Croatian Firefighters attend to their duty during the penalty shootout of Croatia vs. Russia.

Croatian Firefighters attend to their duty during the penalty shootout of Croatia vs. Russia.

firefighters are in my top 3 most-respected professions, due to the integrity, resilience and bravery required by such a dangerous job.

in case you were wondering my other two favorite professions are zoo keepers and soda jerks

Staged or not it's impressive they can get ready and be gone in less than 30 seconds

20 seconds from the alarm goes off until the trucks start moving. Not unexpected, but still impressive imo

Man that’s pure professionalism there....!

How to get over a fence in style.

How to get over a fence in style.

I’m thoroughly surprised he didn’t catch and rip any of his clothes on that thing

Love how he struts away everytime like "yes! I am the best fence crosser!"

Imagine living a life having this much free time

The third coolest way to rip your pants

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

The worlds worst drivers on one road all in one spot.

The sheer clusterfuckery of this was magnificent. The average driving skill of the entire country could've skyrocketed with one well-placed lightning strike.

I ran into a car so I'm just going to stop my car IN EVERYONES WAY

people, if you get into a small accident pull your car off to the side of the road - how hard is this???

I think this belongs to /sub/nevertellmetheodds

Complete role reversal

Complete role reversal

This has to be fake

This looks like a comedy sketch. Lol.

Slick ass kids have some balls

This kids, is what being addicted to chips looks like.

🎵I bless the gains down in Africa🎵

Trying to find the scoop in a new tub of protein lol

What the hell did I just watch?

"[Name] what are you doing?!"

"Trying to find the scoop!"

That guy is so fucking jacked

Family shares Carolina Reaper hot pepper. (X/post /sub/funny)

I love the actual comments throughout the video that are interspersed with * screaming *

Haha. I noticed that too. Hilarious.

Made it so much better than just hearing the audio would have been.


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That’s what friends are for

That’s what friends are for

The duo in the back with the paper cup binoculars are the best part of this!

Them running off while the guy getting carried is spanking the guy carrying him was the icing on the cake for me. I missed it the first time

Video with audio


In the third inning we had a lot

(“Okay, guys.”)

of uhhh success with

(“Can you guys stop-“)

...catching all of

(“Is there a cup on my...?”)

stuff from

(“My mom is gonna see this, guys.”)



Wtf did I just watch?

With sound

Ah the Hypno Brother.

It's better with sound.

Golf tricks.

Dude doesn’t even give a shit

"I can finally stop."

That was a sigh of relief, at the end.

I wonder how long it took to setup and how many swings to get this hole in 1?

What are the odds?

What are the odds?

The best "No U" I've ever seen

I still can't understand how she managed to get the ring out of the purse in the first attempt

Then the person recording goes on their knee and pulls out two engagement rings on them. But they forgot to check their six and hears the sound of a small box opening behind them.

Truth be told he didn't have to check his six becuase the place was already surrounded by men and women planning to make the next day the greatest days of the rest of their lives.

wholesome af

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