HMRB while I front flip my wheelchair over a 50ft gap

HMRB while I front flip my wheelchair over a 50ft gap

That’s how you end up in a wheelchair

When you're trying to upgrade from paraplegic to quadriplegic.

So, he has nothing to lose.

How do you even start to train for such a thing? I mean, you know, besides the whole paraplegic thing

HMRB while I play with fire

Imagine seeing this 500 years ago

Okay, that’s pretty lit.

Had the same thought. Imagine putting this guy in front of your army in a medival battle. End boss straight from hell

I like how the guy just casually strolls behind the molten wall of fire.

HMRB while I climb this tree

HMRB while I climb this tree

The rope makes it look almost like he's some hybrid alien creature with a tail

That's a good loop. For a sec I thought he just decided to go up a second time to really stick it to his competition.

Let’s get down to business

Yes, we call them "Canadiens" here in North America.

HMRB while I play a drum solo

HMRB while I play a drum solo

That would be easier if he turned the second drum set around and used the stool.

Yes...because he did this to make life easier.


It’s Aric Improta of course it sounds good

If that were a joke it would have back flipped right over your head...

HMRB while I front flip into this raft wearing a T-Rex costume.

Shit do you think you could swim in that? What if he missed?

Seriously. That'd be a horrible way to go. It fills up with water, dragging you down... you can't get out. Nobody can pull you out because it's too heavy with too much drag. Thinking about it almost makes me too anxious to enjoy the gif. Totes worth tho.

the celebration at the end is almost as good

Good lord that's disturbing to think about

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