Instant_regret instant_regret

Kid doesn't mean to break friends arm

Kid doesn't mean to break friends arm

Oh snap!

doesnt take much to over extent joints

Nice fake! My friends and I would fake teachers with a similar trick since my buddy had a fucked up arm. Can’t remember what he had done to it but he injured it before and could now pop it in and out of place at anytime

Fuck around and get rekt... Damn

I presume he was fired

Lmfao sprays fire at everyone

Edit: Funny how just commenting something bland, and very quickly, nets the most upvotes. Life’s not fair.

REddit: Stop with the fire-man jokes.

I’ll guess this is from some sort of demonstration to show the hazards of fire. That man totally succeded in showing how dangerous and scary fires can be, all those present will probably be super careful handling flammables after that. Give him a medal, I say.

You get fire! And you get fire! Everybody gets fiiiirrrrraaaahhhh!!!!

Yup this happened in Turkey. I must point out that the guy targeted by the fire attack of firefighter was actually chief of fire department. Old video though. That orange plastic jacket was quickly catching fire so they stopped using that. Good days...

Guys throw a pumpkin off balcony, hit power line

Guys throw a pumpkin off balcony, hit power line

The end of the video is key for appreciating the level of instant regret.

The pure silence, no oh shit followed by giggles as they run away. Dead silence because all that matters is putting themselves as far away from that pumpkin as possible.

"It's not going anywhere"

Immediately shuts off power for who knows how many people


World record for fastest pumpkin pie

Kids in Africa could have eaten that power line

Catcalling and getting knocked out!

Catcalling and getting knocked out!

Talk shit, get hit..

I love everything about this. It's hilarious. Dude deserves it.

Every time I see this, the chick is warning the bros not to. And they can’t help themselves. 10/10 will watch again.

Nah man its filmed by the steadiest 8 ft tall man in the world.

It is possible to see, in slow motion, the exact moment this man's soul dies.

The camera was like a heat-seeking missle

More like a meat-seeking missile


This look mean trajectory calculation in his head. He just know what's gonna happen.

this went rather well

I bet he cried lol.

The moment when you know urine trouble.

Karma not only got him stuck, but he even touched the piss soaked buttons..

Been better if he got electrocuted via urine stream

Launching the newest Portuguese drone.

Launching the newest Portuguese drone.

I can feel the guy throwing it die inside.

The throw looked good. Somebody was sleeping at the sticks.

“And this is why I made them let me wear a mask”

Did anyone else think it was a huge plane before the camera planned up

Made you look.

His cop buddy next to him looked at him like that was an asshole move

It’s in China so they definitely don’t care what you think. And btw, if you have to ask a question like you did, assume it is. Almost but not as bad or wrong as at the UC Davis protest several years back. Look for the YouTube video.

Can someone tell me if that would count as police brutality?

From what I can see, you have a somewhat older, unarmed person either protesting, or talking someone (possibly a camera) just off-screen. The police grabs the person, turns them to face him, then gives them a face full of ouch-spray.

Aside from forcing a confrontation with someone who appears non-violent, the police officer escalates the situation by using a non-lethal weapon on them.

I actually can't think of any context where this would be appropriate.

Yeah he tries to lower the other guy's arm, but too late.. Like WTF dude?!

Cat messes with crabo

Cat messes with crabo

Mess with the crabo you get the stabo

I know crab might have a cat allergy


That's how whiskers got them blisters.

What if I can't keep my hands to myself

What if I can't keep my hands to myself

Even if it is scripted, I strongly urge every person to learn self defense. I mean every person because you will never know when you need it the most.



Also note, if your whole self defense strategy is "kick em in the nuts", you're gonna have a bad time. Most assaulters don't stand completely still, legs spread, with hips out, waiting for your size 6 heel.

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