HMRB while I jump out of this plane at sunset

HMRB while I jump out of this plane at sunset

Is the guy who's had his first jump Mexican? He looked pretty scared to me.

Can confirm, west coast sunrises are well worth the lack of sleep

How do I get someone to let me skydive during sunset!

That 360 footage is pretty buttery, how is it so stable?

While I bike down this mountain.

While I bike down this mountain.
as seen here

For those wondering how this was filmed, it's a 360-degree action camera on a selfie stick (and possibly a gimble)

The stick itself is (usually) in the camera's blind spot, meaning it gives the appearance of a floating third-person camera.

Editing software is used to frame the shot from a "behind, looking downward" viewpoint, filtering out the footage from behind/above the subject.

Shit's cool, yo. These are the cameras people use to make the "tiny planet" style shot

This is extremely fish-eyed, to the point of hilarity.

I dont want to detract from the skill required to be a downhill racer, but this is almost comical.

is the lens fisheyed at all?? because holy shit that is terrifying

That tiny planet thing is super nifty. Thanks.

Water skiing in a plane

That seems incredibly dangerous but I guess that's the point.

There are Old Pilots There are Bold Pilots There are no Old Bold Pilots

The margin for error for this is too small for my liking!

i tried reading that out loud multiple times and it always ended up as "pirates".

A Flippity Doo Dah.

A Flippity Doo Dah.

I thought those were pringle cans under it

How small do you think he is?!

Small enough for those pringle cans to not break

It's called a "gainer".

Aerobatic helicopter tricks with Chuck Aaron.

Aerobatic helicopter tricks with Chuck Aaron.

I expect nothing less from a guy with a mustache like that

Do you think he has the mustache because of his skill or does he have skill because of the mustache

I wonder what the average life expectancy is for aerobatic helicopter pilots.

About 0.7 flights

This first triple cork performed by a women. Her name is Anna Gasser.

This first triple cork performed by a women. Her name is Anna Gasser.



Edit: Hijacking my own comment to add information. Officially Redbull, Snowboarder magazine and other reputable names in the industry have confirmed and stated it’s actually a triple cork that she performs in the video. I’m sorry to the few redditors that keep commenting on the post and disagreeing with these industry leaders, but I’m going to take their word for it over yours. But let’s keep it civil ladies and gents. Thank you.


Jesus that landing

Hold My Redbull.

Hold My Redbull.

when you're walking through the kitchen at night and you step on something wet


Rotate the video 90° clockwise and it should be obvious.

Wait, where is the cameraman standing?

While I try to commit suicide

While I try to commit suicide

Wasn't there a similar video posted in /sub/watchpeopledie where someone hung off a ledge like that and after a few pullups lost the strength to pull himself up all the way?

His poor mother.


It's only a matter of time.

Tricky landing after skydive

That was fuckin' sick as hell. You gotta be a pro!

So does someone have to come in a helicopter to pick him up now or what

I always figured there would be a ground-rescue/pickup team but I dont see a soul in the video.

For real, that was some precision shit.

While I parkour away from these cops.

Is it just me or where was there an unnecessary amount of chain link fence in this video?

He dropped that officers' pride and self-esteem.

Looks like he dropped something when he did that flip

No way did those cops think they were catching him

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