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Human -> Dog -> Horse -> Flamingo(Bird)

Human -> Dog -> Horse -> Flamingo(Bird)

I like how one leg was left anatomically correct for scale.

"People often mix up the knee and the ankle in most animals. So, wondering what would happen if I drew human legs using animal skeletons as a base, I tried it."

human -> dog -> horse -> flamingo (bird)


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I think this chart is a great illustration of something called Homologous Structures. Basically a homologous structure is a structure (such as a leg, in this case) that is recognizable in many very different species. It is a main argument for evolution as it proves the presence of a common ancestry between species who possess these structures. Great work!

Stop, you’re gonna give the furries boners.

Kayaking in a boat's wake

For a second I was concerned that the kayaker was not a consenting party here

Same! Then he did that flip and I was like wait a sec...

More or less. And he's pretty good at it, too.

I used to do some whitewater playboating and it's definitely not easy - and you're never quite in complete control.

*Two boats

The Black Tailed Leaf Lizard.

That's actually a gecko

What a sweetie

Looks like he’s stoned

Is this from some science fiction movie? That can't be real.

Two bullets that collided during World War 1 in 1915

Two bullets that collided during World War 1 in 1915

Sorry to burst your bubble but it looks as if one was not fired and was struck by the other billet while either in a magazine or storage. You can tell by the barrel grooves formed on the shinier bullet.

Killing no one

Most likely the case, still a neat picture though.

How do you know a tiny piece of shrapnel didn't fly off and hit some poor man through the eye and he got an infection that spread to his brain and he slowly died over the course of 11 years?

/s in case

This interesting clock

That’s the Corpus clock on King’s Parade in Cambridge, UK

What you see on that clock is how my wife sees every grasshopper or cricket.

Where is that?

Hey, that's where I'm from

Birds in Slow Motion

Someone throw the black beatles song on this for the vine.

ıt's interesting that you found this interesting.

Color pencil drawing by a 19 year old

Color pencil drawing by a 19 year old

This is literally fucking incredible.

Jesus, just the colors in the iris is insane. The reflection of the eyelashes is next level.

When you can’t draw both eyes the same

And i'm here happy with my stick figures drawnings.

Missile silo opening and rocket launch

When you receive surprise nude

Nuclear Launch Detected

I heard that in the Starcraft 2 announcer voice.

I could hear the cool suction sounds when it opens in my head.

Millionaire meets a Billionaire

I’d rather have the smaller boat.

Is the bigger one actually a privately owned vessel? Got damn.

It might be one of the mega yachts owned by Oil Billionaires in the Middle East. They've built some really damn big luxury yachts trying to one up each other. Some Russian oligarchs have massive yachts as well.

If your really curious here's more:

It looks like a dirty plastic

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