Hey Dad look what can I do

*Throws face at ground *

Well on a bright note, you don't have to worry about saving for college anymore.


Seriously legs back and face forward. She was doomed from the start.

HMJB while i teach little bro how to rock the horse like a big boy

Looks like he already has a bandage on his hand/wrist. Danger boy.

I think that's a little girl, I could be wrong though.

Pretty sure the younger sibling is a girl. The aqua and purple jammies are quite feminine plus the shaggy flip on the back of her hair makes me think her parents want to grow it out.

Yeah pretty sure that's a sister.

Or I guess it could be a baby Florida man, who knows.

HMJB while try out this "circular treadmill"

The shirt and tie really drive home the metaphor.

Cut him some slack guys, he had a long day at the office. Mondays, amirite?

...and that’s why the ground is padded.

Just a young business man.

Reliving his youth, blowing off some steam after a long day in the office

HMJ while I take my iPad along while fishing...

The dad is an idiot for letting his kid take the ipad on the boat.

I bet the kid is devastated and the dad is furious

I can hear the inner dialogue of the father contemplating throwing his son over the edge for good too.

Yeah taking unnecessary water-sensitive tech with you when going into a large body of water is such a great idea

Lantern malfunction detected. Must investigate.

Lantern malfunction detected. Must investigate.


I remember when my little sister did something similar. She was probably this little and was picking up something near the top of the stairs and fell forward like this. She tumbled down and hit her head on the concrete below.

I tried catching her but there was only so much a heavily overweight kid can do with the reflexes of oatmeal.

The worst thing was the sound of her head hitting. It still makes me wince and it’s been 12 or 13 years.

I’m glad this wasn’t such an extreme case.


nice portmanteau.

Love is a free gift. Give more of it. It pays dividends.

Love is a free gift. Give more of it. It pays dividends.

Dad: you can't hug everyone

Kid: hold my juicebox

Yeah but try to be an adult at the park hugging a bunch of random kids. #ReverseAgeism

That’s how humanity should work. Free hugs, and it started with the littlest one showing us how. That kid is being raised right.

beard guy though /sub/watchpeopledieinside

HMJB while I wear this huge helmet

HMJB while I wear this huge helmet

Thought it was slow-mo at first

i love that she’s wearing oversized heels too lol

At least she had a helmet on

This also belongs over at /sub/contagiouslaughter ...that laugh!!

HMJB while I gag on the Extreme Sour Warhead that I insisted on trying. (Use volume)

HMJB while I gag on the Extreme Sour Warhead that I insisted on trying. (Use volume)

That weak “yeah” reply 😂

That's my favorite part 😆

My jaws are tensing up just watching this

I swear whenever a mom speaks from behind the camera, it’s one of the most comforting things ever.

HMJB while I jump off this roof onto a trampoline

HMJB while I jump off this roof onto a trampoline

Ok... Being a man of science there are two possible outcomes here:

You bounce almost as high as you fell from at exactly the opposite angle you hit the trampoline... This would be likely end up the same as just jumping off the roof but with an uncontrolled spin...

The trampoline breaks and you hit the ground just like jumping off the roof...

Neither of these two outcomes seem desirable... So WTF kid!

Why wouldn’t you try the shorter one first? See how it goes then decide to move up to the third freakin story

Risky one, had to check this wasn't nonononono or watchpeopledie.

Glad it turned out as well as it did. Bet the hospital bill was not cheap.

Maybe he did?

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