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Dear mods of /sub/funny, please ban Cards Against Humanity posts.

Dear mods of /r/funny, please ban Cards Against Humanity posts.

I love the card game Cards Against Humanity just as much as everybody else. It is a humorous card game and many of the combinations are funny.

However, there is absolutely no way to prove that any of the situations happened (grandma did this, mom played this, etc.) and it appears many people are just putting funny cards together and making up a story.

The game is fun and I own it, but it loses it's magic when posted in here. It is a situational game.

Lots of people say upvotes should decide what stay and I agree but do CaH fit in this sub? This post got just as many votes, does it count more or less than the card posts? Either way I guess the mods will decide...

If you still want to see cards against humanity posts please post them to /sub/cardsagainsthumanity. That is what that sub is meant for.

Hopefully I have made a compelling argument, I simply want to see /sub/funny improve. Please post your feelings in the comments, I'd love to hear what others think.

Edit: I retract the argument that it can't be proven true. It doesn't really matter if it is true as long as the story is funny and lots of stories are made up. That being said, I still feel that the game is amazing but simply doesn't belong here. Thanks for all the good arguments, I enjoyed hearing them, some sensible redditors helped make me see the other side of the argument!

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