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This isn't a picture of concrete. This is an aerial photo of New Delhi, India.

This isn't a picture of concrete. This is an aerial photo of New Delhi, India.

So.... technically it is a picture of mostly concrete...

Damn. I don’t mind cities, and I love Indian food, but you couldn’t pay me to live in a place like that.


Look at Mr Fancy with his blue roof.

Electromagnetic Railgun Firing Hypervelocity Projectile at Mach 7 Through 8 Steel Plates

That's really satisfying. Holy cow.

How long is the railgun that fired that projectile?

iirc they did something similar to that on a smaller (and slower) scale in Mythbusters. They pointed the camera at a mirror then rotated the mirror. It's simple mathematics to sync the rotation of the mirror to the velocity of the projectile.

v = projectile velocity

r = distance from mirror pivot to the start point of the projectile

d = distance of perpendicular line between mirror pivot and projectile trajectory

L = length of projectile trajectory

t (time for projectile to cross L) = L / V

alpha (angle of arc described by L) = 2 x tan-1 ((L/2)/d)

alpha/t = angular velocity

That's the egghead mathematician way to do it, though. It's impractical and stupid. The proper engineering way to do it is to work backwards. You have a motor. You know how fast it spins (i.e. know its angular velocity), and you work backwards through the equations to find where you have to put it.

Is there really a high-speed camera panning fast enough to keep the projectile in frame or is some sort of trick being used to make it appear that way? And if so, how in the hell can it stay locked on like that? It's incredible.

The result of taking a panorama while rolling down a hill.

The result of taking a panorama while rolling down a hill.

This doesn't look like a panorama. Too smooth. It's very well done but not an accident.

Not how it happened...

OP never mentions an accident


Planetary chocolates

Planetary chocolates

I wonder what Uranus tastes like?

A cube-shaped planet. Nice.


That's the earth.

This round table

For when you invite knights over

While it looks awesome, what practical use is a round table that large?

I've seen them before, but it's nice to see how they're constructed for once

Not the French ones. They waved their private parts at my auntie.

Spider-Man mask with moveable eyes

Moveable eye's or not he still doesn't feel so g o o d.

Also want OP deliver.



A long ping pong volley.

This table tennis is more tennis than a real tennis.

how about a few bets to make it more interesting? /s (Beetle Bailey)

I think you mean rally.

They’re lucky Forrest is retired.

100 year old cough syrup, I’m guessing would work good

100 year old cough syrup, I’m guessing would work good

Hard to cough when you’re high AF and in a coma.

"skillfully combined with a number of other ingredients"...

What a time to be almost alive.

You won't cough or breathe anymore!

A single drop of seawater magnified x25

A single drop of seawater magnified x25

   As interesting this is, this picture is misleading. What they did was to "capture" as much as these little critters they could, from a area way bigger than a drop of water, and then they combined them all in the drop.

   "I am sorry the caption is inaccurate, don’t know the source… I made this picture off Kona, Hawaii in 2006. It was first published in National Geographic magazine. I am not sure where the caption information came from but here is the correct data: Marine Microfauna – part of the contents of one dip of a hand net. The magnification was 2x life size, meaning that the actual frame size was am half-inch high, so depending on how big the image is on your screen you can calculate the magnification as you see it." - David Liittschwager (The Photographer)


Sea penises

If I'm not mistaken, since he picked up those little critters in a net (a fine one I presume) they aren't thaaaat small, someone with a good eyesight could probably look at this drop and see some dots and speckles of life there.


What happens when Tree Branch Falls on Power Lines !

The video is worth the watch

I'm not shocked.

That branch is having a bad day

I’m guessing you shouldn’t be filming and calling 911

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