THE F**K ARE YOU DOING...oh...thanks man.

Good guy truck driver.

Lots of truckers and professional drivers will help you if they can. I've seen an arm pop out a driver's window more than once motioning for me to slow down as I was passing only to come to a speed trap over the next hill on more than one occasion.

You were sheepdogged to safety.

We just witnessed someone likely save another person's life. It is Very cool.

Baby rhino is scared to sleep alone after its mother was killed by poachers

Goddamn it's hard to fully grasp how cruel people can be

You're absolutely right but it's usually poor people are at the end being exploited by rich people at the end of a long line of people making profit off this nonsense.

So the way to combat this is not just anti poaching laws but any kind of possession of rhino horn, shark fin, or ivory should get your balls cut off (or the legal equivalent)

This makes my heart hurt.

Man fuck poachers, what a sad fucking excuse of humans

Banana Bird does his banana dance

Someone needs to do a 'clean the fucking kitchen' dance...

You made me go back and watch again.

Yup. That's messy.

ITT: We ignore Banana Bird to talk about and criticise OP's messy as fuck house.

W i g g l y B o r b

flash caught on camera!

flash caught on camera!

He's so fast he looks fat.

The speeding car really helps put it in perspective. In addition, if you look closer, you can tell he's surpassed the speed of light since his shadow can't keep up.

The relativistic Doppler effect...

When you're running that fast, your skin tends to stretch.

Source: US Air Force's SR-17 Blackbird stretches a few inches during maximum flight speed due to massive temperatures on it's titanium hull.

Dude was showing the gorilla pictures of female gorillas and he for real is like "next one please"



Swipe right, yes swipe right

This is a great example of how close humans and gorillas are related in evolution.

We both just want mental pictures to jack to from the internet later.

I like how the guy looks around to see if there are any staff around before showing him the last one

"Got that good shit for you"

Kid thinks he's opening automatic doors with his powers.

NEVER let him think otherwise.

The Force is strong with this one.

I still do this occasionally when I reach a set of automatic doors. Think it's just sad now I'm 27.

How do you think the doors are opening?

Let me help you, human.

Touchy da fishy?

I’ve read on the internet Bengals love water, apparently my two didn’t get that memo. Because bathing them is like trying to wash some fur while dodging flying razor claws.

thats a beautiful fur

If you see bears, back away slowly

Reminds me of the time I was never in that situation ...and lived.

You should lie down and play dead. It's good practice for when you're actually dead a few minutes after.

I was told that you should always carry bells and pepper spray when in bear country. The bells make sure you don't surprise any bears and the pepper spray is a good deterrent in case of an attack. They also said that you should learn to tell the difference betweeen brown, black and grizzly bears by looking at their scat.

Brown/black bear scat is small, light brown and usually has the remains of berries in it.

Grizzly bear scat is large, dark brown, has bells in it and smells like pepper.

We actually had a class about bear attacks for my job. They told us if it's a brown bear play dead. Black bear fight back. The kicker was they told us brown bears can look black and black bears look brown.... Essentially they spent an hour to tell us "look if you are attacked by a bear, you're fucked."

Edit: I forgot polar bears. They told us if you can see them and you are outside of a vehicle you are too close. They told us just to avoid polar bears at all costs.

Traffic slows down to a waddle

Geese don’t give a shit.

As a Canadian, I recommend the creep and nudge. As long as they don't have babies, then they just dent your car.

"If only there was something in my car that was 10x louder than clapping"

When geese are crossing the road, I'll slow down, but I never stop and let them pass. I roll right through. They're living beings with a survival instinct; they'll get out of the way. But I feel like if you stop and wait for them, they get the idea that they own the road because they're territorial, and then they become a major nuisance. I do this all the time, and they always get out of the way once they realize you're not stopping.

Punters favourite picks himself up and finishes race after colliding with a duck

Stupid ducking fuck.

I have had numerous retired greyhounds and this puts my teeth on edge. Poor baby.

Although it would be neat to watch footage of my old greyhounds racing, the thought of seeing other greyhounds being injured is too much.

For duck's sake...

Bird takes down favourite, leaving punters fuming.

Adelaide greyhound Loceryl fine after run-in with a duck at Gawler on Sunday.

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