This cat can actually read “ I guess “

This cat can actually read “ I guess “

That is one great sit

It really is haha I never thought cats can sit tbh till I saw this video

I am confused by the punctuation in the title...

I am more confused now... why...?

Enjoy the moment

"Once in while, you need to stop and appreciate that we are insignificant actors in a great universe, and our little day to day problems pale in the tapestry of a beautifully written play. And I hate how rabbits turn white"


This is the most peaceful and heart-warming thing I've seen in I don't even know how long

The humanity in this dog's face is messing with me right now.

Thank you for posting this. It's super soothing, and I needed it after having a really shitty day.

Dog is confused by magic trick.

My dad was really good at sleight of hand when we were growing up and he would mess with the dogs by making their treats "disappear." 2 of the 3 dogs were dumbfounded but our Border Collie was almost impossible to trick. He had a hypnotic stare and never really lost track of the treats in spite of the fact that my dad was a master of his craft. My dad was heartbroken when we lost that dog in nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hеll in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table.

"Dude, don't fuck with my sense of object permanence. Now I have to go eat the couch."

Damn it.

I actually saw the dog in my mind's eye. You're so good at this.

All aboard the vomit comet

This is why we send women and children first.

With people in the bounce isn't so dramatic and it's supposed to go under briefly to clean off any fire/oil/muck/bits of zombie/cheese whizz/gore/dust/sour milk/flaming oil. Mostly the fire dousing.

Will this remove any seamen?

I guess I'll just stay home today..

In this type of severe icy road situation, it's best to take the tires off of your car, leaving only the rims. They'll act like blades that will dig into the ice, allowing you to skate over it, making it safe to travel.

It's ok, I have 4 wheel drive.

yep, time to grab the whiskey and coffee and enjoy a day off.

Climbing up is the easy part

Climbing up is the easy part

We get it, dude, you do CrossFit.

You know, that's pretty good form and a lot less frantic leg flailing than I would have anticipated.

Arm day.


I love you more than you.

I love you more than you.

But have to lick the butt

What a sweet mother!

Shhhh.... selective repression....

Don't recall mom licking my butt clean... thank God.

Mouthguard goes on vacation

Mouthguard goes on vacation

Team Mouthguard's blasting off again!

That guy took a nice little vacation too. Although he probably can't remember it.

Restarted to factory settings.

Mouthguardian,"My people need me."

Anyone wanna see what it's like to jump off the side of an Aircraft Carrier?

That underwater shot is terrifying to someone who is afraid of sharts

That underwater shot is terrifying to someone who is afraid of sharts

Best. typo. ever.

Lol just stay away from the cloudy spots

Thanks for reminding me how much i fear the fucking ocean

Australian Parliament Proposal

Australian Parliament Proposal
Australian Parliament Proposal

As an Australian taxpayer, I approve of this use of my tax dollars.

with sound

It needs the sound so you can hear how his voice breaks with emotion :')

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