Video Game Hitboxes.

Video Game Hitboxes.

You've obviously never seen Dark Souls hitbox porn.

The Rakk in Borderlands have a hitbox about four times the size of their wingspan.

Labeling is confusing.

And here I was thinking i was a dead-eye.

Anyone else saying fuck battlefront 2 because of the pay to win model?

Anyone else saying fuck battlefront 2 because of the pay to win model?

I've been looking forward too this game for a long time, I told myself I would never buy a pay to win game & im going to stick to that. What a shame...

Anyone else saying fuck battlefront 2 because of the pay to win model?

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E.A. games pay 2 win DLC $6.99

I just don't understand, every game that adds P2W always has backlash and tons of people don't buy.. Yet they keep doing it.

Everything wrong with gaming

Everything wrong with gaming

That comment is clearly a joke.

I'd think so too, but at least give it a thumbs up instead, clearly making it sarcastic.

He/she was probably going for max troll. And succeeded quite splendidly at it considering all the attention this is getting.

Playing dark souls will not explain the lore. Just vaguely whisper it from the shadows.

(Cuphead) Literally Unplayable

(Cuphead) Literally Unplayable

The yellow shoes are his walking shoes. His brown shoes are his ass kicking shoes.

Ah. That's what the victory screen looks like.

It was common in early cartoons to have different colors in at different times. The devs tweeted about this, so these color changes are deliberate.

It's actually on purpose. Authentic for the era.

I make voxel art in Minecraft, this is my latest piece! I call it the 'Perfect Marionette'

For people that are interested, here is the download link to the project, and a deeper explanation of it's conception. Enjoy :)

Edit: For the people that are interested in my other works, my twitter contains a lot of more my complete projects.

You sir, deserve a medal

Holy smokes that is incredible, I can hardly make a recognisable 8 bit game character.

Here's what I do. Dig a hole in the ground then seal yourself in with dirt. It keeps you safe until morning as long as you have food. I also like to bring my laptop with me so I can play Minecraft and build super cool houses. My mom's not a huge fan of it though. Says I'll suffocate.

Pixelated pads for playing Minecraft (:

Pixelated pads for playing Minecraft (:

Its awesome controller.

It'd be cool if when the batteries on the green one were low it made the "Sssss" of Creepers.

Also, what the fuck? How much for a controller? "Only" £64.99 indeed.

OMG! Minecraft gamepad!!!!!!!

Saw these at Target the other day. Too bad they were almost $20 more than a normal controller.

My puzzle browser game. I like to experiment with rules, which can lead to simple but challenging games. What do you think?

This is my latest mini puzzle game. It's my 3rd game where i concentrated on making something very simple but challening. It has elements from Threes and 2048. Also probably to some ppl it will remind Atomas. Anyway, i believe gameplay rules as a whole are unique.

If someone want to try it, here's link:

Had a game on my phone a long time ago that had this exact gameplay. it was exactly the same apart from you only shot one ball at a time in stead of two. Great fun.

Edit: atomas

"You shoot people in Overwatch therefore it is a ripoff of Counter Strike."

Yup looks almost exactly like Atomas

Made this at work today!!!

Made this at work today!!!

No you fucking didn't. Jesus christ a repost after 6 hours.

I love this! But I missed the cuphead shenanigans. It's everywhere lately. Someone please explain.

If you are gonna steam someones post. Dont re-post it on the same sub where it is on the first page. You've done this twice now. For the love of God.


It ain't stupid if it works!

I was expecting tinder swipes.

This isn't even close to stupid, this is awesome

Quite the opposite

That's a wheelie mice contraption.

Don't buy lootboxes, support indie gaming with your money

Don't buy lootboxes, support indie gaming with your money

I get your message but just to clarify, Horizon is a AAA game made by a first party Sony owned studio.

No guerrilla games previously made the Killzone franchise for Sony so they’ve been AAA from the very beginning.

Don’t have a problem with DLC if it is an expansion. The main game of horizon is a finished game. It would stand alone even if there was no DLC forthcoming. I have no problem with that.

It’s a problem if DLC becomes an excuse for selling an incomplete game and then is a vehicle for making people pay to make the game whole. This is not the case in Horizon.

I will happily be buying the Horizon DLC as soon as possible.

Still we need more studios like them who won’t put loot boxes in their games.

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