Greentext greentext

RIP STEFAN KARL.1975-2018.Never forget.

RIP STEFAN KARL.1975-2018.Never forget.

He was number one :(

Is this real?

Sadly, yes

’Dies at the Age of 43’ ’Dies at the age of 42’ Someone didin’t care

Anon makes bad decisions

Anon makes bad decisions

Open the door, get on the floor. And go to fucking jail.

does anybody think the sound of a balloon popping is even remotely close to being as loud as a gunshot?

Or he could walk the dinosaur

Its not a balloon though. I mean technically it is I guess. He probably thought it was really loud and had never heard a shotgun being shot before yet.

Anon works at Mcdonalds

Anon works at Mcdonalds

That must've been terrifying.

I’m gonna call it.

This is the first post on this sub that definitely isn’t fake and definitely isn’t gay.

Spartans, what is your profession???


Top 10 scariest anime scenes

Anon loses a cat :(

Anon loses a cat :(

Sad and straight

Real and straight feels

And True

Wtf bro now im sad

Harry Potter would have been 100x better this way.

Harry Potter would have been 100x better this way.

Not really a greentext but goddamn hilarious. Upvoted.

God made wizards and god made muggles, but Samuel Colt made them equal

Literally made me laugh out loud.

J.K Rowling Confirms Harry Potter 2

"It's gonna have more bang bang this time around"

This is top shit, even if this is not a green text.

"God made wizards, God made muggles, but Samuel Colt made them equal." - This could be a quote in a movie, if only Tarantino could read this and film his vision of HP series.

Anon is laughing

Anon is laughing

Tell them to get over it because the world doesn’t revolve around hem and people are allowed to have their own lives. Getting offended over something that wasn’t directed at you but because you felt it could have been needs to stop.

Seriously. Imagine your daughter just died and you can still be bothered to get outraged at shit that you know for a fact doesn't have anything to do with you.

Right?! Something similar happened to me a few months ago. I was at my girlfriends mom's funeral (she died in a highway accident, got t-boned by a speeding car). Anyway, at the reception I figured I'd catch the last little bit the Daytona 500 on my mobile (NASCAR fans know...) and everyone started getting their panties in a bunch 🙄 Like WTF, people, you can't watch racing without the volume, it's just not the same 🤷‍♂️

Save yourself from embarrassment and say it was on purpose

Anon explains rap

Anon explains rap

then me do lot of very good drug yes drug amazing ooga booga

So you made this greentext just to post it on /sub/greentext

2nd verse:

I'm awesome. I'm great. I'm the very best ever.

You suck. I'm great. I have the best rhymes and my name is Trevor.

I forgot to add the drugs damn

Anon browses 4chan

Anon browses 4chan

Anon posed as a teenage girl as well because he’s gay

Anon is gay for typing out “f16 wants to be fucked by old guy.”

But truly sad what happens there

Can we have an thot holocaust

Anon has a best friend

Anon has a best friend

Fake - Anon has friend

Gay - Actually this one might be straight, I take it back

Sorry everyone I have to forego the fake for the extra gay.

I think it’s the straightest green text that has ever been written

Deploy the downvotes to get this back to 69

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