BTS confirmed to appear on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show on September 25th

BTS confirmed to appear on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show on September 25th
BTS confirmed to appear on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show on September 25th

The article indicates they will be both performing as musical artists and having an interview/bit segment!! Curious to see what kind of bit they will do??? Classroom instruments seems the most likely to me

Oh My Girl's "Remember Me" achieves 1st music show win on SBS MTV 'The Show'

Oh My Girl's "Remember Me" achieves 1st music show win on SBS MTV 'The Show'

Since I believe this post is the first of its kind since the rule change, reminder that 1st wins for each song are now allowed to be posted

Congrats to Oh My Girl!

Yass congrats to Oh My Girl! So happy for them. I loved seeing LOONA react behind them haha :)

70 spread out over 365 days sounds fine to me

In related news, Oh My Girl just out tickets for their concert in just 1 minute! They're discussing about adding dates. WM always underestimates how popular they are.

UNI.T - 난말야 (I MEAN)

UNI.T - 난말야 (I MEAN)

Basic Brave Brothers Bop FTW. I liked Bingle Bangle but this is the comeback I wanted from AOA this year: cheesy fun and annoyingly catchy. This kind of vibe and songwriting approach in K-Pop is seriously missed.

OK they must have done the MV to look cheap on purpose, I lost it with the horses on 2:23 lol

Doesn't feel cheap imo, has a charm about it. Sort of like 2018 Roly-poly vibes.

"baby i don't need anything about you"

Uni.t iconic moment

Dreamcatcher - What (Dance Spoiler)

Dreamcatcher - What (Dance Spoiler)

These instrumentals are getting harder and harder. One day Siyeon might just start smashing guitars and biting the heads off of creatures on stage and I'll be cackling in manic delight. You know K-pop stans are always saying stuff like "if X idol kicks me in the face I would thank them." Dreamcatcher might actually become metal enough to do it. Any volunteers for getting kicked in the face by Yoohyun and stepped on by Jiu?

Dreamcatcher's choreo is always fun to watch esp the intro and the ending. I wonder who is their choreographer.

It just looks like Rocky Horror font to me.

Damn that was a really good snippet. Whoever the choreographer is, bless their soul because mine's about to get sucked up by this comeback.

GOT7 - Lullaby (Suit ver.)

GOT7 - Lullaby (Suit ver.)

the shoes noise on the floor with the chorus beat ended up being so oddly satisfying. and I'm happy we did 10k before the full 24 hours of release!

That choreo is pretty difficult, but I still wanna see them do it in 2x

I need more GOT7 in suits in my life

this brief tour of the new building by Momo

nah, twice had their Dance the Night Away dance practice in it a few months ago

edit: so this comment made me go look up from July and you can actually hear Lullaby pretty clearly in the background. Funny how that works.

Jeon Somi’s Father Matthew Douma Responds To Reports Of Being Her Temporary Manager

Jeon Somi’s Father Matthew Douma Responds To Reports Of Being Her Temporary Manager

Here's the relevant info:

When asked about Jeon Somi’s future plans, he said, “Somi’s activities are Somi’s concerns. They are completely separate from me. The [reports] that I am Somi’s manager are false rumors.”

He continued, “Somi finished her last JYP activities and returned from Germany. We’re going to spend this Chuseok together with the family and think about what she will do from now on. I do give her advice as a parent, but because I’m not an expert, I can’t do much.”

Well if what he says is true I guess he isn't a stage dad then? Of course this would open up the possibility that Somi was like "I'm too big for JYP and I want to do things on my own." Alternatively, the theory that she was actually let go/kicked out is more plausible too. If they were planning to leave, surely they would have had contingency plans in place, not just "we'll figure it out later." But I don't know what's true and what's false, what's really going on. This is a new plot twist though.

For people who are interested, here's the last thread with the report that he was going to be Somi's manager:

I really don't like to chime in when people get on the Matthew hate and him being a stage dad, but I'm going to come out here and say I think it's all dad humor - him praising Evelyn, etc... his way of talking is a typical shit talking dad humor that people misconstrue if they aren't aware of the family (Somi's) dynamics. So yeah, I really do believe he's not a stage dad and he's actually a good dad in saying "Somi does what she does" and that he doesn't have control over body (this is in relation to a show they were on together).

Re JYP, I think it's either:

(1) Somi didn't make the cut for the new girl group (or didn't fit the concept and/or the group dynamics will be off - Somi being a bit more popular, etc);

(2) The girl group was pushed back indefinitely since Twice is still big (I really don't believe in estimated debut dates until I actually see them debut);

(3) Somi wanted a bit more leeway/wanted to work on producing her own songs and JYP wanted her to focus on just the girl group; OR

(4) Somi got poached / will go solo / will do collabs with Daehwi / will team up with Park Soyeon.

EDIT: a few words for clarification

Idk why people keep spreading around rumors that he’s a stage dad just because he supports his daughters. Somi has always shown herself to be strong willed and capable of making her own decisions.

Funny, I thought it was rather forward thinking of him to say "I don't own my daughter's body; it's her choice" when he was asked if he was ok with Somi showing off her abs... I mean half the girl groups already wear croptops so people have seen her abs before? () That to me made like him; he doesn't try to control her at all.

I think being a mixed family is hard, especially in Korea, and he receives a lot of discrimination. His parenting style is of course going to be different from a typical Korean family, so people are going to misconstrue things because they don't understand their family dynamics.

Notice he hasn't said anything about Somi except that the split was amiable and they had lunch with her JYP manager. Sources saying he was the temporary manager for Somi didn't come directly from him. The only time he's addressed this issue is when it came up during a press conference for the reality show he's going to be in (Real Men 300).

Jimin Park (15&) will be on /sub/kpop for an AMA this Friday at 1:00 P.M. KST

Jimin Park (15&) will be on /sub/kpop for an AMA this Friday at 1:00 P.M. KST




lord help us all

Someone better ask her if she regrets callin' JYP out on ASC

I'm guessing her answer will be "hard no buds"

Thank you to /u/dragonjuni and /u/owlofjune for assisting with email translations!

She got her wish so it would be hard to regret it

IU will reportedly make her comeback in October with a new album

IU will reportedly make her comeback in October with a new album

Everyone Hide your Comebacks

I am really excited. I wonder how many artists will move their releases to avoid her.

Yeah, fuck off buddy we absolutely need more IU comebacks. Fuckin every time this queen steps on the stage someone gets slayed. she's fuckin amazingly nasty man. Does fuckin tswift have 19 numbers ones on gaon charts I dont fuckin think so bud. I'm fuckin tellin ya Lee "nation's sister" Jieun is pottin 4 numbers ones in '18 fuckin callin it right now. Clap bombs, fuck charts, wheel, snipe, and fuckin celly boys fuck

Dearest <fan names>,

Unfortunately <insert group here> will be postponing the release of <release title> until November <number>.

<loved member> will be out of town for a wedding that weekend. <other member> also has scheduled <minor medical procedure> that cannot be moved. The members of <group name> have all agreed that this would be for the best outcome for all.

Sorry for the confusion and we look forward to your support in the future.

Regards, <company name>

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