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Death Stranding Trailer

Death Stranding Trailer

Oh, ok, now everything makes sense.

And also the rest of the trailer.

when the camera went into his stomach and the baby was looking back at you.


When you give Kojima full creative freedom, it's either going to be the best or worse idea ever by Sony.

After watching the trailer of Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding

After watching the trailer of Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding

I think Kojima just loves fucking with us and he knows he can get away with it. It looks like a mindfuck movie, where's the gameplay?

Probably the gameplay will merge into the movies like it did in MGSV

That "Ooohh yeahhh" at the end by Hideo, he knows we're all wondering what the fuck is going on and hes loving it

Couldn’t agree more....I had this confused look for the entire thing

Bayonetta 3 Official Teaser Trailer - The Game Awards 2017

Bayonetta 3 Official Teaser Trailer - The Game Awards 2017

For those complaining about this being a Switch exclusive: I don't see you complaining that Death Stranding is a PS4 exclusive. Bayonetta would have been dead had it not been for Nintendo.

My body wasn't ready for this announcement, Reggie.

I need new pants.

Without Nintendo Bayo 2 would have never been made, why is anyone mad

When trying to get Bayo 2 funded every company they went to told them to fuck off, Nintendo on the other hand said "Fucking damn straight you want to make Bayo 2, you know what? Fuck it, here's some extra money, port Bayo 1 over as well, that shits hype."

America next week

America next week

The news cycle ended, America's attention moved on. #kony2012

What happened with all the protesting? Last I heard was like a week ago about it going on the 7th, but then nothing today.

I'm surprised game companies aren't more vocal for pro net neutrality. I will give up online gaming before I pay extra just to use the connection I already pay for.

Dear Canada and South Korea,

Please send care packages of internet.

- Regards, U.S.A.

Guess we all played this DnD Version at some point...

Guess we all played this DnD Version at some point...

rolls a one

"Because I couldn't pick just one joke about your weight"

Red: Come on, high roll! avoid an argument!

Yellow: you cant just roll to avoid an argument, are you trying to persuade her? or lie to her? or are you doing a charisma check against her will?

Red: uhhh checks character sheet oh, can i use intimidate?

YellowBlue: smirks lets try that and see what happens

I always wanted to play d&d but never had any friends to play with. Finally I replied to a craigslist add from a dungeon master looking for new people to play with. I told him it was my first time and I was kind of nervous, he said it was okay, he was a firm but merciful dm and as long as I followed his rules I might enjoy myself while I learn my new role. I should have made sure we were both talking about dungeons and dragons before agreeing to meet up..... That was an interesting weekend.

divorce incoming

oh god why

oh god why

Samantha: I had lots of sex with a guy.

Charlotte: Sex is gross but I want it and a baby.

Miranda: Snark is my defense mechanism.

Adam: launches typhoon

Spoiler Alert: The final boss is menopause, and they all lose to it.

I never asked for this.

(I totally did ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Feeling the pressure to stay competitive and hold onto her sexual prime, Samantha decides to undergo a procedure to maintain her youthful elegance.

Meanwhile, Charlotte being unable to have children elects to take part in a human fertility trial, sponsored by Sariff Industries, while else where Miranda turns to technology to enhance her influence on her coworkers after feeling over looked due to her gender.

Concerned that his friends are falling into the dark grasp of technology, Adam Jensen fights against time to show the girls the dangers of Human Augmentation and that they are beautiful just the way they are, and maybe find love along the way...

Deus EX in the City.

Rated PG13

This kind of shit just ruins all the hype you get from buying a new game

This kind of shit just ruins all the hype you get from buying a new game

You'd think I'd ever learn. I come home from work and will get settled, cook my dinner, take off my pants (who wears pants at home) and than I'll start my game and find an update and groan and think "ugh j told myself last time I'd do this first thing and prevent the wait!"

Nintendo does this nicely "there is an update, wanna do it? Or wanna just play?", yea thanks I'll just play.

It wouldn't be so bad if it downloaded at normal speeds. Instead I swear to god it's Vietnam dialup or some BS.

Yeah when I bought the switch the people at gamestop told me it would have to connect to the internet and update before I could play. They were wrong, took me about 5 minutes to boot up and play oddysey.

Nintendo does this nicely "there is an update, wanna do it? Or wanna just play?", yea thanks I'll just play.

Unless the game requires me to be online, I've never had my PS4 stop me from playing while downloading an update file.

[Fallout 4] Thanks, dogmeat

The biggest reason I've never played with a follower, be it in Fallout or Skyrim.

I dunno, nothing like running through a building with sneak lvl 3. Not setting off any trip wires. Then hearing Cait getting fucked up as she tries to catch up.

Because I can make Lydia carry so much extra shit!

Followers are so clunky. In Fallout 3, 4, Skyrim. I don't get the attraction. Especially when you have an awesome perk like Lone Wanderer.

11 year old me would have such a boner

11 year old me would have such a boner

Pull a gun on me I won't even blink, the worst you can do is destroy my physical body; pull the three God cards on me then I am running for dear life cause there is no recovering from getting sent to shadow realm.

Obelisk The Tormentor has ATK:4000 and DEF:4000 - sacrificing two monsters allowed Obelisk Infinite ATK and destroyed any monster immediately, not sure what battle damage it does off the top of my head however.

Slifer The Sky Dragon: ATK: XXXX DEF: XXXX ATK and DEF depend on number of Cards in the players Hand (x1000) - Max attack 7000 unless Unlimited Cards Magic Card is Played - Damn Revival Jam

Winged Dragon Of Ra: ATK: ???? - DEF: ???? - Both stats depend on the stats of the Three Monsters sacrificed - Ra takes the total ATK/DEF of the three, EG: 3x Blue Eyes White Dragons will give Ra 9000 ATK

Also the player can sacrifice Life Points to add on to the ATK stat - damn the show was OP.

Thanks for giving me the reason to type all this shit out, i needed to kill time in work ;)

TL;DR - God cards are OP in general, more so in the show.

Getting a gun pulled on you isn't so bad if you've got the cards

Can someone explain me why they only have flavour text on the card? The attack and defense cant really be ????/???? right? Sry, ive never played a lot of yugioh.

We Are Now In The Dark Age of Gaming

We Are Now In The Dark Age of Gaming

I'm just going to make this very clear, gaming as we know it is reaching a breaking point and that point will either go off into one direction or the other. We have reached a point where if corporations such as EA, Activision and Bungie, etc, don't change their practices they'll lead the industry as a whole into a second video game crash, perhaps one as big as the one that occurred in 1983.

These corporations all have one thing in common, they've fucked the players over in a myriad of ways, the very people that helped them to the top, the very people that are the reason they exist today. They've lied to their fans and swindled so many people out of their hard earned money all for their profits. They use video game developers as tools, they see them as machines to churn out entertainment and then suck all artistic merit and substance out of it until there's nothing left but the ashes of what could've been.

That's all you see these days, games that have so much potential yet have been squandered for profit. DLC after DLC being made from the leftovers of what should've been in the game from the beginning locked away behind paywall after paywall. Battlefront 2's loot boxes locking the basic progression system away behind a slot machine so that people will throw away any kind of respect they have for themselves as gamers just for an extra edge in that online match. Call of Duty's SBMM practices rigging matches against you so that you have to pay for loot boxes to feel like a decent player for what, one day? Before they rig every match against you again until you feel like throwing the controller into a freaking wall. Destiny 2 pretty much taking away game modes and shit that was already in the first damn game and putting them into stores to be paid and bought, giving you a 1 hour campaign with no heart put into it whatsoever and dividing the community unless you pay for something so shallow it might as well have never been made.

Those are just the mainstream examples we've all seen, so many games that have been released this year that have loot boxes and content locked away that has already been made and should've existed since day 1. Paid games are becoming the new Free to Play, Pay to Win. You pay for a full price game and must still pay far more just to have any kind of fun with it. This is creating a new normal and a frightening future for gaming as a whole. Soon games won't be made for passion, art and creativity but instead for cheap profit. It's simple con-artistry, cat burglars disguised as a form of entertainment to suck in those that still have a shred of belief that their favourite game franchises will be great again. The sad truth of that is they won't be, they're already dead unless the industry is shaken up and woken up from the greedy depression it has succumbed to,

For every great game that's made as games used to be, with heart and with hours and hours of genuinely masterful content there are dozens more made for gambling. The thing is gamers are waking up and seeing through the bullshit, exposing it for what it is, shameless exploitation of gamers and the franchises we used to respect (mostly.)

These corporations are losing money but are still determined to make micro-transactions the future of the gaming industry. What they don't realise is that future only leads to one ending, the second video game crash and possibly the near-death of gaming. Should these practices take over and infect all game developers and all games this will create a future where people with common sense won't buy video games anymore at least not AAA titles until ultimately even Indie developers are affected by the normalcy of micro-transactions. It is a definite possibility should this be allowed to become the new normal.

People can say 'if you don't like the game then simply don't buy it,' 'do you even know how much it costs to make games?' Like I see consistently all across the internet and those people are wrong. Gamers understand how games are created and to say they don't make enough money is an excuse and a poor one at that. One very polished and very well made game that garners a cult following, critical acclaim and hours upon hours worth of content not hidden behind paywalls and scams will make more than enough money for all those involved as well as something significantly more important; respect and trust. For a developer to gain people's trust in them and to be respected for the games they make is what keeps people coming back for more, wanting to spend money on a franchise they love and has proven to deliver great experiences. What corporate greed wants is 'games as service' for every single game, to kill single player experiences and kill artistic expression.

Games have changed, they're no longer just mindless fun and quick pass times. Now they resonate with people, they are a sport, they create lasting friendships, engaging stories that give us characters we connect with and support. They deliver a new way to experience storytelling, true, thematic storytelling that stays in the memories of those that played through these games forever.

They want to kill that.

People that don't speak up about the way gamers are now being treated by the industry are living in ignorance thinking it's okay to accept this future as the new normal because fighting against it is 'pointless.' Nobody should have to accept what is essentially gambling and not talking about it are what these corporations are banking on. They are actively deceiving people as we speak, they don't intend to 'fix' the problems being addressed in their games they just want to find the best way to hide it so they make as much money as possible.

They don't apologise for their practices, they apologise because they are being caught.

We have entered the dark age of gaming and who knows how long this will last, 2017 will be remembered as the year where gaming became extremely shady and gamers lost trust and faith in developers. Games still have a future as long as we fight for it, we can't let this exposure of deceptive practices in games be a phase and fade away, we must all unite and keep up the pressure in order to put an end to this age of gaming. They have to realise that micro-transactions are a passing phase.

(In my defence I believe there's a place still for Expansions, when a game delivers quality DLC that delivers hours of content for a game that already has so much to offer and was actually MADE months after the game was released I think that's great. If a game is amazing more quality content isn't bad but locking content away that we all know was just left out of it is a bad practice. Also creating expansions that only deliver an hour's worth of content with no effort put in whatsoever and then expecting $20 - $30 for it is bullshit, nobody should pay that price for nothing at all.

People can say gamers are asking too much and feel too entitled by wanting so much more but I will pose you this question; would you want to pay for an apple only to receive one slice of it? When you pay for something you expect quality, you expect the full deal, nothing that requires money in life is an exception to that and that applies to games. When you pay for the game you expect the full game, not a half-assed cash grab that isn't enjoyable unless you pay for more. End of discussion.)

We're in the Golden Age of gaming.

Never have there been more amazing interactive games available for so little money.

The indie scene is producing amazing things every week. At any day of the week you can buy big budget games for pennies at sales, which are now happening on all platforms. Everything is available, from very delicate little stories to big roller coaster ride games.

And, unlike movies, for games there still exist mid-budget games such as SOMA, which are by and by very good.

Plus, we live in an age where every game can be previewed and peer reviewed via social media days before release, and experiences at no cost via Let's Plays.

On top of that, VR is happening, which is every 80s gaming kids dresm come true, and communities like /sub/psvr are high on their own wholesomeness.

Don't preorder, don't buy unfinished games at launch, don't support microtransactions. Those are all the plagues of the medium. The rest is in excellent shape.

These corporations are losing money

Citation needed.

They want to kill that.

No, they don’t. They don’t have a vague, nefarious agenda. What you’re witnessing is just the maturation of the gaming industry. Established entertainment media simply lack the same revenue-making mechanisms, otherwise they’d be doing exactly the same thing. What you’re dealing with is simply people looking to make money, and the only way to stop them is to stop giving them money.

Sadly, we’re on the side that’s going to lose. With higher returns from a small minority of ‘whales’, the devs will be able to largely ignore the hoi polloi like you. And then learned helplessness will settle in, at which point we’ll all habitually pay for lootboxes even when superior alternatives will be avilable for free; yes, it absolutely is possible to oppress a person into submission.

Pride and Accomplishment is likely to be the new normal now.

Greed doesn't win forever.

Oh you sweet midsummer’s child.

They’re only following a global trend of moving from selling good products to selling products with planned obsolescence and post-sales service costs as the primary revenue stream. CFOs love it, consumers gobble it up. So why wouldn’t they keep doing it? Which is why everyone does it and you can’t really get around them without becoming an off-the-grid doomsday prepper, a prohibitively high cost for opting out of this trend.

For all this subs bitching about MTX and DLC this has been one of the best years ever for strong single player games. This is a Golden Age, things are better in many ways than they have ever been. Just because this sub has it’s panties in a twist over EA doesn’t mean shit.

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