Our friends got a new kitten just like ours

Our friends got a new kitten just like ours

I see three cuties! Congrats on the little kitty! : )


I think we need pics of your kitty as well. Solely for scientific reasons, of course...

Hehe I’m happy there’s even more opportunity for cuddles

You guys are way too cute

My heart melted.

My heart melted.

A true gay romance....

God, I wish people like that were local to me. All I have are DL “straight” guys, closeted old guys, 14 year olds who I report, and gym rat “tops” who are “masc”

I died laughing and then audibly aww'd. Oh to be young and in love.

then broken-hearted and scorned

Omg I wish gaysome was still going.

Not a gaybro...but still a bro

Not a gaybro...but still a bro

Apparently, based on the things I support, I'm an immigrant lesbian trans woman panda / trees.


Apparently I'm a planet for trying to save earth

Fucking panda trees!

My bf (left) and I (R) busy exploring Scotland! the

My bf (left) and I (R) busy exploring Scotland! the


Bf’s on the left and OP is a Republican



When you're a little TOO into wrestling

When you're a little TOO into wrestling

That dude in the background is jealous af

It’s probably a good thing my lil gay self didn’t get into wrestling in high school.

Did you guys know that thick thighs save lives?

I wish I did. Wrestlers have the hottest bodies of any sport.

The next time someone gives a dirty look when I hold my boyfriend's hand in public

With my coordination I'd end up smacking my guy in the face 😣

I still remember this one time my BF and I were at the bus station waiting to get on our bus back to NYC, and this older guy (who literally looked like a cowboy) is asking us if he's in the correct line and a couple other touristy questions. A few minutes after we stopped talking, my BF and I kissed, and I saw him have the most shocked look ever on his face out of the corner of his eye. That time it was actually kind of funny, but damn it can irritate me sometimes.

“Perfectly choreographed ass-kicking” would be the best stereotype.

Eh, if you grow up in a metro or with it in your family and in your friendship circle it’s always been normal. think a lot of touristy types are seeing people comfortably open for the first time [aside from TV] so the curiosity is genuine and not malicious (I hope). As a white dude whose been to rural China and gotten those looks I kinda know the feeling but you honestly might have been the first gay kiss they’ve ever seen in real life.

The Time A Cop Gave Me A Heartfelt Pep Talk About Being Gay

The Time A Cop Gave Me A Heartfelt Pep Talk About Being Gay

When I was sixteen years old (in— God help me— 1973), I could get from vending machines my fill of throwaway newspapers that featured pretty hot porn film ads in their back pages— ads to which I would incessantly and unremittingly jack off to. But I needed more. Having just gotten my driver’s license, I drove to Selma Avenue in Hollywood, which (as depicted in John Rechy’s City of Night) still abounded with male hustlers, a few sauntering down the street in their cowboy boots and tight Levis. I wanted to approach one so badly, but I didn’t have the nerve and wasn’t sure I had enough money. So I settled for entering a porn shop.

To my disappointment the place was completely empty save for a few old guys looking at straight porn. I found the gay section and grabbed a porn magazine. Nervous as shit, I decided to buy the porn and get the fuck out. The guy in the front desk didn’t bat an eye (I worried he would ask me for ID) and off I went with my first gay porn magazine.

I put the magazine on the passenger’s seat and drove off, so rattled that I failed to make a complete stop at a stop sign a few blocks down. Sure enough, red lights immediately flared. Without thinking, I pushed the magazine onto the floor between the passenger’s seat and the right door of my car. Wrong move.

Two twenty-something LAPD cops tell me to get out of the car. Both were white, macho, no doubt straight, perhaps Vietnam vets, and quite typical of LAPD cops at that time.

“You’re hiding something. We have to check,” one of them tells me.

“It’s nothing. Please don’t look.”

“We have to check.”

“It’s nothing. Please don’t look.”

One of them lines me up against a wall while the second goes through my car. I was so humiliated that I started crying.

The cop checking the car pulls out the porn magazine. I cry harder.

The cop standing by me then tells me that I have nothing to cry about. He tells me that they don’t give a shit that I’m gay, that it’s the last thing they care about. He tells me that people have better things to worry about than who I sleep with. Before I can even catch my breath, I realize that this cop is literally taking the time to reassure me and make me feel better. He could have just snickered and driven off, but he didn’t. He spent like five minutes giving me a literal pep talk about being gay.

And he felt so bad for me that he didn't even give me a ticket.

How cool is that?

On a serious note that story actually made me very happy, have been having a stressful day with stuff at work being blamed on me, but this lit me up.

10/10 good fluff

He could have done a lot of things. He could have laughed at this queer kid bursting into tears out of embarrassment. He could have written me that ticket. I've often wondered what would have happened had I been a black gay kid buying his first porn magazine. I also wondered if their searching my car was even legal. But I was lucky that a decent guy had stopped me. He genuinely cared enough to try to make feel better. I wish I could thank him now.

As for how things have changed today: It certainly has for gays. For blacks, not so much.

your 61, I wonder how have things changed for gays the most, then and now in your opinion.

also that sounds very sweet, your lucky you did not have an ass hole cop decide to just leave you crying after scaring the shit out of you.

I mean not really. Cops are people too. From his perspective he saw a gay teenager crying because he was "outed" to some random person. He just wanted to help. Maybe his kid is gay, maybe his brother is gay, maybe he's one of those leather daddys that send me dick picks on Grindr.

i feel very attacked

i feel very attacked

The best part about coming out was the no-bullshit attitude I see so much in bottoms

Tops are worse and will fuck anything. The amount of bottom shaming jokes going around are so STUPID. I know it's a joke but there really are some gay and bi men who feel that being a top means they're better, or "less gay". Like - Oh at least I'm a top and don't take dick...which is the same mentality people have in prison. Anyway.

[Clicks add comment and waits for chaos to ensue]

Omg that’s me every Saturday

i don’t follow meme accounts on instagram 2. i stole it from a facebook group “sounds gay, i’m in” 3. who gives a shit 4. i never claimed to make it

India right now...

India right now...

Considering the public opinion about homosexuality in India (despite the ruling), those parents are truly amazing for accepting their son openly and proudly.

Actually the public opinion in India isn't against the gays despite what some statistics show. Unlike other places people aren't worried that gays will go to hell and god forbids it kind of stuff. It is however considered taboo but people don't usually care. And after the ruling things with us gaybros are expected to be more common and less taboo. Like even when homosexuality was a crime, there were TV series with central gay stories and all. The ban was rarely enforced but the present ruling is a new dawn for all of us.


Great times for India.

All of their villages have been connected to electricity, they have gotten rid of backwards policies, and soon they will be tackling public sanitation.

Super great to watch happen from over here in the states!

I'm having my first date today

I'm having my first date today

TL;DR: I have my first date today and I can't be more fucking excited!!!!

So I moved to college three weeks ago. Back home there's not many guys out (me included) and when I got here I promised myself I'd be more comfortable with exploring my sexuality.

I met this guy. He was being a flirt and things just clicked with him, so I said, "fuck it, I'll ask him out." It was weird because I have never actually flirted with another guy, just girls (still figuring out whether I'm bi or gay). Never asked anyone out before. I asked a couple of friends how I should do it and they both said "don't actually ask him out. Go out and ask him to come along, but make it clear you're going wether he's there or not." But I just thought that was shitty advice.

I was really nervous and was debating if I should do it in person or via text message. Text was a bit safer, but too indifferent. Opted for a combination of the two: we were hanging out with friends and I messaged him through snapchat something like this (yes I know it's cheesy but I thought it was funny):

Me: what is 05/07/2018?

Him: I don't know, what happened then?

Me: No, you're looking too much into it. What's 08/09/2017?

Him: A date?

Me: Yeah

Him: ...and?

Me: You know...

I look at him. He smiles at me. Fuck it.

Me: You're meant to say "yes, I'll go on a date with you"

He's grinning while reading the message.

Me: You're bad at this

Me: Like really bad

And then he just turns to me irl and he says, still smiling, "well MAYBE I'm just fucking with you." I laughed. Our friends looked at us like we were crazy. It was nice. It was our little secret. So I get back to messaging him:

Me: Well, since you won't work with me, I guess I'll have to take matters into my own hands. 09/08/2018. Lunch?

Him: Sure!

I've been giddy since. We're gonna go get some pizza, nothing fancy.

I'm so fucking happy.

That's a good first date story. Proud of you :)

This sounds too awkwardly cute to be true.

... Gaaaaaaay. Super happy for you, man. Enjoy!

Ahhhh thanks!!! I'm really nervous haha

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