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Wildlife Bridge in the Netherlands

Wildlife Bridge in the Netherlands

Hopefully no one saw me taking a leak over there 😐

Moving house

Does it not just crash into the inside of the truck at the end ???

My old girlfriend and her brother were moving her stuff out of a third-floor apartment and decided to put the non breakable items in big plastic trash bags and drop them from the third floor window onto the pavement below so they didn't have to carry the shit down three flights of stairs...

Each bag hit the ground with a tremendous noise and after about 15 minutes of this the apartment manager came and told them they had to stop it.

I'd expect that there's someone at the bottom to stop and attack the boxes, but those are flying by the time that they get there.

There's a guy at the back of the truck with a really huge catcher's mitt.

Zhangjiajie mountains (China)

Wow, this looks amazing.

Hallelujah Mountains, from Avatar!

Made me laugh (from r/pics).

Made me laugh (from r/pics).

They did technically write the quote but didnt create it.

That's pretty deep bro...

When they write quotes of the bathroom stalls its Reddit material

But oh when I write bible quotes on the bathroom stall walls in my own feces its "disgusting"


Pool during an earthquake

Pool during an earthquake

There are times when you just HAVE TO go with the flow.

Like ants in a glass of water.

Pool looks pretty safe for an earthquake.

Oh wow it’s like being in the ocean with those waves

this Military anti mine dozer

this Military anti mine dozer

Its an Israeli bulldozer. They are not for mine work but mostly for bulldozing Palestinian homes, orchards, and other property.

An American woman, Rachel Corrie, also was killed by an IDF bulldozer in 2003 for trying to protect a Palestinian's home from destruction.

Dang. No doubt that bitch can take a punch.

Ehhhhh...the 'mine exploding' front scoop is actually much too solidly connected to the main body of it.

A mine busting vehicle would want something very light, and detachable up front....this is not an anti-mine vehicle.

What does it transform into?

a drop of water under electron microscope.

a drop of water under electron microscope.

This photo has made its rounds on the internet before. The title is misleading

...a giant net collected up a bunch of zooplankton from a bunch of seawater, concentrating a swim...

This doesn’t look like an electron microscope.

Weird. Salt water or fresh water?

It's salt water.

This light

Every time I go to IKEA I play with this!!! I really want one :)

It’s from IKEA.


My parents literally just bought this for their house. Someone remind me to take a picture in 12 hours

sunset + rainbow + lightning = woah

sunset + rainbow + lightning = woah

The almighty Zeus is smiting down the gays.

omg zeus vs rupaul

Dang, Juan in a million right there

Don't rainbows only occur opposite the sun?

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