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Pretty much the high school experience

I myself do not discriminate, I appreciate all titties, but the most important part of the equation is who they are attached to.

College makes freshman with big tits just so much better

If you believe actually respecting the woman, and her titties, instead of treating her like an object makes me less of a man, then you have no clue what being a man means.

Ideally a female

My son is 7 days old and in the NICU. I got to hold him and read to him for the first time. You can almost hear the “Ugh. Dad. Stopppp”

My son is 7 days old and in the NICU. I got to hold him and read to him for the first time. You can almost hear the “Ugh. Dad. Stopppp”

In Australia we call that kangaroo care. Skin to skin contact. It is great for the baby. Best of luck.

Hey man. My little man was born 26 weeks 1 day. He was given a pretty grim chance of survival, he's been in the NICU for about 4 months, but he's now getting ready to come home, its a rollercoaster, but you'll get through it and so will he. Fox day 2, holding my wifes wedding ring and next to a 50ml specimen cup.

Fox about a week ago, being cute AF and weighing 3.5kgs.

I post this purely because every success story of a premature baby helped us.

I was going to make some sort of joke, but that seems a little too premature. .





In all seriousness, this is a fantastic picture, I wish you both the absolute best

It's so that you can hear the jokes better.

Boys will be boys

Omg I can’t stop laughing! Bah-dah-dah-dah-dah... he could’ve at least drooled a little bit to use as lube.

Have three boys. Can confirm.

And baby boomers say that kids can't entertain themselves anymore, smh

Well, that was real quick.

That's why I proposed on a boat, you know... cuz of the implication.

How badly would that have ruined the mood/special day if she said no though?

I never understand the men who want to propose at other people's weddings, when that day is meant to be about that couple. Like, why would you not just wait one more day?

Obviously if the bride and groom are fine with it then they're not harming anyone by going ahead with it, but I just don't get why you'd even want to do it during someone else's big moment.

If the minister is still there, they should just get married right then. Save months of planning headaches & a shit ton of money.

How to get out of a speeding ticket.

The best part, everyone ages but the officer.

This is weirdly touching

When I saw the son moving out/going to college I thought the cop was going to pull him over for speeding and the cycle would restart.


Say hello to my little friend

Say hello to my little friend

Oh boy! Can't wait to read the rest of these comments!

I'm so tired of politics. Most people parroting shit don't even know what they are saying.

I wish people would find a more productive use of their time than filling up all the subs with political shit

Let's take a complex and nuanced topic, oversimplify it far beyond recognition, state a gross overgeneralization with little relevance to the current political climate, add in some half-assed doodles and call it funny.

Hi, poor here.

The government just gave me more in my tax returns then I payed in taxes. They also payed for me to go to college, and are willing to even pay for my food should I apply for it.

So why exactly is the government my enemy?

Smart siblings

Smart siblings

You know this is fake because conservative parents would never let anyone spend the night.

I am not one to judge, but I draw the line at having sex with my girlfriends parents.

My high school girlfriend's parents were the most staunch Republicans ever and they let me stay over and we'd plow like rabbits

Or Republican rabbits

This is so relatable.

This is so relatable.

Oh man, this is the first cartoon that has made me wince.


God damn this is making me shake all over.

The most disturbing scene in Black Swan BY FAR.



That's the Alternative, Current view.

That's a shocking statement.

If a post gets stolen is it a down vote?

AC what you did there



Depends if we're discussing weight or mass.

Assuming equal mass, the feathers would weigh less due to the bouyant force of our atmosphere.

You presume too much, good sir. Some of us have neither souls nor a conscience. Besides, those birds had it coming, with all that effing chirping.

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