Instant_regret instant_regret

Too much ice cream.

Out of body experience

I can relate so much! Chest freeze hurts!

This is what they were trying to prevent in Men in Black 1

Gonna kick this kid for no reason, right in front of his Dad

Older gentleman has a disability and was startled by the small child. No one wins in these situations

From what I remember, the backstory is that the kicker is autistic and unable to comprehend consequences and such.

I sympathize with the disability but if you can't go out in public without kicking children you might need to reconsider letting that person out in public. I too dislike kids but that is not acceptable.

The guy has down syndrome. Can see that clearly.

Doesn’t make it right that he kicked the kid, the Dad did the right thing, if another adult attacks your kid, you attack back.

Grabbing her butt

Grabbing her butt

Might want to share this to /sub/talesfromyourserver. Im sure they'd enjoy this.

He is a total creep and his calm demeanor is a sign he's done it before. Glad he got arrested.

Quite daring on the patio center..

I can't imagine the mindset that enjoys touching someone without their permission.

I guess it requires a complete lack of empathy or an extremely inflated ego.

I'll just squeeze through here.

I'll just squeeze through here.

Thot patrol snaking phones now

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This mp4 version is 95.66% smaller than the gif (155.62 KB vs 3.5 MB).

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I second this

Lol that realization

Well that sucks

Well that sucks

Well that was quick

There goes that golden glove he was hoping for

If France lost then he would have been fucked

So was the goalkeeper to fuck up.

Just wait til I.....

This poor guy has been postered online so many times that I wonder how he's doing these days. Is he controlling his emotions better? Is he happy? Did he get a new phone?

Going with no, no, and yes.

Ooohh. This hurts me... I have an intense fear of dropping my phone or anything out of a car window

Dad said to clean out the fire pit, and I know just the trick.

I love how the parent just let this happen

They didn't just let it, they recorded it.

Set off a smokescreen and escape your chores


Bait and Switch

That trust is forever lost

Man, this is hilarious

Future baby -

“Hey bro wanna get some pizza tonight? “


lol, and she's like totally grossed out by the other stuff to, lmao

Removing a wasp nest

The way he started flinging it around in a wild panic made me lol

this dude.

It worked out alright for

In what universal logic was it a good idea to do that.

What the FUCK.

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