My nephew has a toy dinosaur which we call "sneaky dinosaur" because he looks rather f****** sneaky.

My nephew has a toy dinosaur which we call "sneaky dinosaur" because he looks rather f****** sneaky.

Those are actually called 'Pedosaur'. No wonders that he lives with your nephew

He looks like he will inevitably suddenly betray you.

No, he doesn't.

For some reason I don't picture him being sneaky, instead I picture him being really fussy and having a really nasally voice like the pharmacist from family guy.

"Ohhh boy are those peanuts salted? You know I can't eat the salted peanuts, they make me choke. Do you have any hazelnuts? I like hazelnuts but only if they're roasted and deshelled. If they still have the shell, then I'll just have the macadamias. Or maybe I'll just eat the salted peanuts, I can run them under some water first and try not to choke."

Heya cutie

Heya cutie

Ugh, Messages like this on the PS4 are the absolute worst!

They’ve started messaging my younger brother! He doesn’t even know what a boob is!



how do I type an asterisk on my calculator

Brad Williams.


for anyone who doesn't want to watch a goddamn novel of a gif.

Went to high school with Brad. Everyone knew this guy was gonna be a great entertainer, so it makes me happy to see him on TV and the internet doing what he does best.

I thought the joke would have been shorter ....

Silent Films are the future!!!!!

A good operator always knows what to shoot

Seriously. The one on the right’s smile is so damn fake.

Ladies can you please move? I'm trying to film the real talent here.

Edit: here's the dudes Instagram

u/notsogoodwanything has more info here.

Her smile says "I love Monster energy drinks, and you do too!"

Her eyes say "get me out of here!"

EDIT: I swear, one of these days I'm gonna get sued just for smiling in the wrong direction.


This is one of my favorite scenes from How It's Made

I actually have a few sugar pines on my property, they're actually a softer wood and used a lot for making piano keys.

Edit: What just happened?

I cant be the only one who gets a little sad to see such an old large tree what was or still is home to many creatures get cut down and processed into something I would wipe my ass with?

I hear ya but if that’s how you want to use your CVS receipt go right ahead

Many of these trees were my friends. Creatures I had known from nut or acorn. They had voices of their own.


A wizard should know better!



Not one "Motherfucker". I'm doubting the authenticity of this statement.

This is fake This isn't funny This breaks /sub/funny's no social media rule

It's going to the front page, isn't it.

It's fake as shit

"We" as in society putting more value in teaching than shitty rapping.

I know these types of things are challenges for pendants.



This is so heavily JPEGified I can't even.

Needs more jpg

Title is just "lol

Overused old youtube meme

Meme doesn't even work because they use bots

Needs more cowbell



best one in samurai :D

This will not be forgotten.

This will not be forgotten.

A Lannister never forgets

Peter Dinklage doesn't have a twitter account...

When it comes to acting, he literally lowered the bar.

Not sure if I should upvote for the joke or come to your house and break your knees for talking shit about OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR Ser Tyrion « Bad Motherfucker » Lannister

I can't believe people are still falling for this in 2018

I can't believe people are still falling for this in 2018

I actually wanted to see the kid get squirted in the face by his dad.

My lawyer suggested I need to be clearer in future.

I, too, love when dads fuck with their sons

Where was that lawyer you mentioned?

I ain't even mad, that was good

Original for anyone interested

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