SpaceX Falcon Heavy Uninterrupted Launch and Landing

Damn. That is fantastic.

Source Video: Uninterrupted Footage of the Falcon Heavy Launch and Booster Landing! 2-6-18 | Astronomy Live (High Pitch Volume Warning)

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Some camera angles made them look like they're landing really close to eachother. Keep in mind those cameras are pretty far away from the action and they lined themselves up in a way that allowed them to film both rockets as they landed.

On iPhones, there is an alert when you are at 20% battery. The alert piped up during the gif, thus interrupting the “uninterrupted” gif.

It’s not that good of a joke, and most people who browse reddit are not on iPhone.

Hi r/ImageStabilization, here's what my real-time face stabilization app looks like today!

Hi r/ImageStabilization, here's what my real-time face stabilization app looks like today!

That’s some amazing work.

Absolutely, if there's enough interest :) For now it's just me building out the tech so I'm stretched pretty thin, but it's certainly on my wish list.

I would use it if it were available on Android.

Would you consider working on an Android version later on?

SpaceX F9R in-flight Termination Stabilized (x-post /sub/SpaceXLounge)

This is the best use of stabilisation I've ever seen, maybe not from the rocket though. Minimal blending issues at the cameras limits, there are no fisheye effects making it obvious that the camera is panning. Glorious.

This is actually my first time following the tutorial from the sidebar! I attribute the end result to having good quality source video.

This is like half my Kerbal missions.

Honestly I had to look a few times to see where the artifacts/lighting changes were. Professional!

A thing I did before I knew about Reddit.

That's adorable, could link the original?

I'll see if I can find it...



Top post, such amaze, much wow.

You just blew my waking up mind.

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