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Karli Woods

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CutiePieSensei as Velma Dinkley

CutiePieSensei as Velma Dinkley

No Reddit?? She's cute

You must not have watched much Scooby-Doo then

Must.... not... fall... in love.... with!

Depends on which Velma you're thinking about. The character's been around long enough that there a few different versions of Velma out there. She's cosplaying as a more modern Velma.

Supergirl Barista

Supergirl Barista

because you think that girl is lame

Is it just me or does her bra make her boobs look hairy?

Having a bad day my dude?

Why am I single? :(

Live Long and Prosper

Live Long and Prosper

Yes, she has nice boobs.

This is NovellaNikita

Instagram: NovellaNikita

So beautiful 😍

Ladies always liked nerdy things. We just gatekeeped the fuck out of them for a long time.

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