Gifs gifs

slow down bambi

Imagine turning a corner and seeing a deer hurtling toward you. Kid did well to just get out of the way.

Imagine being those people . You don't see a deer running full speed at you, you see a deer fucking flopping all over the god damn place while some how moving at an insanely fast pace. Shit would be panic inducing man


Nothing better than the professor posting the final exam answers

You thought you were gonna be honor rolled but instead you got Rick rolled

This is a good one, real good.

Question 1: I am never gonna ________ a) Give you up b) Let you down c) Run around and desert you d) All of the above

Him and his buddies are getting a good laugh about this in the lounge.

It's Thursday

This is that chick that promised a bunch of people custom made hula hoops ...took their money and dipped the fuck out. I'm pretty sure there is a page out there dedicated to calling her out on it. She is hot af though.

Is it?

Since when does hula hooping has an age req--

Oh I see.

She's at least 18 right guys? Guys?!


Missed opportunity for loop

+1 for honesty

It was a calculated risk and also I’m not good at looping things :(

Easiest way to get a seat..

Lets just turn away from the guy whos having a seizure instead of trying to help him. Good. Job.

I like the guy that evacuates his seat without looking up from his phone to see what he's running away from.

You wouldn't do this in NYC as you'd actually get hepatitis from laying on the floor of a subway car.

The guy on the floor when he sits down look at the guy next to him. Biggest smile on his face. That stunt made his day!

That was close

It looks like a glitch in a video game

the driver

Skyrim Giant death

I like how the cameraman starts to follow the deer for a bit before deciding that it's not coming back

My dog dreaming with her eyes open

My dog dreaming with her eyes open

That's fucking terrifying

Must be watching a tennis match

My dog does this. Adopted each other 5 months ago and I have recorded her sleeping like this in my lap 3 times now. Kinda freaky the first time.


Avoid sexual harassment claims by harassing on live television, like Conan

That's not sexual harassment.

The civil discourse in this thread will undoubtedly be both engaging and enlightening.

Context matters with something like this.

Has everyone forgotten how to stand up for themselves? Buncha goddamn pussies everywhere.

To the resc... oh nevermind..

Hard to tell since no one on Reddit is an actual cat.

Does the cat know it can do this? Or is that just straight up panic mode?

Thousands of years and they still be fooled.

Cat: "Urgggghhhhhhhhhh! Now I have to find a new hole to sit in!!!!!!"

Surprise motherf**ker!

Surprise motherf**ker!

Sensing a weak link in the herd, the hidden predator strikes. It's all over in a moment. The SUV will eat well tonight.

Damn that dude actually reacted fast to a flying car launched out of an underground cave.

The ambulances will have to wait their turn.

Or he might've lost control, gone into the median and been a surprise flying car to the other direction of traffic, potentially instigating an infinite loop of flying cars.

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