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Man loses leg while out riding in Australia

Really hesitated before clicking on this, with that title. Glad my imagination was wrong.

I would’ve marked it NSFW, don’t want to give you all a scare

Seriously what weird universe is this? One legged motorcyclist loses leg while being passed by old timey car. What’s next? A monkey riding a silver giraffe?

Just another day in Dubai.

Why the fuck do you think this is Dubai??? This looks absolute nothing like Dubai.

These animals are not supposed to be pets

That's Russia my friend. And don't tell me you're surprised.

One day that pussy cat will realise it's being driven around by a nice fresh snack....

Nice catch

He truly can say, it was the size of a whale.

That was awesome. I'd shit myself, but awesome.

Whale, I didn't sea that one coming.

Sea foam

That made me panic because you can't swim in that shit, right? If it went over your head it looks like you'd just have to kinda floaty-run away, probably not very quickly, while the foam just keeps getting deeper and deeper...jfc the oceans terrifies me lol

Dissolved organic matter suh as proteins, lignins, lipids, oils, algae, some jizz.

Imagine swimming in the ocean and a foot thick patch of this stuff floats toward you. Even though it's only 12 inches of foam, there is no way to get above it and you drown, just inches from all the air in the world.

I get it's foam, but what is it? What causes it?

Long exposure picture of traffic lights in rain

Long exposure picture of traffic lights in rain

Original at

What a stupidly altered photo. The original is much better with out the light being squiggly


He didn't because it's edited and not his photo

Size of kiwi egg compared to body

Size of kiwi egg compared to body

Looks like me after a day at the old country buffet.

Being tiny, this pretty much represents how it felt to carry to term. No room to keep food down, always rushing for the bathroom to pee, and just feeling like you can't breathe. Source

That will be like the most satisfying poop ever.

Wal-Mart killed the local businesses, and now Amazon is starting to kill Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart killed the local businesses, and now Amazon is starting to kill Wal-Mart.

Walmart killed Walmart. Amazon is just picking the corpse clean.

This is just a competition between which company is better at logistics and online sales. Wal-Mart was the logistics company to beat for over a decade but they got lazy and never developed a web presence. Amazon filled the void with both good (and ever improving) logistcs and powerful e-commerce. Wal-Mart tried to get back into the web game with the acquisition of Jet last year and Parcel to deliver in NYC but by then it was too late.

As much as I hate Wal-Mart, they did provide something that no one else was doing: they provided fresh produce to areas that were otherwise considered "food deserts".

And revenue alone doesn't tell the whole story. For a least two decades they have been chasing an unsustainable expansion to secure tax breaks and outbuild competitors.

They have grown to the point were losing money makes them money by manipulating the political system for special treatment. They also profit from government special treatment by "creating" jobs which are really just an aspect of built-in 100% turnover.

And then pulled out of those same "food deserts", causing people to have to trek upwards of 40 miles to get groceries in some cases

Laser Bong

I'm not sure that when I'm stoned is really a great time for me to be operating lasers or radioactive bongs man....


For Tabasco use only.

In the 1950's they thought we would have world peace and flying cars. Instead we have cat memes and laser bongs. We're getting close..

The Ultimate Handmade Paper Airplane

Okay, but, when you throw it, how far does it go?

Nobody is going to talk about the thumbnail being a dick?

Asking the real question.

Autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire draws Mexico City using photographic memory.

This guy doesn’t replay or screenshot on Snapchat.

I imagine photographic memory does wonders for the spank-bank

I wish they had included a photo of the Mexico City skyline for comparison

pornographic memory *

Had to...

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