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Nerigo Emergency Evacuation Lift

Stairs don't break. This is stupid. This could kill people. Open holes. Wait times. Et cet.

I was also thinking about the panic when lots of scared people try to use it at the same time. What are the benefits of this thing?

The only thing I can think of is fire pushing people to the roof of a tower block, this might provide a way to escape on the outside of the building or get to a level below the fire, then take the stairs when below. I'd guess they would put a system on each balcony so it would be a bit quicker, but it would probably be a 'it's this or death' kind a deal, same as using a long rope ladder or abseiling.

I'd probably leave home like that everyday.

Full human body blood vessel network

Full human body blood vessel network

I was at one of their showings when they were near me. That actually is plastic which is pumped into the body and once it hardens you can peel away the rest. But don't ask me how, that's the part I don't know anymore.

Edit: You can stop telling me that they "probably do it on/with acid".

Science : entire human blood vessel network

Reddit : I can see his wee wee.

When I went, the plaque said they dissolve the flesh off the plastic, leaving behind only the vessel casting.

I think this is from Bodies Revealed. I saw in it Tennessee.

I still think Bodies Revealed sounds like a swanky gentleman’s club.

Cosplay transformation

Cosplay transformation

She's like 95% Gal Gadot's doppelganger, if this isn't already Gal Gadot (which I'm not convinced it isn't).

*and... it's not and either or thing. She's crazy talented and she definitely looks like Gal Gadot.

Or she is insanely talented

She does a ton of cosplay. more on her instagram

A golden pheasant

That little fucker is the most majestic thing I've ever seen

It looks like a pharaoh

Is that ...

this is a weird dog

Sculpting a dragon out of glass



Also: Isn't that a seahorse?

The comments not the gif.

Undoing the knot

I learnt this trick when I was a teenager and thought "one day this is going to come in handy!"

I'm now 45. It's never come in handy.

My brain is having a hard time with this one..

this guy

Reminds me of who spent 10 years trying to solve a knot puzzle.

Knot tutorials have a way of making me feel stupid.

This deer crossing.

Goddamnit Fenton!

I live in Minnesota and I've never seen more than 8 together st a time. Where is this and why is there a mass migration? Are these the standard white tail deer I'm used too or something else?

From Michigan so same boat. Check the license plate, its somewhere in Europe im guessing a nordic country and reindeer?

Sergeant Block has a glass eye with Captain America's shield

Sergeant Block has a glass eye with Captain America's shield

He should go with a patch, like Fury.

how does he manage to be battle scarred and bearded and still look like a cabbage patch baby lol

Obviously he's going to do both and 3/4 into the movie he'll dramatically reveal the captain eye and say I'm "Furious Captain." (But you know, with dramatic music and a cool closeup.)

I see... The Homunkuli are real. I must inform Mustang.

Capping a flaming oil well

It's only when you see the two guys in the foreground you realise how big this is. Red Adair would be proud!

Originally thought it was a guy in a silver flame suit putting it on by hand, was gonna ask him to be my dad :(

How in the hell is that thing getting positioned into place? That silver arm dealy?

They install a valve with a tall pipe on top.

The valve is wide open until they can secure it to the well head. Then they close the valve.

Edit: as you can see the fire is still burning but now it’s high above the well head so they can secure it and then shut the valve.

Doctor said to cut off the finger, jeweler said to cut the ring. This is what he did

Doctor said to cut off the finger

Is it really necessary to put bullshit in the title?

What kind of shit doctor does this guy have?

Doctors and jewelers HATE him for this one simple trick!

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