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Dice master

Where am I supposed to hide my girlfriend when this kid walks into the room?

I wanted to try this right after I watched it, but no dice.

Don’t bother; if he walks in, it’s because he’s come to steal her.

obviously he's been doing this a long time, his dad doesn't give half a shit

Defying gravity

Defying gravity

is there a reason for that particular pole placement? Because if he didn't do that last half turn, he would be wringing his neck around it.


Yeah I think for me it's uh... we both know what a bicycle is.

How does he pull off that first tiny hop into the wall and manage to change his tire from riding vertically to sideways so damn quickly?

A traffic light in Germany, where you can play ping-pong with the player on the other side to make waiting fun.

A traffic light in Germany, where you can play ping-pong with the player on the other side to make waiting fun.

I live in this city!

Sadly this was a short term university project and has been there only for a short time :/. This was also ~5 years ago.

Did it end when fights started breaking out in the middle of the crossing?...

Literally, fucking everywhere. Waiting for the bathroom stall? Play pong with the guy while he shits. Bored while having sex? Pong while you bang. Waiting in the drive thru at McD’s? Pong somebody else in line.

This needs to be everywhere

I couldn't believe it when I saw it.

I couldn't believe it when I saw it.



Homer, still looking for the ‘Any’ key.

That’s another way to key a car.

Totally awesome!

“Honey, there are kids in the septic tank again.”

LPT. Check that the ladder is in place before you jump in

"Jump here" sign, works every time.

Yeah it's all fun and games at first, but then the music starts getting all suspenseful and something stirs in the water. Cut to underwater cam approaching groin

Spider Web Eiffel Tower

Spider Web Eiffel Tower

Still looks like the Melbourne Arts Centre to me.

French bread

Spiders are getting smarter on how to lure prey. Next thing we'll start to see is little gift shops at the exits.

True, it's even better from this angle

True, it's even better from

5 million pounds of trust.

5 million pounds of trust.

I trust you as far as I can thrust you.

Yet she won't stop cheating

I've given my wife 5 million pounds of thrust over the years.

Possibly the nicest thing Elon could ever say to someone.

Spiders sack revealed.

Well, that's the first face they see. That means they'll follow you around like baby ducks until they grow up and fly away.

This is why Elon Musk is selling flamethrowers!

Yeah, that's gonna be a no from me, dawg

Jesus christ dude, thats terrifying...

Ever wonder how those toy Koosh balls were made?

ELI5 how tf did it become a ball

Poof, magic.

I've watched 10 times as I still don't understand

The enthusiasm levels are not what I expected from a Koosh factory.

I realize that the video shows the entire process, but this still feels like a /sub/restofthefuckingowl post

Picnic table to bench

My brother in law made one of these. It is so cool. His was very sturdy.

Truly interesting af. Not too sure about how robust it is, though. Those hinges need to be sturdy as hell and screwed down tight.

Sturdy enough to stand on the middle ?

Not to be a debbie downer... but that table doesn't look too sturdy in the middle...

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