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Here are some small tips to get your Kindred to the next level!

Here are some small tips to get your Kindred to the next level!

As we all know kindred is a really hard, but also very rewarding champion. Mastering her is already hard enough, but there are quite a few small tips that very few people know or have mastered. While they might not be gamechanging, its the small details that seperate the goood from the great. For an example a challanger jungler might kite the jungle creeps just a bit better than a diamond and maybe take 2 hits less in a full clear. But the 2 hits can mean the difference between living on 5 hp or dieing after a gank. So lets get to it!

TIP 1- This might be the most obvious tip here, but q cancels your basic attack. Use it right after firing the projectile.

Note: Q has fixed travel time at max range. This time is near 0.8 second. This is really important for the next few tips!

TIP 2- Using Q lowers your dps late game. Due to its cast animation this is time you dont spend attacking. I see a lot of people not knowing this. This doesnt mean to not use Q late game. But it has different use. Use it as a reposition and kiting tool, not for the damage. If you are free to attack and dont need to jump to dodge spells or to kite, just auto attack, you will do more damage that way. Generaly at 7 marks and 4 items just auto attacking does more damage than using q.

TIP 3- When jumping over a wall you can choose if you want to damage the camps at the other side or not. This is kinda tricky to learn and I will explain how and why it works. For it to work u must have no vision of the other side. It works for baron/herald and dragon pit and wolves. Here is how it works. Q fires arrows only if you have vision of enemy targets. Your jump has fixed travel time and vision updates while you travel. So if you get right next to the wall before you q you will fire arrows. But if you do it just slightly away from the wall the vision will update slower and you will not fire arrows. This is really useful if u steal the enemy red and want to jump away without aggroing dragon, baron or herald.

TIP 4- When chasing an escaping enemy use q and rightclick them during the q animation. Even if you were attacking the before that, after using q kindred wont immediately reaggro the enemy and wont attack them. So by rightclicking during the jump animation you are sure to atrack them immediately if they are in range. If you just q towards them and then rightclick it gives them a bit of time to get oht of range. This tip can be the difference between a successful gank and an enemy walking away with 40 hp. This tip is expecially important because kindred is one of the slowest champions in the game.

TIP 5- When soloing dragon you kill it really easy with your % current hp damage. However, when the drake gets low your damage greatly decreses. So the tip is the following: use your e when the dragon gets low, not at the beggining. Since e is max hp% damage it does the same damage no matter when you use it. So its the best tp use it when your passive damage drops to get a faster and healthier clear. Same applies to baron and and when clearing buffs. However you still want to use it on champions right away because you dont know if you can get more than 3 hits or not, and also for the slow. Use e late only on monsters.

TIP 6- Your q has a fixed animation right? Well, not always. If you use it right next to a thick wall the animation will be 0.3 seconds, since u cant jump it. But you will still fire the arrows. This is really useful when you take dragon and baron. Just position next to a big wall and spam q between autos for the free damage. Make sure to do it only if you know u wont need q to escape.

TIP 7- This is really uncommon but surprisingly useful tip. Take strenght of the ages when you are facing a counter. Since kindred is an adc she gets countered by khazix, rengar, jax and master yi. They can jump you and delete you and I would never pick kindred into them. However if I already did and they pick those champions jungle after my pick I get sota. The extra hp really helps to keep you alive during the mid game, where they can just hunt you and kill you. Its better to secrifice some damage than to feed hard and be useless anyway. I wold recommend sota also if u are against very high damage team lime xin jungle, kata mid, irelia top and junx adc. Only then tho. Sota is something you dont want to take unless you have to, but its a good option for very bad matchups.

All these tips will give you some small extra advantages, but they add up and can really give you the exrltra edge in some cases. I hope you learned something useful!

I neither play Kindred nor plan to but I really enjoyed this post and think we need more of these tips and tricks-like stuff on /sub/leagueoflegends. Of course worlds are a huge part of the sub right now, which is totally justified but I miss posts like these in general. They can help spark a conversation about a champ or gameplay in general and are informative to read, even if the OP might not be Challenger / OTP / Korean!

I feel like the new Plants system in the jungle has been massively misunderstood.

I feel like the new Plants system in the jungle has been massively misunderstood.

Tl,dr: The information which plant spawns where at which time is available well before the effects of the plant become significant. This makes plants a tactical element rather than an RNG element.

The common sentiment both here and on the official forum seems to be that Plants will decrease the skillcap by introducing an element of RNG which can decisively alter the outcome of many situations. RNG is, simplified, any event that is outside of the players control, and instead solely determined by the game. But the way the Plant system works is that you actually can decide the impact the Plants will have, just as your opponents can. That's where tactical depth is created, and the skill cap is raised. I'll go into detail why that is exactly.

The most important thing: Plants have a 30 second sprouting time, in which they will show everyone which function they have and where they are going to spawn. Secondly, certain Plants will only spawn in specific situations, like the healing Plant only spawning in the river. This eliminiates many of the RNG nightmare scenarios people have thought up.

For example you won a toplane trade, and chase your enemy into the river, trying to finish him off. What won't happen is that a healing plant randomly spawns next to him, saving his life, or allowing him to kill you. Instead, you and your opponent both have the information and the exact time that a healing plant will spawn in the river. So if your enemy got away from you and runs into the river, you 100% know wether there's a healing plant to save him and potentially turn around to kill you or not. And that directly influences how you try to trade in the toplane.

When before you didn´t need to take proximity to the river into account as much while trading in the toplane, the presence of a healing plant drastically changes that. The remaining HP after the trade might not matter as much as the position in lane you end up in after the trade, allowing either you or your enemy to reach the healing Plant first and healing up. This system incentivizes split-second decision making and introduces a lot of tactical depth into, in this example, toplane trades, and therefore raises the skillcap.

You know which Plant spawns at which point at which time, 30 seconds before. What exactly happens with that information is decided by decision making and tactical skill, rather than RNG.

This was the main point I wanted to make, now as a sort of addendum, I want to go through every plant revealed so far and show how their use is determined by the player, and not by RNG.

Let's start with other applications of the healing plant. You are a jungler and play on the blue side. After taking any two camps, you see that a healing Plant will spawn near the dragon pit. This introduces new possibilities that weren´t there before. For example, you could go for an early solo dragon, the health provided by the healing plant letting you take it at at level 2 or 3. Or you could take a jungling path that leaves you with low HP, take the healing plant and gang botlane. And your enemies know the location of the healing Plant as well. Maybe the enemy botlane will hard push their lane and lose some hp in a bad trade only to be able to get the healing Plant uncontested, which could deny you the plans you had as a jungler. Or the enemy botlane realizes that their team could not context the healing Plant, and they have to get ready to get dove by a potentially very healthy enemy jungler. Again, all of this increases tactical gameplay.

The Scry Plant (vision plant) is next. What this Plant allows you to do is give your team vision in a big cone when you destroy it. Judging from the video and the description, it is situated near dragon and baron, and maybe other important objectives. What this plant won't do is ruin a baron bait setup by randomly spawning. Instead, as with all these plants, you know when and where it´s going to spawn. That means that before you set the baron bait up, you need to take control over the Scry Plant, if there is one, giving you another mini-objective to fight over.

The blast Plant has a lot of interesting teamfight applications. When you fight in the jungle you are aware of where they spawn, which influences your choice of where to teamfight. If your team comes across a blast Plant, and you have the range advantage over the enemy, you can use it as a safe disengaging tool, destroying it when the enemy initiates to split up their team, moving your entire team to safety at the same time. But if you move across the blast Plant in order to chase after the enemy and don´t destroy it before, a smart enemy might jump/dash behind you, destroy the blast Plant, and throw you directly into the waiting enemy team. All of this introduces a lot of tactical depth into fighting in the jungle, which hadn´t been there before.

And on the topic of "Don´t fix it if it´s not broken". The current smite system was broken, in the most boring of forms. It was figured out. When to smite which camp was not a tactical split second decision anymore, it was largely determined before you even began to play the game. League needs to change these "figures out" situations, or it will quickly become a boring game overall. I´m aware that there are games which have hardly or never changed and still remain popular, but these games usually differ very much from league. That´s another large topic altogether, so I won´t go into detail here, but I´ll gladly discuss it with whoever wants to in the comments.

How to deal with new jungle mechanics as an adc main: Stay out of the jungle because I am afraid of

1) What I dont understand

2) Rengar

Dyrus' "donezo manifesto"

Dyrus' "donezo manifesto"

This isn't a 'donezo' manifesto, this is an 'I'm not going to make a donezo manifesto' manifesto.

Its been almost a year since last years final and PLT still has missed me for the Hall of Fame

Its been almost a year since last years final and PLT still has missed me for the Hall of Fame
Its been almost a year since last years final and PLT still has missed me for the Hall of Fame

Last year before worlds they asked

I answered MaRin with a KDA of 3.4 which is correct if you do the math.

Its been almost a year and never had any mention of the question on the show just want to know if I did something wrong or not.

The entire PTL staff should be fired for this. Absolutely disgusting this can happen in 2016!

EDG Worlds Roster Update

EDG Worlds Roster Update
EDG Worlds Roster Update

I feel bad for Mouse, first he got so much crap at Worlds for not playing well, now he has a death in the family, truly unfortunate and I hope he stays strong!

Edit: Mouse practicing when everyone else is watching the game Even though he might not have performed as well as he could have, I think we really should cut these players some slack since most of them are only 17/18 years old and do not deserve so much hate on the internet.

What if the shopkeepers are Teemo's aunt and uncle and they are having a marriage dispute and are hiring mercenaries to disrupt the other's business?

What if the shopkeepers are Teemo's aunt and uncle and they are having a marriage dispute and are hiring mercenaries to disrupt the other's business?

The facts just seemed to fit into place while I was in the shower today.

Actually, its in both parties best interest to keep the fighting going. Both shopkeepers make money during the fighting, so maybe they are pretending to have a marriage dispute in order to have both sides making money.

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