I knew I loved borderlands 2 from the start with the lovely satire claptrap provides. "I am a CL4P-TP steward bot, but my friends call me claptrap! Or they would if any of them were still alive, or had existed in the first place!"

Edit: I said Stewart. Not steward. It was 4 in the morning when I commented this.

Still sad from the sidequest where you celebrated claptraps birthday, just such a funny sad little character

I so read that in Clap Traps voice.

I'm actually the opposite. I always sound upset and argumentative, but I'm actually just trying to have a friendly conversation. I really need to work on my tone of voice.

Found my old Ancient Mew promo card.

Found my old Ancient Mew promo card.

I have about 10 of these in the foil from when my mom had connections with the local movie theater people because she worked at the card store a block away. Last time i checked they were near worthless but im seriously hoping that changes.

I recently went to an 8 year old's birthday party and someone gave him this card as a gift. He's into current gen and I explained to him the story of Mew/Mewtwo and he would not stop saying how rare the card was and how he could sell it for 1000 dollars in the future. I didn't have the heart to tell him they just passed these things out like no ones business when the movie came out and it's worth like $10.

Not even $10...we had a stack of these in the last shop I worked in (about a year ago) for $5 each. They're up to a whopping $6 now.

Haven't seen this Amonkhet invocation before. Oketra looks weird.

I will remember that

I will remember that

I mean I'm still okay with some of the telltale games. The Wolf Among Us was riveting as a mystery and made me lose sleep simply because I couldn't wait to continue and Tales from the Borderlands was fun as an action/con movie. I also felt whoever wrote that did a better job staying true to the original feel of borderlands, a group of "heroes" trying to make money.

The problem is people assume that since these are marketed as games you'll be able to dramatically change the storylines in unpredictable ways. In reality, the games are no more than visual novels that occasionally require input from the player to move along. Treat them like books at best, comics at worst, and you won't feel cheated.

The Wolf Among Us was amazing. It's one of the most unexpectedly good games- I only tried it because it was free.

I have enjoyed a number of their titles but, failing an engine update or mechanics overhaul, I sense the force is shifting against them.


This Grandma deserves an award 🥇

This Grandma deserves an award 🥇

Is your grandma single?

I will travel across the land

To court her for my bride

Your grandma must understand

The beauty that's inside

Cool Grandma, gotta court her now!

It's you and me

I know it's our destiny

Cool Grandma, oh you're my girlfriend

In a world we must defend

Cool grandma, gotta court her now

A heart so true

Our true love will pull us through

Grandma: There, it took me 20 years, but I finfished all 151 Pokemon!

Grandchild: But Grandma there are 821 Pokemon Now

This granny made second gen pokemon cross stitching too.

This granny made second gen pokemon cross stitching too.

Boomco Halo Assault Rifle with Ammo Counter

That paint job is clean as fuck though. Super cool.

US marine here, if there was a display that I could see with the weapon I would want a lazer range finder. They alrdy exist but if I could see it through the acog that would be legit.

Edit: was to would

Very cool. I'm not a military aficionado but outside of Halo, would an ammo counter be useful or would you want some other info to display? Heat, or proximity or some such seems more useful.

My life will never be complete until I own one of these

Like a glove.

I think more people should watch the gif.

I remember seeing this exact gif on the front page of 9gag. The irony.

Given that I've seen this post 3 times with the same title already, I'm just gonna assume OP has no idea what the game is.

It Seems We Have a New Gamer On Our Hands

It Seems We Have a New Gamer On Our Hands

If you got "payback" bonus when you killed him, doesn't that mean he's already killed you at least once?

Judging by how long the game has been going on and the current scores in the bottom left, I'd be willing to bet he was killing by a grenade or something thrown by "Noob" at the start of the round which is pretty common on Call of Duty maps.

doesnt being killed by a noob make you worse than a noob? sub-noob?

It wouldn't be COD Multiplayer without an Obligatory Swastika.

Hitler strikes again!

In case anyone was wondering, I was hitler and I’m not ashamed of what i did

Mario Kart Nein Deluxe


You know, I'm starting to think this Hitler fellow is kind of a dick.

I need your help to prove a point, how many people remember this guy?

I need your help to prove a point, how many people remember this guy?

Sir Daniel Fortesque!

I remember Medeval, never owned the game but played the Pizza Hit demo.

I played the hell outta the demo, never bought the game

Edit - While we're on the subject, member this?

I played the hell outta the demo, never bought the game

Edit - While we're on the subject,

back from the dead once again

You're never going to sell this game. Give up.

You're never going to sell this game. Give up.


Don't worry your manager has to fill out a report every week to explain why they didn't sell.

Corporate: Why didn't you sell the target number of copies?

Manager: No one wants this shitty game and you forced shipped 1000 copies.

C: What can you do to increase sales?

M: Make sure it is merchandised well. Have my sales representatives promote the game.

C: Well we are seeing low sales at all locations in fact you are the top selling store with 2 copies. Make us a ten point plan to increase our sales.

M: We should return the product.

C: No no we need to be making these sales. Sales are down. 10 point plan.

M: Well you have my inventory budget tied up on this bullshit product no one wants. If you would just return it we could get more copies of in demand product instead of losing the sales to competitors.

C: No we need to be making sales not returning product, that doesn't make us any money, your bonus is going to take a hit if you can't figure out how to sell this product. 10 point plan.

M: 10 point plan.

C: Amazing

Repeat this conversation for 20 weeks

C: Why didn't you just return this product months ago.

M: I told you we should have returned it months ago.

C: Look at all of these plans you assured us would sell more product. If you would have just returned it you could have gotten your budget freed for out of stock instead of us losing sales.


C: Well you are stuck with this product and sales are down so we are keeping half your bonus. Gonna need a 10 pt plan to increase our sales.

I just got my limited edition halo reach last year from walmart. I owned the game digitally, it was just too funny to see the unopened limited editions they had still in store 7 years later.

...Manager writes down, order more halo reach...

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