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My buddy left Texas to help out in Hawaii. I may have doctored minor details in the photo. I'll donate $10 for every 100 upvotes towards those in need in Hawaii.

My buddy left Texas to help out in Hawaii. I may have doctored minor details in the photo. I'll donate $10 for every 100 upvotes towards those in need in Hawaii.

Dude, if you've got money to donate then just donate. It's like those old Facebook pictures about a kid getting a free operation in exchange for 1,000 likes.

So if you have -100 downvotes, you'll steal 100?

Hate to be that guy but

It will be -10 dollars and not 100

Cut the crap and just donate, if you really feel like.

There really is a Simpsons image for any occasion....

There really is a Simpsons image for any occasion....

"Tariff plan. US needs taxes. Tariff plan. US needs taxes."

The dude in the bra is a pretty close reflection of the guy on Trump’s right

Trump just put tariffs on all those countries and sparked a trade war, he's trying to get Russia back into the organization, decided not to stick around for the climate change portion of the summit, refused to cooperate with creating a joint statement, and just generally insulted pretty much every leader in that picture. They're pissed at him.

It's Homer's recollection of the event. Trump probably remembers it that way as well.



Other animals usually interfere to break up fights and here it looks like the dog was doing exactly that

No it isn't. Maybe you're too used to pets.

Mr Fox says



This was posted to the blog yesterday and already is floating about with the attribution chopped off. This makes me sad.

Anyway, aye, it's by Liz Climo and there are a great many more adorable animal comics on her blog. You should check it out.

edit: check the blog if you can, she sells merch and stuff, but if you refuse to click through tumblr's ridiculous ad settings then here are a bunch of her older comics to enjoy

Do you also have a source which doesn't require 500+ clicks to set your privacy settings?

Oh aye, tumblr went full crazy, I forgot.

Open in an incognito tab and accept what it wants?

Or you can just google 'liz climo comics' and see a bunch of them, I guess. Definitely worth doing at least that!

edit: an imgur gallery rehosting a bunch of them Here's hoping tumblr just hurries up and dies soon so people with blogs on it can move to a different platform which hasn't yet gone to shit in its desperate quest for monetisation.

Made my day :)

"The Tortoise and the Hare" the Short Version

"The Tortoise and the Hare" the Short Version

I like turtles.

General reposti

This is /sub/funny everyone.

I liked it.

Name this workout?

Name this workout?

What’s worse is someone recording people in the gym. Do work son

This is called DDG

Duck, Duck, Goose champ in training.


It’s called taking meth as a preworkout

Hey, wire tap.

Hey, wire tap.

Pretty sure I've seen this on /sub/comedycemetery before

Aren't /sub/funny and /sub/comedycemetery the same thing at this point?

I read about people hemorrhaging from Facebook and I laugh...but then there are posts like this now...

Please stahp fuckers.

Imagine having to analyze all those conversations. I mean my kid plays games everyday and all he talks about is bombs, rifles, snipers, kills, bla bla. That certainly has to trigger some flags at the data processing plant. Then you have to sit and listen to that jibber-jabber to determine if it’s a terrorist or not. I imagine the terrorist just playing CS:GO for ten minutes then get into scheming. Like in Casino when the wifes chitter-chatter for ten minutes then they switch. (And yes, I realize you can use wiretapping for a lot more than counter-terrorism)

Caption this please

Caption this please

Wall of Shame 2018 championship submission.

Tranny won’t shift out of 1st gear

An asshole records video of someone minding their own business

Maybe its him/her, maybe its methamphetamine

How to Annoy a Surfer 101

How to Annoy a Surfer 101

OP thats a pretty catchy username. Is this going to be a bot repost?

Love how the toys actually a much better surfer. Even after he pick it up and throws it into the sea it makes an instant recovery.

Little surfer dude shreds

Growing up in San Clemente, CA.....I would love to troll the asshole surfers like this.

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