Great finger skills

He broke the pocket clip off the back so it doesn't get in the way, that's how you tell the pros from the amateurs.

/sub/penspinning for more

As you can see, I've attended many lectures.

Damn. Are his fingers magnetic?

Well, I guess it's time to burn down my house...

I'm no insectologist but I'm pretty sure what you've got there is a lobster.

Should we give it a sacrifice?

Should we give it a sacrifice?

Didn't know they had scorpions in Georgia until I got stung by one that big... twice. It got in my bed and stung my toe. Couldn't find anything so I got back in bed and it stung my thigh.

I hopped out of bed, threw the blankets off, and there it is...trying to run away.

Only thing I had was a cup so I trapped it under the cup and had to sit there like that figuring out what to do. I was able to pull the sheets off wrap them around the cup and took the whole mess outside and set it on fire.

Couldn't find scorpion corpse in the rubble...unsure if scorpion still stalking me.

And yeah, it hurt like fuck. Worse than a hornet imo


Pro-tip I learned after that though, spray them with hairspray if you don't have appropriate chemical weapons...they get sticky and can't move as fast giving you a chance to contain and flush down toilet.

Don't try to crush doesn't work.

Would that be an indigenous or invasive lamp lobster?

Robotic Loop

This would make an awesome roller coaster, it looks like you're about to fall to your death but a track is placed seconds before you fly off.

Yeah. It's a bit small too.

Sounds cool, but is probably way too unreliable to ever actually be released

Living off of every paycheck be like

Loose tire


Service was great, quick and polite. The place was well lit, spacious with seating but I had to take 2 stars off for the random tire that hit me in the head.

I just love videos of random tires fighting for their freedom :)

Is this the official Michelin rating?

The tire takes 2 wild bounces to get into the door, and then hits a desk between a couple of seated dudes? Someone is either really lucky, or severely cursed

Watching and learning.

Glad this cat picked it up quickly. I had to watch my dad take a bath until I was 22 to fully learn it.

Everyone goes at their own pace

Kitten: "what happens to all this hair we're swallowing?" Cat: (evil laughter) "ha ha ha muahaha meowhaha"

Cat: (evil laughter) ha ha ha muahacough hock bleh pwt

Does anyone else's cat smell really good most of the time? I have a Tonkinese, and the only time she smells bad is if she just happened to come out of the litter box or if she's breathing directly in my face(but that doesn't really count). It's so weird, her breath smells bad, but she will lick herself all over and then smell great again 5 minutes later! It's actually amazing, has anyone else experienced this with their cat?

Grandma teaching sign language to her grandchild

Grandma teaching sign language to her grandchild

Translation: You can! Am I funny? I'm grandma. Can you sign grandma? Funny! You're​ so cute!

That's what I got from it after taking 4 years of classes.

EDIT: u/letler corrected "I'm funny!" To "Am I funny?"

Old people and babies are made to hang out together

That's the face I do when someone is trying to explain something hard to me

"ohhhh o get it yeaah" literally no idea

but obviously this little girl is a billion times cuter than me.

A friend of my family's tried teaching their infant son sign language. It was great until he refused to speak verbally and would aggressively sign "milk" at you.

Dad and son eat boiled eggs together

Dad and son eat boiled eggs together

I like how these videos are scripted and everyone thinks it's real because Asians are like this in real life

If this was scripted those Asians would be played by white people.

Are staged gifs a form of asian currency or something?

Yes, folks, of course it's "staged."

It's not supposed to be believable. Look at their body language, and at the way that the father overacts.

Furthermore, he would have noticed that the egg wasn't boiled immediately upon picking it up.

This is the equivalent of a "Jake and Amir" sketch. I understand that it's satisfying to spot when something isn't genuine, but calling this out as staged footage is the equivalent of smugly stating that "Monty Python's Flying Circus" was performed by comedians.

Catch me if you can

Reminds me of intestines for some reason...ferrets are cute.

I love cat snakes!

I was just reminded of Spy Vs. Spy.

Tui and La, your moon and ocean, have always circled each other in an eternal dance. They balance each other, push and pull, life and death, good and evil, yin and yang.

That's a dam big water slide.


It's a dam in Australia that's seen a few trespassers in its day.

[] | [Additional Video]

You get full view of the algae growth in that second video. Added to the fact that water is green/yellow, I wouldn't risk going in there without goggles.

The biggest danger from a spillway is neither the concrete nor aforementioned mystery nails.

Currents at the bottom of spillways are drowning factories.

This is a terrible idea. I love it.

synchronized scratching

synchronized scratching

This is played forward and backward in loop to make it look like a longer event, but the effect is still pretty funny looking.

All the single ladies, all the single ladies...

Thanks! I thought it looked looked better with the reverse rather than the restart.

Now putcha hens up

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