I told my math teacher about my mother, and she got arrested.

I told my math teacher about my mother, and she got arrested.

I got my 13 year old brother after school yesterday and we went to see my math teacher. I didn't tell him all the details, but I told him my mother wanted too put a device on me to keep me from having sex, and my brother and I showed him the healed burn things like you guys suggested. At first he wanted to call our mom but that actually made my brother cry in fear so he didn't because I told him I'd run away and call the police if he did.

He called a bunch of people, and about an hour later the police and a bunch of other people showed up. Apparently they'd already been suspicious about our neighborhood. They talked to us away from eachother and I had to tell several people what happened, there was one lady who I told everything real specific. She was very nice and didn't make me feel ashamed at all.

We went back home with them and I showed the police where my mother kept drugs that I'm pretty sure we're illegal. She wasn't there but all my other 6 siblings who are home schooled were. Then they went down the street to where my mom and our preacher were and I don't know what happened but they arrested her i think for drugs and other stuff and someone else whose house they were at because they were doing drugs I think (that's what they usually do) but not the preacher. I think they're gonna look into it though.

There were a bunch of people and police who talked to all of us more and eventually they took us to a place where they said we'd stay for now. Like a shelter or something.

I should of done this year's ago, I feel really bad because I could have had my siblings taken better care of. I don't really know what's happening or gonna happen but the place I'm in now is way cleaner than I'm used to and we have clothes and stuff and food and we don't have to watch toddlers anymore. They weren't happy when they figured out stuff like the burns and that my 11 and 10 year old sisters can't read at all. They also weren't very happy with our house I could tell.

I hope we don't have to go back. And I hope it's ok to post this. Even tho I don't need advice anymore. Thank you to everyone who helped me.

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Update: My neighbor stole my dog. He's no longer walking him around the block and claiming he's not mine.

Update: My neighbor stole my dog. He's no longer walking him around the block and claiming he's not mine.

US citizen cousin (16F) is abroad and under heavy pressure to get married by parents. She asked for my help. [Update: We helped her & she's here]

US citizen cousin (16F) is abroad and under heavy pressure to get married by parents. She asked for my help. [Update: We helped her & she's here]

First post:

Thanks for your help and for pointing me in the right direction.

My sister and I contacted the state department, the embassy and the consulate in Karachi. They were able to verify that she exists and she's a US citizen. We told them of what's happening to her and they were quite helpful in telling us what to do and being ready to help her as soon as possible.

The challenge was getting her into the consulate in Karachi but she actually got herself there (took weeks of planning) where they gave her travel documents to be able to come to the US. We bought tickets for her to go from Karachi to Doha and then to Boston where we picket her up from the airport.

By the time her parents realized what's what she was on the Doha to Boston flight. Her parents tried to apply for a visa to come to the US but their visa applications were refused. I'm not aware if the people at the embassy who refused it actually knew about my cousin's supituation or not but we're glad they weren't able to come here.

She currently lives with me and my sister and my sister has been granted guardianship over her. Her priority is to learn English.

Her parents still try to somehow make her return but we've closed down the lines of communication and hopefully her life from now on will be stress-free.

[PA] Banned from Rite Aid for life when I was 14. 11 years later, I’ve moved across the state 7 hours away, and Rite Aid is the only pharmacy in sight. What would happen if I filled my prescriptions here?

[PA] Banned from Rite Aid for life when I was 14. 11 years later, I’ve moved across the state 7 hours away, and Rite Aid is the only pharmacy in sight. What would happen if I filled my prescriptions here?

When I was 14, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup and my mom would always check my receipts. As an idiot, I tried to steal $1.50 eyeliner and got caught. They took a photo of me, I paid $150 and it was expunged from my record. I remember I signed a statement saying I would never go to Rite Aid again. Now, it’s 11 years later. I live in the same state but on the opposite side 7 hours away, would never even think about stealing anything. I have no criminal record aside from the stupid expunged eyeliner incident. I just moved to this area and the only pharmacies nearby are Rite Aid. Now I have to switch from Walgreens to a different pharmacy and I’m worried if I would get myself into a ton of trouble if I switched to Rite Aid for my prescriptions.

If it's been over a decade, odds are good they no longer have a record of the ban. You'll likely be fine. Worst-case scenario, they kick you off the property again or call the cops to give you a trespassing warning: odds are, you won't face trespassing charges based on an 11-year-old warning you received as a minor.

If you're really concerned, you could call the manager and ask. However, I'd be strongly tempted to let sleeping dogs lie: reminding them the ban exists doesn't help you.

Many many years ago when I worked at Sears the loss prevention crew would do a similar thing; bring the parents in, agree to pay some kind of restitution, sign a doc saying they'd never go into a sears store for life...

And it meant nothing. it went into some drawer, and it wasn't shared with other stores are anything. Wasn't entered into any database or anything. Basically it was designed to scare the kid... and possibly if the kid DID come back, to that store, like within a month or two, then they'd have an actual doc to show to court saying this kid is a habitual problem.

But tens year on in a different state? It's just not gonna be an issue I don't think.

I seriously doubt Rite Aid's got some major security network that will flag a teenage shoplifter from over a decade ago and try to bring the wrath of god down on you if you step foot in a store 7 hours away from where you were banned. They can't bring back up the original charges because it's already been disposed of. Worst they could do would be call the police and say you're trespassing, but again, I seriously doubt they've got that kind of security to even recognize you and/or care about it.

As a former Rite Aid manager...they don't have a system to keep track of this. As someone who was also banned from Kohls ..I go to Kohls all the time.

(Texas) house purchase, lien problems..

(Texas) house purchase, lien problems..

To keep things short, my wife and I are first time home buyers. We found a house we liked, submitted an offer, the accepted, and we went pretty deep into the process. We did everything already in regards to the inspection, apprasial, Ernest money, etc. During the title audit, multiple lines showed up. The seller is settling one but fighting the others we are supposed to close the end of the month but I have my reservations that we won't hit that target date due to the number of liens and how much rhey amount to even though the seller is adamant the original closing date is still on track.

My question is, if this drags on, do I have any rights to compensation? I'm having to extend my lease when I technically shouldn't have to due to not meeting the closing date.

Also, if the seller decides to walk away, what penalties do they get? Do I get any of that money back?

You probably have no 'rights' to compensation, unless you had a specific agreement with the seller that they would cover your personal costs if you don't close by date 'x'. What you're encountering is simply the realties of purchasing a house.

If the seller walks away (or can't close on-time), you should be refunded your earnest money.

Read your purchase contract. It will have all of the answers in it. If you are using a broker, they can explain it to you as well, in layman's terms.

(MN) Landlord showing newly rented apartment and scheduling showings with less than 24 hour notice.

(MN) Landlord showing newly rented apartment and scheduling showings with less than 24 hour notice.

I recently moved into an apartment and my lease does not end until August. Since moving in, my landlord has regularly scheduled entry with less than 24 hour notice. Generally, this has been 23 hours but it has at times been as short as 18 hours. The most egregious instance was with notice not given until 9 pm the day prior. Notices have generally been for showings, but have also been for insurance inspections.

My lease agreement specifically allows entry by the landlord at any reasonable time. I did not fight this because MN statute 504B.211 specifically states that the landlord must give reasonable notice and that this is an unenforceable lease provision. I also know that 24 hours is generally accepted to be reasonable notice. I do not, however, know if there are any specific statutes or regulations in MN setting the time frame for reasonable notice and I was hoping for some assistance.

Further, unless there is a statute saying that such a provision is unenforceable, I would assume that by failing to dispute the provision in my lease giving my landlord the right to enter at any reasonable time, I gave them the ability to show my apartment to prospective renters no matter how far away I am from my lease end date, but I still thought I would check. Are there any Minnesota statutes/regulations that would restrict my landlord's ability to show my apartment so long before the end date of my lease?

I recommend telling the people being shown the unit that you your lease isn’t up for x months, that the landlord began showing people the unit after only y months and has had approximately z showings since then, often with less that the legally required prior notice.

I mean, you could gather all that I information and go to Court to seek an order for him to give you required notice, but this would be easier and may have the same result.

How many comparable units does your landlord manage?

If the answer is “multiple”, they are choosing to show yours and not one of your neighbours’ because yours is particularly presentable.

So make it less presentable. Make messes, leave some pest control paraphernalia about, maybe some “adult novelties”—anything that a landlord is going to think looks bad to potential tenants.

There's no statute (in any state) that says a landlord can show a unit only with 'x' months remaining on the current tenants lease.

My guess is that OP lives in privately owned student housing where it's very common to lease rental units in Feb for the Fall academic term/year.

can reverse graffiti be considered vandalism?

can reverse graffiti be considered vandalism?


Doing anything to someone else's property ain't ok

Don't treat us like idots. You even called it 'reverse graffiti' in your title.

Life is not a comic or movie where you can try being sassy (even if it was ,you're doing a vary bad job).

Are you the city, state, or federal government? If not then it still isn't your property.

Can I do something about this “lifetime supply” that they cancelled on me?

Can I do something about this “lifetime supply” that they cancelled on me?

Ontario Canada 5 years ago when I was 18 I won a “lifetime” supply of chicken nuggets from a good brand and yesterday I contacted them after going to buy another box the cashier confiscated my lifetime card and told to contact the company when I called them the rep said they wouldn’t give me any more boxes of nuggets as I had hit my lifetime supply of 30 boxes

How the hell is 30 boxes considered a lifetime supply at 18 living till about 70-80 that’s only like 1 box every 2 years

We don’t have a contract I just had a card it said nowhere on it about a 30 box limit in fact It didn’t say anything only had the company name and the barcode

I do have the certificate I got with the card (somewhere in a box) that states it’s a lifetime supply card and congratulations stuff like that but i doesn’t have any fine print on it unless I need a black light to see it

Can I do anything about this I want the lifetime supply I was promised and I believe they should honour it and I wrong ?

the cashier confiscated my lifetime card

I guess my question is who authorized the cashier to take what, I assume, was your property? Or, even if it belonged to the issuing company, why could a random cashier take something that didn't belong to them?

Usually with promotions like this, they've defined what a lifetime amount is. 30 boxes isn't what I'd consider a lifetime amount, but it was probably in the fine print somewhere.

My dad won a "year's supply" of chicken sandwiches from a fast food place that turned out to be good for 52 meal's worth. Anecdotal, but 30 does seem a little low for a "lifetime".

Are you sure the cashier didn't just steal your card?

landlord wants us to use fire escape instead of front door

landlord wants us to use fire escape instead of front door


landlord wants us to use fire escape instead of front door

This is in Massachusetts. Recently my property manager mentioned that the landlord would like to do some work on the front door/in the front hallway, which would temporarily block our access out. The property manager said that ‘while it’s not ideal,’ we could just use the fire escape outside our bedroom window (the only other exit accessible) while the work is done. On top of the fire escape not being very stable, this would mean leaving our bedroom window unlocked to get in and out, which is obviously dangerous. My landlord hasn’t made any concrete plans to start the work yet, but I can’t see how this could be legal and want to make sure I’m prepared with what to say to them. Thanks for your help.

Uh, all residences need 2 means of egress. They can’t block off the front door and allow you to live in there. Either they leave the door accessible or they provide temporary housing.

Also, if you’re in Boston, have Boston ISD by to make sure the fire escape is up to code and in good condition if you feel it’s unsafe.

Tell him in writing that you do not consent to this and will refuse access or eject any workers in your home. Let him try and evict you for this the judge will laugh in his face.

On top of the fire escape not being very stable

How much so? Enough such that you don't feel safe using it in the event of a fire? If so, IANAL but you might want to contact somebody (your landlord or your local fire marshal), as unmaintained fire exits are a serious problem that cause deaths each year.

Anon is claiming to have stalked and contemplated killing me, knows details about my life and schedule, is there a single thing i can do?

Anon is claiming to have stalked and contemplated killing me, knows details about my life and schedule, is there a single thing i can do?

I got a random message from a twitter account with zero tweets and followers, here

when i pressed him about it, he came up with places and dates that were accurate for my life and that i didn’t share online, here

is there a single thing the cops can do? he says he’s currently in a halfway house and doesn’t want to hurt me, but he’s obviously sick and i don’t trust him. i still live in the same place. i also went to the cops before to report a rape, and the detective on my case spent more time trying to get me to admit i was lying about being raped than he did asking me what happened. very traumatizing and i don’t trust cops. i’m just honestly scared for my life. i didn’t know it was seriously that easy to stalk someone.

i live in texas

update: i’m at the police station, cop at front says there isn’t much to be done and i should “help myself”

update 2: he sent me a picture of his ankle monitor as “proof” he’s been to prison or is on parole or... to give his story credibility? cop who spoke to me looked at the picture and said it’s fake. doubt he’s even at a halfway house or has been to prison.

This would definitely constitute harassment in many states. For certain, it is also considered cyber stalking, which, in my experience, is generally more harsh in penalties than simple electronic harassment.

Every state has their own rules and names for charges and such, but as for Texas, they consider cyber stalking to still be regular stalking. In Texas, stalking is when a person knowingly engages in conduct that: (1) stalker knows/reasonably believes victim will view as threatening, (2) causes fear, and (3) would cause a reasonable person to fear. It is a felony.

I would make a report to your local police department, they can use their resources to dig further. Even if the person is out of state, they are breaking laws elsewhere, too. You could also make a report to the FBI internet crimes division.

You might be interested in the concept of a "soft delete". Basically, rather than actually deleting the data, you just set a flag in a database to say "don't let anyone access this". The data are still there -- every IP address the person signed in from, their throwaway email, everything -- just not accessible to anyone outside of the company.

I think it's very likely that Twitter only ever soft-deletes accounts. All the data are there for law enforcement to use, even if you can't see them.

his account is locked and jesus, he might even delete it. can they still find him if he’s using a throwaway and it’s locked?

Try getting in touch with a domestic violence shelter. They usually know all the ins and outs of the local system. Perhaps they can help you.

Try one of these subthreads