I did an educational video on the map of summoner's rift and the idea of pressure

I did an educational video on the map of summoner's rift and the idea of pressure

So every since my "think before you click" series, I haven't really done much educational content mainly because it's very time consuming as well as the fact that there's a clear necessity for not only a good script but also really good visual production to accompany to help the teaching process.

This time, I've restarted some educational content alongside a very good graphics editor (Filip) and a sponsor (Acer) to try to bring a relatively high production product.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

I really liked the graphics and the video was super well put together overall, but it would be nice to have some examples from pro play. The map with circles is cool and gets the idea across well it just would be good to actually see a team invading with pressure in an lcs game to get the concept down with an example.


if you watched the recent SKT/KT match it kind of shows the strong side disparity.

If you dont mind me spoiling the ending, in game 2 Score paths top lane at 2:40 and kills Huni for FB on rumble. This is a really early gank with a level 3 gragas from Score. Score then wards the tri brush and goes for the scuttle. Huni teleports back to lane and elise (Peanut) places a control word in the tri bush. This is an interesting move from Peanut because hes trying to immediately salvage the top lane situation by controlling the visionn, he also puts a ward down in the river bush.

Unfortunately there was a blast cone for score on the other side, he uses it and Score/Smeb kill huni again because hes flashless. Peanut is there but too late and unable to turn the 2v2. So KT basically win the top side in terms of pressure and 'result' from those 2 kills.

Now what Peanut would have recognised is - they snowbaleld top, now i need to go bot or mid/bot. Unfortunately Deft and Mata solo killed Bang which immediately means that Bot pressure is in favour of KT, and by a wide margin because its kalista/rakan. So SKT have no business bot lane. This severely limits SKT and is a prime example of pressure on both sides in favour of KT, but more so on the top side.

Score recalls, buys mobis, goes top again in the top lane bush and kills Huni for the 3rd time in 5 minutes. After that he goes down the river, Peanut is seen top lane receiving the crashing minion wave, takes the farm, and this effectively frees up score to do whatever the fuck he wants. He takes Peanut's red side raptors, places shallow jungle wards and river wards on the left side of the map, whereas Mata placed them on the right side because they 2v2 killed Bang.

This means KT now has full vision of the channel between the wolf camp and mid lane turret from SKT's side, and the corridor between mid lane and baron pit leading into the river.

After score wards the river he goes top again and kills huni for the 4th time in 6 minutes. Huni tried to ward the river bush.

Peanut was there but againt oo late. You may think Peanut is making the wrong play but at this point the game is over. Even despite Huni dying twice, it was still salvageable for SKT becaues of symmetric side lane pressure. But since Bang died in the 2v2, that meant that SKT has no business top nor bot. And the only thing that could save them is either Faker leveling the mid lane, or they stall magically until 35 minutes.

This is a rather extreme example beacuse KT got the level of control of the jungle that teams with 7k gold leads sometimes have trouble establishing, but they did that in about 8 minutes. Heres the game for reference

Basically when you get a kill top side for example, the jungler will be there almost 90% of the time. He will camp the shit out of that lane and Score did exactly that. This eventually translated into KT owning SKT's red buff jungle, having huge collapse potential from Pawn's galio means that Score is always going to be in a 2vX situation, which means hes never alone, maybe even 3vx because of Smeb, and since bot lane died in this case, and its kalista rakan vs Ali/Trist, trist has no business doing anything in that lane barring a clever gank from Peanut if Wolf all ins at the right time. But even so the risk is huge because of Galio/Gragas/J4 with TP.

edit; to clarify another thing: Score's gank top would have been impossible if he wasnt on blue side, or if deft/mata didnt super leash him with red buff. This is something only really exclusive and exploitable on blue side, beacuse its the red buff and you can go for a gank immediately after taking it, and because you posture top side intuitively as that is the jungle route you take. Its also possible red side but its not as punishable to gank someone from the red side if you start with blue buff, and the top laner cant leash your red buff because he will take too much damage unless hes something like maokai with the saplings, but even so nobody has really done that unless you commit the mid laner too, but that might set you back in mid lane priority.

Right now blue side has a huge advantage in terms of jungle pathing and generally is on the offensive. The SKT/KT series for example was a 3-0 for blue side, and overall for the LCK the blue side has had a higher win rate than the red side.

I love learning about macro. Keep it up!

What League of Legends Looks Like to Colorblind Players

What League of Legends Looks Like to Colorblind Players

I'm not colorblind. It's the 92% of the population that's colorblind.


This Blitz Esports channel is just killing it lately.

I don't understand, it looks the same as it always does

Patch 7.16 Notes

Patch 7.16 Notes

“Enemy ward here” has been added as a keybinding option in the “Communication” section of the in-game Hotkeys menu! (It’s not currently bindable through the client)

God bless.

Fizz E (Playful / Trickster) cooldown decreased.

Just thinking about this ability makes me angry


more leblanc q ratio changes

maybe giving leblanc good waveclear was never a good idea in the first place :thinking: ?

Star Guardian Reveal on FB

Star Guardian Reveal on FB

SG Ezreal: My job here is done

SG Lux: But you didn't do anything

SG Ezreal: *Arcane Shifts away*

And with that, we are finally off the leak train.

What a crazy ride

Syndra Ahri Ezreal Miss Fortune Soraka

"Day 273, they still think I'm gay"

Meet Ornn, the Fire Beneath The Mountains | League of Legends Champion Reveal

Meet Ornn, the Fire Beneath The Mountains | League of Legends Champion Reveal

WTF is this teaser, it looks like one for some shitty mobile game. That aside, champ looks pretty interesting

This is some ass quality vid for riot lol

Shop anywhere on the map? Upgrades items for his team? I need more info on that, sounds pretty op!

Edit: Thanks for telling me how it works, now i want to know which items we can upgrade and the bonuses Ornn gives to them!

Used up their entire budget on the pentakill music video LUL

Pentakill: how a metal band that doesn't exist made it to No 1

Pentakill: how a metal band that doesn't exist made it to No 1

Top1 even in music charts, Riot Games decided to take League into the next level lel

Just wait until we have a champion in the White House

Taliyah doesn't even need any kind of approval to build walls

I mean, look at Japan. Idols that don't exist sell out stadiums.

Team SoloMid vs. Counter Logic Gaming / NA LCS 2017 Summer - Week 9 / Post-Match Discussion

Team SoloMid vs. Counter Logic Gaming / NA LCS 2017 Summer - Week 9 / Post-Match DiscussionNA LCS 2017 SUMMER

Official page | EsportsWikis | Live Discussion | /sub/LoLeventVoDs/ | New to LoL

Team SoloMid 2-0 Counter Logic Gaming

TSM | Wiki Page | Best.gg | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Subreddit CLG | Wiki Page | Best.gg | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Subreddit


Winner: Team SoloMid in 31m | MVP: Bjergsen Match History | MVP Poll

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B TSM Aurelionsol Leblanc Tristana Alistar Camille 60.2k 15 9 I2 C3 M5 CLG Caitlyn Zac Kalista TahmKench Taric 47.9k 6 0 I1 B4 TSM 15-6-47 vs 6-15-21 CLG Hauntzer Gnar 3 2-1-6 TOP 1-3-3 2 Gragas Darshan Svenskeren Maokai 1 1-3-12 JNG 0-2-6 5 Sejuani OmarGod Bjergsen Taliyah 2 7-0-6 MID 4-5-2 3 Orianna Huhi Doublelift Sivir 4 3-1-11 ADC 0-2-5 1 Ashe Stixxay Biofrost Braum 5 2-1-12 SUP 1-3-5 4 Thresh aphromoo MATCH 2: CLG vs TSM

Winner: Team SoloMid in 53m | MVP: Doublelift Match History | MVP Poll

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B CLG Syndra Thresh Tristana TahmKench Sivir 95.3k 22 8 B6 TSM Caitlyn Kalista Zac Shen Gnar 98.3k 19 11 C1 M2 B3 C4 C5 E7 B8 E9 CLG 22-19-64 vs 19-22-57 TSM Darshan Fiora 5 4-4-10 TOP 2-4-12 1 Maokai Hauntzer OmarGod Gragas 3 3-4-15 JNG 1-6-16 2 JarvanIV Svenskeren Huhi Taliyah 1 10-3-11 MID 7-5-7 4 Corki Bjergsen Stixxay Ashe 4 4-3-11 ADC 9-3-7 5 Jinx Doublelift aphromoo Alistar 2 1-5-17 SUP 0-4-15 3 Braum Biofrost Key G Gold K Kills T Towers I Infernal O Ocean M Mountain C Cloud E Elder B Baron

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CLG still didnt beat TSM ever since 2016 Spring, Game record now being 15-2 in favor of the latter.

I feel like I've seen Doublelift kill everyone bot lane on red side in a TSM vs CLG match as Jinx to win the game before

Someone should tell Biofrost that he can block Taliyah's wall with Braum's shield...

i am moobeat, creator and contributor for the LoL fansite Surrender at 20. AMA!

i am moobeat, creator and contributor for the LoL fansite Surrender at 20. AMA!

Hello everybody. I'm Moobeat, I'm 29 years old, and I created and continue to produce daily content for Surrender at 20, a League of Legends news site focusing on PBE coverage, keeping a pulse on the latest news, and coalescing information into easy to digest collections. I started Surrender at 20 stared back in February 2011 and, with a bit of luck and hard work, managed to grow up right along side the game and sprout into what it is today. Surrender at 20 is based out of my living room in Southern Indiana and it is the lone source of source of income for me and my fiancee.

Before we kick off, I'd like shine the spotline on the other folks who keep the WIPSHIP afloat. S@20's crew is very small. Every post on the site gets worked on by me and/or Aznbeat, with Frostyninja tagging in for the occasional assist and Uli looming in shadows.

Quick introductions for the crew:

-Aznbeat is my fiancee and she's been right by my side through this whole S@20 business - from cracking up at bugged PBE textures to stressing out over not being able to keep up with the news machine. While she's played less than a dozen ~actual~ games of League of Legends, lately Aznbeat has been doing a lot of heavy lifting on the site - even soloing the recent PBE cycle while I was out of commission - you may even have seen her on the daily PBE reddit shares trying to take in feedback, fix typos, and all that. She propped up our family when I wanted to take a chance see where the site could go and she's shouldered a ridiculous work schedule to keep it a float. Not hard to say S@20 wouldn't be here without her support and encouragement, through the trial and error of me being my own boss, countless missed social events, and even profanity at the sight of a late night unannounced PBE update.

-FrostyNinja handles the actual site, everything from the layout to backgrounds, etc. Here also tends to be stuck fixing whatever madness I unleash. I break a lot of things with the site. FrostyNinja makes sure I don't burn the whole damn site down with my .jpg names. Years ago when the site was super small, he sent me a rogue email volunteering to give the site a make over - I sense he was not impressed with my default purple blogger template. Even if he wasn't still here helping automate posts, bringing little jokes and easter eggs alive, or working the layout, his enthusiasm for my little blog snowballed S@20 into what it is and where it is today.

-Uli runs the SkinSpotlights channel and is the resident programmer and brain. He's developed a lot of datamining and PBE tools, along with his own creator suite and various other projects.While his channel and S@20 are separate, we have mutually beneficial relationship despite Uli being British and the constant confusion about what a "biscuit" is. Be it marking off the "days since last pbe leak" calendar or just tilting because the latest deploy mercilessly crippled all of the tools, Uli taught me how to PBE and I can't imagine how things would turn out if he never replied to my dopey youtube messages.

There are, of course, many other members of the S@20 family from over the years. Life moves fast, I'll always appreciate the effort they put into running projects from (our quite dated now) S@20 tournament, forging an esports section for the site, and wrangling in the comments. I'd be a stooge to not also mention the S@20 community folks who contribute their time to helping us hunt down missing changes on twitter, keep things under control in our community discord, or simply shitpost the comment section.

It's been a few years since the last one but this is my second AMA here on the subreddit - a lot has changed since 2012! I'll be here for a few hours to answer questions on LoL, my job creating and maintaining an independent fan site, life, video games, concerns of the heart, and whatever else you might be interested in.

Links: -S@20 -Twitter -Steam

edit: wrapping up as it is getting late in my timezone ! tried my best to reply (lots of repeats too)! thanks for questions and have a good night.

How do you still stay so motivated 6 years on?

I mean.. 6 years feels like a long time to do any one thing in life. And yet, rather than flame out over time, I feel like you guys have actually gotten stronger and better as time goes on. At some point does it transition from being a beloved hobby to "just a job"?

Sidenote, I've played lots of games over the years with their own share of fan/info sites, but S@20 has always just been on another level. What you do is so fast and so efficient. I'm not joking that sometimes at work, rather than ask another team questions about content that is live, we say, "Just check S@20, it's faster". And it almost always is. :P You guys also do a fantastic job of maintaining an even-handed, informative tone in everything that's reported. I wish there was a real world news website as good as S@20 I could go to... :/

Honestly dude, bloody good job.

it told me i am not allowed to answer this question.

So eyewitness reports have come in stating your beard is sentient and is the real mastermind behind it all. What do you have to say about that?


Champion Teaser - Ornn, the Mountainsmith

Champion Teaser - Ornn, the Mountainsmith

As a Ornn main, I think his w should be buffed already.


Can't wait for the unforgettable duo of Ornn and Smouu from Dark Souls to come to League

Dwarf? Sounds like a Dwarf. Lives under a mountain, rivers of fire, making weapons. Sounds super dwarvish to me.

Edit: after a rewatch, it sounds like he's huge and they call him a god. So I'm leaning away from dwarf.

Not Every Player needs to be a Role Model – Why the Controversy surrounding SKT Bang is Unjustified

Not Every Player needs to be a Role Model – Why the Controversy surrounding SKT Bang is Unjustified
Not Every Player needs to be a Role Model – Why the Controversy surrounding SKT Bang is Unjustified

If the LCK fanbase was a person, it's the guy who gets mad and AFKs when you recommend an item for them in Ranked

All bang did was tell a troll he makes more than them. Is there some cultural context that makes this so controversial, cause it seems pretty tame to these western sensibilities

"Hey, Jayce is going to have enough gold for serrated dirk first back. Could you buy cloth armor so he doesn't snowball?"


At this rate LCK gonna fine Dardoch even though he's not in their region.

Try one of these subthreads