Trick I learned from /u/Fearitzself's recent post.

Trick I learned from /u/Fearitzself's recent post.

Special awesome thanks for this comment.

Constructive criticism: This comment is nor hard, exciting or new at all. This is just a basic criticizing comment made in a natural way, contains no depth and nothing constructive, nothing remarkable. So its not commenting worthy. Please don't be thrown off, the only thing im saying is the comment is unremarkable to post, but not to read, not to be happy about it, not to share with friends.

Edit: I think the point in making a constructive criticism comment is actually saying something constructive, you still need to perfect that. Again, please, i want to make you feel good, and i know this feels horrible, but i must say the truth, i cannot be like: "this is awesome" to everyone who comments, there is a rank of quality.

Hey, could you provide a link to the post or maybe a siteswap notation of this trick? Please and thank you.

Oh interesting, you actually do the "async" version. ss:(4x,2x)(2,4)

Thanks a bunch!!

My most successful run at 4 ball mills, still a little rough, but it’s starting to feel really good

My most successful run at 4 ball mills, still a little rough, but it’s starting to feel really good

That's actually a slightly different pattern. The first throw in each round should be made from an overhand position. You are catching the ball in the overhand position, but then you uncross your arms and do an outside throw.

Compare your pattern with this:

Mills mess is supposed to be: Overhand, Outside, Underhand.

Your pattern seems to be: Outside, Outside, Underhand.

It still looks really nice though!

Holy crap that’s what I’ve been doing this whole time!!! I’ve been going around telling people I’m doing mills because what I’m doing pretty much looks like it! I gotta go back to 3 balls and make this right!!!!!

Right...also it looks very close to mm and good:-) it's a mm variation, guess it could be a bit easier as two throws on each side are identical..but that's just guessing. Like that.

Lovely stuff, looks great, been working loads of 4bMM for a while and it's super hard work, well done.

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