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Elon Musk - Trippin' Balls

That's something humans say, right?

Can someone make a GIF of him just saying “I’m Trippin’ Balls”.. I need to send it to.. Everyone

Toms going to get some "pussy" cat

Toms going to get some "pussy" cat
Howdy bitch!

The "Send Nudes" caught me off guard. lol

What really impressed her was neither his charm nor his cig-roll skills, but him not giving a fuck about the fact that his big ass metal star spur nearly pierced his cat balls. They might be made of steel after all.

Seriously, fuck reddit's comment section. Always trying to discuss the contents of posts and shit. Is it really that hard to just talk about something completely unrelated? What do we even have upvotes for then?

Bad hair day

Bad hair day

I’m not sure now where his hair originates. On top it’s clearly a comb-over and now the back is some sort of comb-around too? Where does the hair come from? Like just his sideburns or what?

Looks like Darth Vader from Ep. VI

Reverse side mullet, swirled like cotton candy

Why does he have one good patch that grows like Fabio hair and the rest looks like his head got scarred in a radiation blast?

This guy looks like he out hunted the hunter.

It's like a stealthy elk. A Stealk.

That's why I choose not to grow antlers in this reckless day and age.

"Hur dur, look Steve, I'm a dumb human, hur dur."

It's not 'just a tarp' there are at least 5 poles sticking out of it. It was a tent or a blind.

Two Falcon Heavy side core rockets landing simultaneously

That was probably the single most amazing thing I've ever seen.

Talk about witnessing history. Even my not-interested-in-spaceflight wife found this interesting and very impressed by the sight of the two side boosters doing a synchronised landing.

I‘m glad she finally overcomes her thrust issues.

We are going to Mars.



This is one of the best gifs I’ve ever seen here. Mods.....just keep this one despite the length.

I like how suit guy closes the doors and leaves, thinking he's done and the car comes like: "lol nope"

this music

This is missing

I like that the car fit through the glass doors at 0:44 and 0:53.

Paralyzed kitten tests out his new wheels

his name is Max, he is cared for by Massepequa Pet Vet. His wheelchair was recently upgraded: :)

I don't know why I thought of tiny little rockets when you've said upgraded.

Oh, it's great until its friends find out and constantly ask for rides all over town

That little guy is fast!

He still made it over.

Tail wag after it. "Once again, cheated death."

"There is only one god, and His name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: 'not today'."

The dog's brain was not selected by artificial breeding the same way the body plan was. The dog's brain still calculates the jump as if the dog had a normal body. That is why the jump fails. Poor dog thinking it has a healthy body. Whether making a breed whose brain is not adjusted to the body constitutes torture or not is debatable. Anyway, let's breed fat humans that run into walls for fun.

At what cost

Assigned seating


Hot girl + nice butt + cute puppy = frontpage!

The greatest reverse gif ever seems appropriate here:

Someone asked for the original:

The greatest reverse gif ever seems appropriate here:

Someone asked for the original:

How Blue comes running when offered a Strawberry

He isn't even blue..

Is there some giant, stoic, spiritual guardian frog sitting off to the left?

Or a ‘Raptor.

I wanted to see hims nomming on a strawberry!

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