Gifs gifs

Solid web design

That's why you never use Python on web design.

When a rug owes you money

He's practicing Judo throws and leg sweeps.

I think it might be time to call the plumber

I think it might be time to call the plumber

you don't really....there is a screw underneath that holds that on.

Not sure if you're joking but wanted to save you some $$$...just go tighten the screw.

This wave is so big, it has multiple breaks inside of it

What exactly are those people on the jet ski doing? Looks like they're about to get wrecked

Flip this and flip that

Best part is he didn't dab.

Can you guess his phobia?

Seems like he's scared of crazy men in pickup trucks.

Girl trying so hard hanging on to what was left of her smile that I shed a tear.

Generally I come on to reddit for laughs, but in this instance although this is very sad its a constant reminder of how in other parts of the world people are living with real troubles. I hope someone stepped up to take care of this girl. No one deserves to go through what she is going through.

Urban snowboarding

Urban snowboarding

Is it just me or is this really oddly satisfying?

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