Wake up!


That is the most beagle thing I've ever seen.

He forgot to grab a brush put on a little make up

Wimbledon fan that was invited to play with the ladies after yelling advice to players from the stands

This is so wholesome. His Twitter:

"Thank you for going easy on me with the serve. You have made me a bigger hero to my 3 daughters who worship you BTW."

Here is the full video/source/sauce

It happened during the invitation doubles matches, which are more or less a side spectacle to actual Wimbledon, older players past their prime etc. Kim Clijsters was serving and taking suggestions from the crowd on where she should place it by asking "Inside? Outside?" and gauging what the crowd said. This man yelled "BODY!" meaning aim the serve right at the opponent and try to jam them. She heard him say it and said "Why don't you come try" to which he did. Although Kim, a true Wimbledon veteran, noticed that his attire did not meet the strict all white dress code, so she ends up grabbing a skirt from her bag and making him don it. It was great moment, obviously didn't count in the score but the fans ate it up and the casters had a field day with it.

Doesn't look like he returns many servings at all, to be fair.

Honestly, I didn't expect him to return the serve. So good job for that, I guess.

She knows exactly what she is doing

Amazing. I'd have to say that what I find most impressive about it are her breasts.

Cool skill, hot girl, pokies and a gun?

See you monkeys on the front page

If you look close enough, you'll see she's spinning a gun.

And her nipples are pointy

Gang Violence Going Down.

Another needlessly violent confrontation between the Bunks and Cribs.

Rather than sleeping they are resisting a rest.

200 thread count (fluffs pillow) 200 dead count

Black Lives Mattress

Gokuraku Jodo!

Thigh highs are the salt of my visual world. They make almost everything more vivid and enjoyable.

Edit: Thank you for the gold kind stranger!

Thought it said 'judo' and expected a judo move.

I never understood people liking J-idols.

I think I understand a bit now.

It blows my mind that the Japanese have a problem with reproducing.

Mirror dimension

Are we gonna talk about the people just mystically disappearing on the right side?

That, and how the guy on the bottom left forgot sunscreen.

OP failed to line up the 3 shots so at the corners so things are doubled. also he's looping the cinemagraph with a fade transition which works well with the water but not with people.

still really cool though.

I was waiting for so long to see how the people would climb up the 90 degree angle and then I realized I'm an idiot and the people just disappeared

Nope, You are Fake Horse

I always shake my head like that before I kick small fake people.

The sass

Fake horse. Sad!

Edit: This horse may be fake, but the fact that the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in Super Bowl LI is most definitely not fake

I can't believe anybody would dare to be a tiny horse in a big horse field, much less a fake one

Tired old man becomes a new excited baby at the motor races.

its a gif, so there isnt sound

Why isn't anyone wearing ear protection?

Kid definitely just woke up. Mines 4 and still looks pissed at the world for the first hour of the morning

Floyd Mayweather makes it rain on Conor McGregor

They both look like huge twats in this.

Well, they are huge twats.

That looks like enough money to buy hooked on phonics and he just threw it on the floor

To be fair, $20 is $20.

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