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American Mix Skittles.

American Mix Skittles.

Goddamn, they've even got the differing thicknesses of the St. Andrews cross correct. Remarkable.

The sun never sets on Her Majesty's five second rule.

Why is it on the floor tho

Genuinely not trying to sound like an ass, but they may also just be British.

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

It's been so long since ceiling cat was a meme that it's proper use has been forgotten...

Though some say the legend still echoes through the anals of the internet

Edit: You heard me.


Ceiling cat. Now that's a meme I haven't seen in a long time.

Where are they?

I will pay to watch this instead of bullfights.


I'll take one moneys, please!

The bulls reaction looks more like

"What the fuc-whatthefuck?

What? What? What's going on here?

WHAT TH-what the fuck?! Who? Wha-

Whoa! What the fuck??"

What a dumbass horse

Deaf Baby Hears His Mom For The First Time

I love the look on his face as you can see his brain going into overdrive to process all of the new stimuli.

The things we take for granted

The pure joy on this little kid made face made my night.


Magic in the kitchen

Weird Al did it better.

Weird Al Yankovich did it best...

Weird Al Yankovich did it best...

I hate that I've been on reddit long enough to guess some of the top comments before I open the thread.

is it mandatory post this shit every week now?

Did you know?

Did you know?

When dad makes memes...

I know this is a joke but if anyone is curious, divers hit the water backwards to keep their mask and regulator (mouthpiece) in place. If you dive in face first the force of the water can push them off and you can lose your mask.

I told this joke to my instructor when I learnt to scuba.

He told me not to tell any more jokes.

plus, it's just easier. Why bother climbing over the side with all that extra weight and while wearing fins when you can just shuffle around to the edge there and lean back?

Incidentally, even while rolling in like that, you're supposed to be holding your mask and reg.

iPhone Struggles

iPhone Struggles

iPhone user for 11+ years. I've experienced this with all of them once they get past the two year old mark.

Android 4 life

"Everything looks smaller on iphone." Me to my gf.

Friend has an iPhone 6+ and always raved about the battery life lasting days. After 6 months he is charging multiple times per day. Their spouse has a 7+ and it's starting to have the same issue. I currently have an S8+ and can say after 6 months I'm still getting more than a day out of it. Depends on usage for sure though, supposedly S8 has some tech that makes the battery degrade to a lesser extent, may take another 6 months to see if it actually is beneficial.

Wise words.

Wise words.

This reminds me of good quote, it has only become even truer each day, that everyone on social media especially needs to remember:

Don't compare your behind-the-scenes moments to someone else's highlight reel.

No, just my friends who changed their life by working from home and selling great products and would love to tell you how to change your life too!

That's a really inspiring quote. You should post it on Instagram

He's not your friend, jabroni.

Feel my pain

Feel my pain
I fixed it.


Here you go!
If anyone is having trouble

Nice. Can't even tell that it's Photoshopped.

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