Even Hippos need dentists

Dentist is like yeah right you flossed, you don't even have hands

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This dude escapes from a real-life hostage situation so fast you can barely see him move

This is the kind of shit that happens to me in my nightmares. WHY DON'T MY FUCKING LEGS WORK?

This Bus Driver Saves a 5 Year Old Child From the Cold.

My mom forgot me at a new years party once when I was maybe 10-11. It was after midnight, so of course all the adults at the party were super drunk and didn't bother to try and hear me out when I asked for help, so I just went outside crying like the child I was. A cab driver saw me, asked what was wrong, then drove me home. On the way he let me choose the radio channel and sang along to every song in a wonky way to cheer me up. When we were outside our apartment complex he called my mom to come open the front door, then when she came down he basically yelled at her through whispers. Probably so that I wouldn't get scared/sad. The kindness in some people is baffling.

EDIT: Since this blew up to the top I just want to add that my mom has really done a great turn around and is an amazing and caring mother now. I wish more parents with substance abuse would see their behavior the way my mom did. Love you ma.

EDITT: Woke up to a gold and so many lovely comments. Thank you all for sharing your stories, I'm so happy that so many of you had a chance to talk about these things. So much wonderful support here. This is why I love reddit.

Ski Jumping New World Record - Stefan Kraft jumps 253.5 meters (831.69 feet)

I find the most intriguing part of this clip is when the skier is falling parallel to the slope.

Slug escape

Slug escape

I have bones and am not slime and I could beat the shit out of that plant. Like honestly I'd fucking destroy it.

Nice saving

Why are people in this thread acting like there should be a rule against this? He's a goalie, he literally has one job. Keep the ball out of the net. He screwed that up, it's a goal. As it should be.

He knows what he is doing

I was thinking "this guy is going to take down this whole bridge without destroying his own pillar, what a beast"

Could have gone a lot worse.

Hey Human can you make the door hole big ,Pwease..

I've watched that 20 times and it's still not enough

The most delicious

The blinking really does it. Man want a cool costume.

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