How IOTA’s Qubic Might Be on the Verge of Revolutionizing Finance

How IOTA’s Qubic Might Be on the Verge of Revolutionizing Finance

Awesome analysis. Qubic, and thus IOTA, is still crazy underrated as the market still doesnt understand the consequences.

Think about the demand it will create for IOTAs. Huge price increase incoming when it starts to roll...

I read "Revolutionizing France" 3 times, before I finally saw "Finance" in the article lol.. Was like oh shit, not this again!

Let's say a bank's current cost is 3$ to make some money transfer. They charge 6$ to the customer. With iota they can now charge 3$ to the customer and still make the same amount of money. This puts their bank at a competitive edge over other Banks. Which means it will be adopted either way.


Any reason why iota is up 15% while all the others are down 5-20%?

Any reason why iota is up 15% while all the others are down 5-20%?

Maybe its because Crypto is a fucking game where Nobody really knows what hes doing? a short time ago people said "yes Iota will go to the moon" people after it dropped "I don't care about the price" and now it starts again

Gur huberman has joined the IOTA foundation

News coming soon

Might be that ppl start to realize that IOTA is the only real project in the crypto space

Welcome Gur Huberman to the IOTA Foundation

Welcome Gur Huberman to the IOTA Foundation

Welcome....Sr Huberman

Just did a quick check on Google Scholar, and this guy is a grade A+ researcher; I mean huge, as his best work is pushing towards 2000 citations, with many papers citing in the high hundreds. My PhD supervisor was at that caliber, and pretty much did and said whatever he wanted. Basically, at this level you can pretty much become a full professor at whatever school to your choosing. My next question is how did a guy like this get into Iota, as I've not yet seen anyone in cryptoland (ie, bitcoin and the like) with this kind of profile?

Very interesting focus of Mr. Huberman. Behavioral Economy like the Nudge theory combined with Operations Research is astonishing. I am also in the field of Operations Research since 3 years, and I am looking forward to Hubermans contribution in context with the Supply Chain Management.

I don't think I've ever wanted an AMA from an IOTA member as badly as I want this one. I'm a filthy casual to Thaler, Kahneman(/Tversky), et al. but something deep in my soul tells me that behavioral economists have the secret of life, but ain't tellin' nobody.

Tangle Speed = 100 TPS! The "Tangle Beard" is growing pretty fast!

Tangle Speed = 100 TPS! The "Tangle Beard" is growing pretty fast!

AWESOME! Now let's break the 200 TPS!

1000 soon! That’s what Rajiv told me

I was reattaching last night to get my balance back and i couldnt believe how fast it was compared to a few months ago. It took like 10 seconds each time, sometimes less.

upvote to restore the balance

Back above 2$!!! #NeverAgain

Back above 2$!!! #NeverAgain

well it was fun. back down to below 2 . in other news: nano employers get new mousepads ---> 50% gains

sad that it took volkswagen partnership, bosch and chinese smart city integrating iota, porche meeting to do it, we should be much higher...

IOTA being shorted hard. Wait for the squeeze in the future.

all this news should easily amount to $10, but instead we're fighting for 2

Official Bosch Press: Bosch turns Chinese cities into SmartCities with IOTA!

Official Bosch Press: Bosch turns Chinese cities into SmartCities with IOTA!

Official Bosch Press: Bosch cooperates with property development company Country Garden to turn Chinese cities into SmartCities! ->linked to the iota twitter account.



2018 is going to be sexy as hell.

Since we are talking abt IOTA, probably sell.

Damn, 2018 is really the year of adoption. I'm glad that IOTA leads the adoption trend !

2018 is looking better everyday.

David Sønstebø - He is Viking. Credit to @SerbianLocalize

David Sønstebø - He is Viking. Credit to @SerbianLocalize

Lol I'm the author of this meme.

OTTOMAN confirms that u/Apache_Sidewinder is the author of this meme.

Whenever I read something written with the letter ø like this, it always sounds so strange and misplaced. If you pronounce the ø like you do with the u in urge or trust you're quite close. Am Norwegian by the way

Check this

The difference between those who use their noses and those who use their eyes.

The difference between those who use their noses and those who use their eyes.

Yesterday I read with pleasure the Bosch AMA. Bosch, not just a company, but probably one of the tech-giants which are active in the arena of those who will profit the most of these exciting new technologies.

For a company like Bosch, there are two choices. Either: Blockchain and related technologies deliver their promise and you HAVE to work with it. Or: It does not deliver.

In the greater spectrum, there are three parties.

1) Those who are against cryptocurrencies and consider it a bubble. 2) Those who are pro cryptocurrencies and do not consider it a bubble. 3) And those which have no real opinion. -as a result of lacking an argument-

But both party one and party two have one thing in common. They acknowledge that blockchain will change our future and technologies.

The discussion is therefore not about blockchain and related techs. But of the usage of cryptocurrency. And to be honest. According to my standpoint, both parties are right.

The majority of most companies which are active in crypto space are under normal circumstances, minor IT-companies, which few to no income which justifies their market cap. A smaller amount of the companies does have a steady and growing income, but those also do not justify their market cap.

There is only a super small percentage, which will survive and strive. This percentage is therefore responsible for the fact that cryptocurrency is no bubble.

Often people refer to the .com bubble. But, was it a real bubble? -only for those which lost- Hardware companies like Apple, IBM, Dell, Compaq, and HP were one of the companies which profit the most from it. It created companies like, eBay, Priceline, Shutterfly, and Those companies together represent $1261,135 billion in total market cap today.

At that time, there was a similar discussion, party 1, which saw a bubble, party 2, which had believe in the tech. And those which have no opinion. But again, party one and party two, agreed on one thing, namely: The internet is going to change our future and technologies, but the only question was: How and Who.

Which parties profit the most?

The ones which saw a correlation between the upcoming of the internet and therefore the demand for hardware products. The second biggest where the believers in the possibilities of the internet. They were the ones, which knew that eBay,, Priceline, and would eventually flourish.

The biggest losers? Those which had no real opinion. They were just there for the money. Buying everything according to the rise of stock. They also knew about, eBay, and Priceline, but there were other companies more profitable at the moment.

Iota is such a thing, people buy according to the % rise or sell according to the % loss. But do not buy according to the future promises and predictions. Only now counts for them.

Iota has very strong ties with Bosch and Volkswagen. And to give you an indication of the size of Volkswagen. Imagine that Stellar announces: "We are going to work with eBay". This would make the currency rise, right? Now, to be clear, eBay in comparison to Volkswagen. Volkswagen is 3x bigger then eBay is in market cap. Volkswagen consists of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Scania, and MAN. Volkswagen is the biggest car manufacturer in the world. Bosch has a market cap of $8.71996 billion.

The revenue of Bosch is $91,08 billion us, while the revenue of eBay is $ 8.97 billion us. This makes Bosch roughly 10x bigger in revenue. Indeed, Bosch is for 92% privately owned, 8% is on the Market. This makes the market capital much smaller. But at the end of the line, income+outcome counts, which is revenue.

Fools see only one car brand, wash, dishwasher machines and %+ %-.

Now, we do not want to create a hype for no reason. But the connection between IOTA, Bosch, and Volkswagen is not a rumour, it is confirmed. The only thing -and most important- is the implementation of the actual product. When a CDO of Volkswagen join the "club" and Bosch gives an AMA on Reddit, then you and I see a lot of smoke. It is just waiting for the fire. To make money in this business, you need to use your nose, rather than your eyes.

What is crypto and related tech all about? About microtransactions, secure data transfer and eliminating the risk of fraud, about voting and to the elimination of election fraud and all other sorts of fraud that has to do with voting. You also need a platform on which you can write: preferable, Javascript and Python.

Iota is just what blockchain and related tech are all about, so is Stellar Lumens, Etherium, Bitcoin, Neo, and some others. If you miss your flight, you are just a fool. Everyone now knows that certain cryptocurrencies will be the future and be used in the future. Either you can pay your ticket now, or not be able to afford to pay in one or two years from now.

Some coins will defy the laws of physics and keep rising, and some will defy it and fall down twice as hard as they went up. -This sentence is bullshit, but it sounds cool-.

Probably going to get downvoted for this but please consider reading through first. Imo you are right with everything you said, you just may have missed the scope of the dotcom bubble. IOTA will probably succeed and become a standard and worth 300-500$, BUT this will not happen in 2018,2019 or 2020 maybe 2025. In 2017 the whole crypto space was fueled by as much hype as the dotcom bubble was back then. Right now absolutely no crypto is used by the masses and i cant see this changing in 3 years. This is a generational effort which takes old people who dont adapt to new technology to die off. To prove my loint look at the Amazon price chart. People who bought anywhere near the bubble were in the red for 10 years! Remember that. Yes many people say crypto moves faster, but by what factor? 2x 3x? I certainly dont know if the ATH was it for 2 or 3 years, but it could, maybe the market blows up again in 2018 nobody knows. Could you afford to be in th red for 5 years hell even 1 year? It is important not to hype just sit back and dont watch prices for a year.

One more thing i want to add is that we have many dangerous people in crypto right now. They dont know shkt bought the hype and are in the red right now. All these people pray and say come back just once and will then be done with crypto. So there is extreme dumb resistence for the lrice going up.

:Clap: +1000 ....very well written. I agree

You should not get downvoted. I agree with you for the most part.

In the period of the .com bubble, investment bankers did behave a lot like some "famous" youtube channels do nowadays. Favouring a coin -stock- in order to hope that ignorant people buy them. The scope was much larger. I thought this was about +- $8 trillion.

Investment bankers would bring a certain company to the stock exchange without having rational arguments to do so. They would advise to buy them and dumped their stocks after two weeks, with having x times their original investments earned.

The .com bubble should not be remembered as a major financial bubble. But as a major fraud and scam of the banking industry towards the average person.

Though the bankers could be blamed, because of their fraudulent and their objectable tactics. People also have their own responsibility. Nobody forces you to invest and when you do: Invest the only money you can lose. This is a golden principle. If you can not control yourself and keep the discipline to do so. You are also not able to buy a stock/coin and stay with that as of the lack of resistence to impulses of buy the higher % growth stock.

And do not forget goverments, which interfere without any announcements into the markets. Or banks which just decide that people should not invest their OWN money into an unregulated market. These factors also play a major role in losses.

Your words are refreshing, OP. Nice to see a wise investor.

How IOTA markets react to positive news

How IOTA markets react to positive news

This must be most possitive post i have seen today. Just the thing i needed to keep the positivity up and hold tight. #5$CLUB

meh, i am completely unfazed by this crash. A lot of FUD was building up due to lots of sideways movement and quirky behaviors.

I am glad it got a good flush. It will reset the FUD for a while and be a good basis for getting a feel for the support (remember, this "crash" set crypto back 23(!!!) days) and move from this new level without the mainstream panic-people, but with the balls-of-steel holders.

I found this "crash" liberating!

IOTA (-78%) - „IOTA will be used by aliens“.

you just CAN NOT beat Chinese New Year, man.

even gold price (which marketcap hundred times iota) still affected by cultural festivities.. especially chinese & indian cultures.

just wait till 3rd week of feb. all will be back to normal

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