Such a Sweet Friendship

That doggo wants more kisses from his new fren. He sneaks forward bit by bit.

Dogs and cows make friends as soon as they meet!

Not all of them, no.Don't just let your dog loose in a field with cows.

SO CUTE. They're so interested in each other 

Cows are among the most gentle creatures. This allows them to befriend All kinds.

Cows really are the sweetest.

Growing up my friend had cats constantly dropped at their farm. My friend’s mom would take care of them and adopt them out.

One mommy cat had her litter of babies right in the middle of a cow pen (female pregnant cows) of over a 100 head. They all moved away and watched.

Absolutely beautiful. Humans should have the calm kindness that cows have.

Yesterday I watched a milking cow chase someone down, pin them to the ground and gore their chest. They were lucky not to die.

What the Fluff: Moo rendition

What the Fluff: Moo rendition

Woah moo

Their reaction is priceless...

Is there a subreddit for people doing this to their pets?


Cows love receiving neck scratches once they get to trust you

I read that cows have best friends. The more cows I see, the more I want to be friends with them.

And studies show they are happier when they're given a name and called by that name!

Excuse me, but I believe the correct scientific terminology is: scritches, scritchy-scratchies, or brushies if there is a brush.



Baby cow and little girl snuggling together.

Aww moocow

Never let your child around any animal. Any situation can be dangerous, so it’s best to avoid all situations whatsoever. Let the child grow up with a fear of all quadrupeds. If you insist on allowing your child to interact with any non-humans, first make sure to thoroughly encase them in bubble wrap as you would any other valuables.

Seriously how could you not like cows they are the sweetest things on earth

I love everything about this.

An exhilarating boop.

This cow is more fearful of the stren of doggo than happy


Ah thanks, so he just forgot to type the last 3 letters.

I'm convinced

moof moof <3 :'D

This sub is for cows not dogs.

Udderly adorable!

Moof moof

Happy cow at Freedom Farms

That side eye tho 👀

Cows are friends, not food.

I think they're pretty good as both.

She looks so happy giving those scratches

"Am a dog now" -cow probably.

Grass doggo


That was surprisingly graceful.

Big pup

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