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How you doin'?

How you doin'?

Reminds me of Frank Gallagher

Nah I think she's in front of the glass.

They're such smart animals. It's so sad to see them behind glass.

Yup, pretty sure that monkey is a rapist

What are the odds?

What are the odds?

I'm still pretty miffed that, whenever I join my parents for dinner out, they're on the phone for 85% of the Non-Stuffing-Face time of the meal.

And I'm miffed because when I was growing up, I read at all times, meals included. So they told me to put the book down during meals, and I did. That, and they always say how little I talk with them, don't tell em much... Well if their noses weren't stuck in the phone...

I saw a similar thing on Mother's Day at a restaurant. 3 adults all on their phones while 4 teen/preteen girls chatting and laughing together.

That would totally miff me off too.

This comment was all that was needed.

It is decided then! On the 20th of May we shall KILL ALL ADULTS!


That's one way to take a photo.

That's one way to take a photo.

Twist: the 1st girl in N is actually stroking the penis of the 2nd person.

that guy on the end better be careful he doesn't fall in and get silhouette

I always enjoy a twist at the end

Thats a shady comment.

Dog turns, dog sees, gets him by the crotch!

I actually felt so relieved for the dog owner. "Oh Shit! My dog attacked some random guy!" Sees the cops, "Oh thank God. Good dog. No lawsuit. Good dog!"

Worst day of this guy's life.

Legend has it, the dog is still hanging by his crotch!

It's not like the dog knew what was going on. It probably would have done this to a passing jogger too.

Way to control you dog, asshole.

The Flash's origin story.

The Flash's origin story.

Planned Parenthood: 0

The Flash: 1

you were a stillborn baby, mother didn't want you but you were still born.

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Source: karmadecay (B = bigger)

It's old. It's a repost. But I can't help but to laugh every goddamn time I see this

Archer and I are both on a rampage

Archer and I are both on a rampage

Get this woman a ... -checks color- ... slightly darker black turtleneck!

Cry havoc and let slip the hogs of war.

Whatever farmyard animal of war, Lana!

Did you see Regis this morning?

Ninja Warrior - take kids to work day

Ninja Warrior - take kids to work day

Hey that's me! I am slightly less fat now. Enjoy your Karma on me OP

"Hold on tight!"


"You holding on tight?"


"You sure?"



Source: Am dad.

" Dammit ! Not again "

He posted it a year ago.

Too Australian even for Australians

Too Australian even for Australians

That's a fucking massive shark.

Samsquantches to the north of me

Chupacabras to the south

Here I am

Stuck in the middle with Trump

That's what I love about being Canadian, there are no killer sharks wandering around in our waters. Although there is a section of the Ottawa River where a lot of people go missing. That's mostly due to the Samsquantchs though, a common problem up here.

Gonna need a bigger boat.

Tyler's not the sharpest tool in the shed

Was totally expecting Tyler to try to remove the guy's finger instead.

Really you got to respect Tyler. In an emergency situation he did not panic or freak out. He did exactly as he was told to. So I mean really, kudos to Tyler.

Came here to make sure I wasn't the only one slightly worried about that.

Original here

We got our yearbooks today. I'm pretty sure I just witnessed the (accidental) birth of a legend.

We got our yearbooks today. I'm pretty sure I just witnessed the (accidental) birth of a legend.

The Indian Version of "How I met your Mother" has a very short season.

"Well kids, my parents called your Mum's parents and that's how I met your mother" - Rajhej Mosby

But just the one parent, right?

Classic Rmosby

Yeah, but what about all the countless women he slept with and almost married before that happened that really have nothing to do with his parents making that phone call?

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