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First Person Perspective

First Person Perspective

Or it's just an optimized, cropped perspective of something with a much wider and taller field of view than can be reproduced by a 16:9 rectangle.

I don't know why you showed me this, but I'm glad you did.

This is dumb and inaccurate.

Her vs videogames

Her vs videogames

only a sith deals in absolutes

I don't understand this ongoing meme that significant others hate video games by default. Choose a partner who fits your lifestyle instead of swimming upstream. My wife doesn't play video games, but they doesn't mean she didn't sit in line with me to pick up a PS4 on day one.

Isn’t that an absolute?

kills self

My son won a Nintendo Switch. Best day of his life, he says.

My son won a Nintendo Switch. Best day of his life, he says.

haha. Yep kid, it’s all downhill from here.

Take it away and give him the worst. No reason to stop creating personal records.

Congrats little dude, don't get him skyrim! Get him something less addictive, like drugs


TIL Anor Londo from Dark Souls was inspired by a real life castle, the Il Duomo, in Italy

TIL Anor Londo from Dark Souls was inspired by a real life castle, the Il Duomo, in Italy

I am expecting to be hit by a stray sniper arrow

Actually is not a castle, is a cathredal!

I suggest a visit if you have the possibility, it's a wonderful building.

source: I'm Italian, visited it a lot of times, always beautiful.

More like a stray cruise missile.

This is Milan Cathedral. People do refer to it as Il Duomo, but Il Duomo (dome) just means the cathedral, and is a common name for a cathedral whether or not it has a dome. Every major Italian city has a duomo.

What next?

What next?

Is it multiplayer for the other 10 gunmen?

Pre-order now for the exclusive chance to play as Magneto.

Jesus wasn’t shot in Dallas. That’s John F Kennedy. Different people.

Idk, you’ll have to ask John McCone....

When a gamer becomes Painter.

When a gamer becomes Painter.

Or maybe doesn’t become a painter, just paints.

Or a painter becomes a gamer


Absolute Unit

Absolute Unit

/sub/scottishpeopletwitter is leaking

Oh god. That sub is hilarious 😂

Well, that went meta quicker than expected.

Shouldn't it be at the size, not of the size

Having trust issues in horror games.


I literally beheaded and completely dismembered every single body I came across in all the deadspace games, so much stomping.

Can't forget the cautionary quick peek around the corner

The necromorph jumpscare got me once... From then on my gun was up at all times and all bodies were dismembered except when running in a pants-shitting panic from the Hunter.

And you can’t really do that in the only other horror game I’ve played (Outlast) cause that noseless fuck just rips you a new asshole through your ear or something.

Did you know the bodys actually respawn after you leave the area? I cleared an entire room of bodys thinking i could prevent that bat thing from making necros. Didn't work to well.

When a painter becomes Gamer.

When a painter becomes Gamer.

When a gamer becomes a painter.

"Mario Night" -Vincent van Let's-a-Gogh

or graphic designer

Less shitty loop

Got a promotion at work, and came home to this reward from my girlfriend.

Got a promotion at work, and came home to this reward from my girlfriend.

My parents did this once and were like "well, go see if it will fit in the old one." I groaned and said "of course its not gonna work god damn it!" under my breath. But when I got downstairs I found a new console set up and ready to go (N64). Ill never forget the feels, the perfect switcheroo. Thanks mom and dad.

You should tell your gf that the Switch doesn't play Xbox One games.

Mine too. PS2 had recently come out and the family was under a ‘no new video games’ (didn’t have a lot of money growing up). Anyways, it’s the first Christmas that PS2 has been out and my brother and I start opening presents. We get a PS2 controller.

“Mom, we don’t have a PS2! We have a PS” that’s right kids, this was before the it was the PSX or classic or PS1. Open up a couple more things, and it’s a PS2 game! “Mom!” She said she didn’t know, made a mistake and we can take it all back when the stores open and get PS stuff.

Open the rest of the presents and we got several games, memory cards, and that controller. Classic mom. Fast forward to cleaning up after breakfast, and my dad asks my brother to get him a blanket out of the ottoman (hinged storage kind. Cloth, not leather, for those thinking the money status I claimed was suspect). So he opens the ottoman, moves a couple things, and grabs a blanket. Holds it up and says, “this one?!” “No, the other one.” Rummages more stuff around. “This one?”

Now, mind you, I saw the presents when he opened the ottoman. And my fight or flight excitement reaction that a early teen gets was in full force. My face probably looked something like Zach Galifianakis getting tased in The Hangover. But my brother, bless his heart, kept rummaging around, moving presents, frustrated that dad wasn’t satisfied with blanket after blanket. My mom is rolling on the couch at this point. My dad has a dumbfounded look on this face, eyes full of amusement.

I finally find my voice and yell out “there’s presents!” My brother says “Yeah, they’re in my way, dad wants a blanket and -“ (Rememeber Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy? Who’s people are so literally they would catch whatever goes above their heads? Yeah, that’s my brother. I got stories there)

Well guess what? There isn’t tree fifty there. There is a mother effin PlayStation 2 at the end of this tunnel! For one holiday season, I was the envy of my friends. Got several more games too. Firing up Tekken and Grand Turismo. Damn good day. That’s the day I learned there is more to mom then she let’s on.

Or just do whatever you can to keep her since this is miles beyond what other girlfriends would do.

Or just enjoy your internet points since this is staged.

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