Gatekeeping miscarriages.

Gatekeeping miscarriages.

What type of insensitive cunt writes these articles.

Horrific. Absolutely horrifying attitude. “My dead baby was worse than your dead baby”

Someone who’s like “woe is me” no matter what happens to them

Possibly ignorant question here but is it a misscarriage at that stage or is it considered a still birth? I had a friend whose featus died in the 8th month and she said she had a stillborn. When is the cut off?

“I’m so depressed” posted the human that cannot help their depression based on levels of privilege

“I’m so depressed” posted the human that cannot help their depression based on levels of privilege

If you go on this persons blog you get this message " I made that post about depression when I was 13. I am currently 21 years old, and yes, I still get messages about it every fucking day. If you're on your way to my new blog to send me hate, please go do something productive with your time. I'm tired of being attacked for a mistake I made several years ago. I genuinely apologize for being an asshole though. I was a really ignorant kid."

Can't help but find it a bit funny but also quite sad, the internet is not full of forgiveness and we really do just seek out situations to feel angry about, quite strange when you think about it.

Internet is only forgiving if you film a dead body hanging in a forest.

Because you can't be sad if other people have it worse of course

He's a vegan now tho

Masculinity gatekeeping

Masculinity gatekeeping

Jokes on you, I never wear underwear!

Guys who like watching muscular men tackling and rolling around with other

Plot twist: both of these describe her husband


To all the 'couples' out there

To all the 'couples' out there

Our “proposal” lying in bed one night: Me “Do you ever want to get married?” Him “I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately, actually.” Me “..... LET’S DO IT!” Him: lol “ok” Two hour later the whole thing was planned without even turning on the lights. 😃

Congratulations, I’m really happy for you two


You Have A Fiancé

If you’re a girl and you propose to your girlfriend

Congratulations! You have a future wife

I wanted ro be a fan :(

I wanted ro be a fan :(

You're not a fan unless you're a rotating arrangement of vanes or blades which act on the air

I think you should use the satire flair for this


What about those fans you plug in? Or handheld fans? 😤💪

Mods are asleep. Upvote the real gatekeeper.

Mods are asleep. Upvote the real gatekeeper.
Yah Heimdall is cool and all but here's the best gatekeeper of all time

Yah Heimdall is cool and all but

I really don't like that dude

He's not a dude, You're a dude.

This, this is a man, A handsome muscular man.

/s Only true Marvel fans will get this


If you can't read this ambiguous instrument, you don't deserve a fair wage.

If you can't read this ambiguous instrument, you don't deserve a fair wage.

“My job is the only hard job”

It says: "If you can't read this, you don't deserve 15 an hour."

.223 if anyone was wondering

Edit: they are called micrometers this is a mechanical verison that reads in inches the correct reading is pronounced two hundred twenty three thousandths. Some models are capable of accurately reading down to .0001 of an inch or tenths. To actually read them you have start with the first number on the sleeve which is a 2. Then there are 4 lines in between the next number. Which are in 25 increments. This is because of the threads inside of the tool. Each rotation moves .025. so if there is no lines it's the first number plus what ever number matches up with the center line. In this case 23 so add the numbers together .2+.023= .223 if there was another line just add .2+(.025 per line) + number that matches up. I hope this makes sense to some of you.

Source: I'm a CNC machinist

said the fluffer

Gatekeeping gatekeeping

Gatekeeping gatekeeping

This isn't even gatekeeping. To gatekeep gatekeeping the post needs at least 5 comments

Are you gatekeeping the gatekeeping of gatekeeping?

Not a real gatekeeper unless you stop adventurers from entering a temple until they answer these riddles three

It's not meta enough to gatekeep the gatekeeping of gatekeeping

Does this count?

Does this count?

I grew up in apartment buildings and them niggas would still piss in the hallways.

I can't see any of my neighbors, nearest one is a mile down the road, it's fantastic. Most articles of clothing become optional and you can piss wherever.

Nah, doesn’t count. It would if it was something like:

If you pee from your porch and your neighbors can still see you, you’re not really a land owner

What the fuck?

Gatekeeping gaming against 1 year-olds...

Gatekeeping gaming against 1 year-olds...

It's weird to see gatekeeping move past the nineties and into stuff I remember

We live in a society, gamers rise up!

How does one die in a voice chat lobby?

How does one "survive a voice chat lobby"?

Try one of these subthreads