?

thanks! The corn has a subtle stand in the back, made from two trans clear long pieces. When in position it's barely visible and really stable!

The new titanfall is looking good

Guys check out the knees, EXO FORCE re release confirmed! Not sure about the theming they've chosen this time around- colour me 'cautiously optimistic'

My autistic 8yr old son built me a box today so I could safely hide all of my candy at work!

My autistic 8yr old son built me a box today so I could safely hide all of my candy at work!

I had no idea this was Lego at first. It looks really nice!

Yes, I did post this exact picture earlier in the evening, but I received about a dozen or so messages asking if I had my son tested for autism and whatnot, so I went ahead and took down the original post and re-uploaded it adding a single word: 'autistic' to the title.

He's a very healthy and energetic fella with a plethora of friends, he's only mildly on the spectrum and loves to keep things symmetrical and patterned. His mother and I are in awe of his talents when it comes down to organization or design of things, especially considering we're the two most uncoordinated mouth-breathers on the planet Earth. :-] No worries all, and cheers!!

My office "feng shui" is black in white roarin' twenties so this definitely goes with the color scheme, but I feel like everyone will know where I hide my Sourpatch Kids/Kit Kats at now. haha

I had an old cigar box I used to use as a "candy box" in my car... looking back I can see how creepy that might have been handing that around to my kid's friends on trips. :/ uh oh...

I wasn't really satisfied with the static display stand that came with the TRON set

That's insanely cool. Even just mounting them at an angle makes a huge difference in how they look, but the swerving is just next level. I think this even out does the trench run.

Seriously, how do you come up with this stuff?

Thanks. I completely agree about mounting them at an angle. I have no idea why the stock set didn't include a couple of hinge pieces. It's a really simple mod to mount them at an angle, and makes it look so much better.

This was directly inspired by my pursuit of flight/trench run models. I had just finished them up when I was looking at the light cycles, and thought it would be cool to do something similar with them.

Youtube video

You continue to amaze me, Jason. Love your work.

I just built this set last night, and kept having this nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right. I think you nailed it with the tilt, really improves the dynamic. The movement is icing on the cake! Great work yet again!

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