[Unity] I was adding some tools for slowing time and spawning lots of arrows when I discovered that slowing down time and spawning lots of arrows is great.

Sounds like you may have accidentally created the base for a different game

Absolutely Fuck This Guy Up (Now on Steam)

Hahaha that is legitimately a good name

He’s got a sword, and he’s coming right for us! Fire a billion arrows!

[Just Cause 3] Driving on the wrong side of the road

Another dead civilian, increasing Rico’s civilian death count to 4,500.

Remember guys, Di Ravello is evil and the guy who attaches bombs to your cars and swings them into fuel tanks is on your side

This is one of my all time favorite games. Even though the actual missions and storyline gets extremely monotonous, I can fuck around free roaming forever it seems.

"Rico, you're a hero! ... Wait... WAIT, oh GOD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

*smug chuckle*



puts on sunglasses

"Just Cause"

[The Division] Give yourself a hand

[The Division] Give yourself a hand

I found it tedious as hell, only played about 5ish hours. It's a looter shooter in the same vein as Borderlands or Destiny, but without the fun wrapper of a sci-fi setting it just feels arduous and unexciting. Like, in Borderlands 2, you'll get a drop that's a acid-round sniper rifle that talks shit when you get a headshot. In Destiny, you'll get gauntlets made of bone or a helmet with a galaxy in the faceplate.

In The Division, you get a moderately better M1911 and a puffy winter coat. It just never felt rewarding to me.

This review is fucking on point.

Is this game good? I'm still skeptical about getting it.

Totally disagree

I felt borderlands was over the top and cartoony

This game hit that middle ground of semi-realism and RPG along with an extremely original dark zone mechanic that I’ve never found a game able to replicate or exceed. That alone made me love that game for the 3-4 months I played it. Then never touched it again, lightning in a bottle imo

[Red Dead Redemption 2] Horse strafing

It seems to me that some people here do not understand that this is not supposed to show a flaw in the physics, like 99% of posts on here, but rather how well Rockstar have implemented horse physics. The type of movement that is showcased in the gif is perfectly normal for a horse. It could be slightly smoother in the way it's portrayed here, but these are the most realistic horse physics that I have ever seen in a video game.

As compared to any other game with horses, where you have to make a three point turn and they're more unwieldy than a semi truck without brakes on a road with five miles of black ice.

cough THE WITCHER 3 cough worse horse mechanics ever

What I liked more is at 4:38 mark in the trailer, he's shooting at horseback riders in the distance, you can see the horse bucking the guy off and the guy spinning around as he's falling

[Max Payne] His confusion was really just the beginning

Did you just fucking activate the bullettime and NOT ACTIONJUMP!? How could you!!!

lol this was great

Dude I want this game remastered

I personally would love if they rebuilt it from the ground up. Just leave the audio and the comic parts alone. Such a masterpiece.

[Far Cry 5] I'll try spinning, that's a good trick

The highlight of this GIF is easily the part when your companion chooses to forgo the perfectly serviceable dock to board the plane and chooses to rather swim instead.

When you become the propellor

I know. I was so confused

/sub/prequelmemes is invading every single subredit


[Starwars Battlefront 2] Ouch

Darth Neymar

The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some would consider unnatural

I think this has been in the game unfixed since launch lol

EA probably only bug fixes the loot boxes lol

[Asphalt 9] Beyblade mode activated

Fast and furious ain’t got shit on this

I’d play this if they dont ruin it with an unbearable economy that forces me to grind races just to get a new car. The gameplay itself is fun but the things around it definitely aren’t

Wasn't the asphalt series a android mobile game?

Is this still mobile? Looks pretty good for a phone

I don’t know man, just reading some reviews and it sounds even more grind with more pay to play functions. Maybe if you enjoy playing this game causally and enjoy only looking at the cars you can only dream about in real life and in game then maybe.

[Yakuza 6] A Dragon in a China Shop

[Yakuza 6] A Dragon in a China Shop

Leaving work on Friday

I love how the NPCs just sit there like, "sigh goddammit, not again..."

This reminds me, Yakuza 0 is out on PC on Tuesday.



[Watch_Dogs] Bridges can be confusing sometimes

[Watch_Dogs] Bridges can be confusing sometimes

I love how you can tell how long you've been at this when it pans down at the end.

I was trying to pan down smoothly before I noticed the car going in the water.

Is there an unabridged version? Or is that A bridge too far?

"The machine knows where it's going!"

"This is the lake!"

"The machine knows, stop yelling at me!"

"No, it's - there's no road here!"

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