Thought that video would fit in here

Never have I ever seen a double full scorpion. What a day!

The middle one is out cold lmao

They're trying to make a booty tower, but girl on the bottom wasn't prepared for all that booty.

all I'm seeing is a booty tower

Dwarf basketball

Dwarf basketball

So conflicted, so much joy

How much hilarity can you fit in one video!?;

Can I get a source video on this? I'm fucking dying

I felt the same way. This truly made me smile yet in a sadistic sort of way

Frontflip to upside down full scorpion with a half shrimp finish

Damn I don't think I've ever seen someone hit themselves in the face with their shin before. The hit looked pretty hard too.

So close to breaking her ankle

Better every loop. This is magnificent.

that shake scared me, I thought it snapped clean

Man steals a bike with no brakes, rides it down a hill, and goes FS

Man steals a bike with no brakes, rides it down a hill, and goes FS

That's from a video where these guys sawed a bike into pieces and just barely taped it back together and disabled the brakes and then left it and waited for people to steal it.

Came here to say this. Definitely a set-up.

Also, don't steal bikes. It shouldn't have to be said, but...

I love these videos because what are they going to claim to the cops if they get hurt?

"Hey, I was just stealing a bike and some kid pranked me."

"Bud, I tied it to a tree so it wouldn't get stolen."

Why? It not like it's any danger to any innocent person or bystander. The reason boobytraps are forbidden is that it poses danger to unrelated people like officers, firemen and workers or family members (e.g. non-suspicious people) walking around and setting of the trap by accident.

This is no danger to anyone besides the guy stealing a bike. I figure if he got injured he could sue, but most likely will get the case thrown out of court since the defendant could argue that the bike was old and not fully functional. There is no law against non functional bikes in public. Else a whole swath of people would have to get sued.

Have a seat

Have a seat

Really cool chair but would not be the best if you have kids. Once they get to be around 5 they will act like it is real and fight it with their fake weapons. It looks really sweet!

Much more likely they'll try to hang from the tail, and break it off.

Only proper way to sit on it is to lie on your stomach with you feet in the air.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Someone's going to the glue factory

Someone's going to the glue factory

One of the most violent Full Scorpions I've ever seen

Good thing her face cushioned the fall

insanely lucky if they walked way unharmed from that

Or just walked

Maybe Maybe Maybe

Maybe Maybe Maybe

This is it. This is the perfect scorpion. Feet on the ground, faceplant, and cracked spine. Close the sub!


Never go full scorpion

We can shut the sub down now. This is full scorpion.

Rare upside-down scorpion.

Rare upside-down scorpion.


Holy hell, he broke the legs of the table doing that

Its amazing what you can do with a human skull.

Quite a specimen, eh?

This image on the tie-down / jack point on my car.

This image on the tie-down / jack point on my car.

(It's actually supposed to be the back end of a car being jacked up).

That’s all I saw for longer than I’d like to admit

I could not see what this is actually supposed to be for a lot longer than I'd like to admit.

I couldn't see that for the longest time. o.o

Tricksy longboard.

Tye-dye shirt and longboard. He set himself up for this one

He crossed into a video-game reality and the physics glitched.

it's the leg spasm when his face hits the pavement that really brought it home for me.

I think John Cena gave him an uppercut. Not too sure though.

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