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How to cook a wrench

No seasoning? How are you going to eat it that plain?


Real men eat it raw.

But why.

GoPro Fell Into Lava And Survived

OP I gotta know, how did you get the footage?

OP had the high ground

Not OP but you can pair a phone/tablet to a GoPro and record a stream.

I wasn't retrieved, the video was streamed off as it was taken. The GoPro died to get this footage.


I dont care how scripted it is, that was impressive as eff. Crazy athletic.

Honestly when watching wrestling you need to think of it like an action movie. It's not "real" per se, and the scripted story might be cheesy and stupid, but it's still impressive and fun to watch.

I always thought it was idiotic and childish until I started watching with one of my college roommates. The feats of athleticism they can pull off is amazing.

For the uninitiated, this is Will Ospreay performing a springboard dragonrana against Ricochet at their match in the Best of The Super Juniors tournament earlier this year. These two are famous for their high risk, high flying style and are amongst the best in the world at wrestling that style. This move requires a lot of strength and coordination. If you think this is cool, I recommend checking out /sub/flippyshit

EDIT: Not the same match. The one I linked is their 2016 BOSJ match, the OP is their rematch from BOSJ 2017.

Somebody went all out recreating the sub explosion in this diorama

Somebody went all out recreating the sub explosion in this diorama

Oh wow, this looks so realistic.

It's a diorama...

looks great, but isn't this a 3d render? i thought dioramas where real objects?

that ain't no cgi son, that's plastic and paint and turpentine

Rifle Inspection

It almost feels like stop-motion animation


I thought he was about to hand the rifle back about 11 times during that.

Here ya go.. No wait hang on, might as well check this screw now that I have it.

For some reason whenever he inspects his glove for dust I kept expecting him to slap the other guy

The way this sand falls

Looks Like Guinness.

This is so satisfying

It’s rough and coarse and irritating

Was thinking creme brûlée.

This motor is driven by the Lorentz force

Every motor is driven by the Lorentz force

It started off really well, and then I rapidly stopped understanding it. This will be my silly personal task for tomorrow. Cheers.

Read about it here:

Kinda looks like the battery is having a mad hula-hoop sesh

The perfect scoop of ice cream

The perfect scoop of ice cream

How in dafuq


Idk why that looks so satisfying

Nah that's a mother fuckin snowball

Condoms in 1930

Condoms in 1930

I guess they would still be effective today if they are made with Radium, you know, because your junk and balls/sperm would be irradiated enough to stop working...

Made by parent company Robco.


Does what it say I guess.


What makes a pixel? Zoom in to find out!

What makes a pixel? Zoom in to find out!

This is very, very cool.

Have you never been an inch away from a tube television before?

Am i the only born before 2007 here? Why is this so special?

So I guess this is how an RGB value of 000000 gives you white?

Edit: I meant FFFFFF. It's been a long day.

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