/sub/fivenightsatfredys Ban Policy

/r/fivenightsatfredys Ban Policy

Lately, there has been some confusion on what exactly on the subreddit results in a ban. We felt like it was necessary to go over, in detail, our exact policy on bans.

Section 1: What you will never be banned for

Let's talk about some actions or posts that will never result in a ban on our subreddit.

Criticizing the mods

Criticizing the rules

Offering feedback on rules you think should be changed, suggesting new rules, or rules you think should be removed.

Questioning why your post was removed (similarly, your ban length will not be increased if you ask why you were banned)

We will never, ever ban you for posts like these.

Section 2: What you will be banned for

Breaking the rules repeatedly

Breaking the rules in an extreme way (like ban evasion, or posting porn)

Repeatedly acting in a way that disrupts peace in the community, or repeatedly acting in a way that causes drama in the community

Attacking our users in such a way that it evades our rules. I'd like to give an example of this, as something like this happened just a few days ago. For this example, we'll call the innocent user "User A" and the banned user "User B". User A is minding their own business. User B does not like User A for whatever reason. User B thinks that if they go to User A's profile, and start commenting stuff like "you suck" on all of User A's comment that are not on /sub/fivenightsatfreddys, they can avoid a ban. They were still banned. To summarize, using platforms other than /sub/fivenightsatfreddys to attack our users can still result in a ban from our community.

Accounts that only come onto our subreddit to tell us how much they hate FNaF, with no other post history, will be banned. Being critical of the series is 100% OK, so is being critical of the subreddit. For an example of an account I'm talking about, look at this. This user had no post history on /sub/fivenightsatfreddys and only came to the subreddit to insult it.

Intentionally exploiting loopholes in the rules. If you discover a loophole in the rules, please report it instead of abusing it.

Intentionally ignoring mod request to not do a specific thing. For example, if we ask you not to post something, and you continue to post it repeatedly, it may result in a ban. If you feel like you should be able to post it, let us know, and the team will discuss it.

Section 3: Why permanent?

Permanent bans on this subreddit are not truly permanent. They may be appealed 30 days after being given and, the majority of the time, are removed after 30 days.

That raises the question: Why not just ban users for 30 days rather than give out an indefinite ban length?

The 30 day appeal time lets us see acknowledgement from the banned user why their actions on the subreddit were an issue. Rather than simply waiting out a 30 day ban, using this system we are able to gauge whether a user will continue to act the way they did before their ban once they are unbanned. We feel that it is more effective than simply giving out lengthy bans. Additionally, if a user doesn't need to submit an appeal to be unbanned, they can even forget what they were banned for.

If you are banned, and feel like the ban is unfair, or it was an error on our part, let us know immediately. We will discuss it as a team and respond to you. If we still believe you should be banned, you will then have to wait for the appeal period.

Section 4: Ban Appeals

In the past, when you received a permanent ban on /sub/fivenightsatfreddys, this meant you would be banned for 30 days minimum.

However, after discussion we have decided that the 30 day minimum is too long. We are decreasing this minimum ban period to 14 days. This means that after being permanently banned, you may now request to be unbanned after 14 days rather than 30 days. This does not, however, mean that you are guaranteed to be unbanned. When a ban appeal is sent, the team discusses the ban and decides if we believe the user will violate the rules again if unbanned.

What are we looking for in an unban request (ban appeal)? Mainly, we want you to acknowledge why what you did was harmful to the subreddit and agree to not do it again. Usually, a message as simple as, "I should not have done _____, can I be unbanned?" will suffice. We are not looking for an apology, just that you will not be breaking the rules again in the future.

Next, I would like to discuss the exact statistics on our ban appeals. For the sake of this post, we went through the past 3 months of modmail and took a look at every single unban request (ban appeal) we have received over the last 3 months.

(To clarify what we're defining as a ban appeal here: Anyone who has been requested to be unbanned at least 1 day after their initial ban while permanently banned.)

We found the following statistics:

In the past 3 months, 26 different permanently banned users have sent requests to be unbanned.

Out of those 26 users, 20 different permanently banned users had their ban appeals accepted and were unbanned.

Out of those 26 users, 6 different permanently banned users had their ban appeals denied and currently remain banned.

I would like to briefly go over why each of those 6 users have not been unbanned after requesting to be unbanned. All names have been removed for users' privacy:

User #1 was banned for breaking the rules. They were unbanned later after submitting a ban appeal. They broke the rules again, were given another ban, and were then caught evading their ban using an alternate account. They sent another ban appeal. We decided not to unban them.

User #2 repeatedly spams the n-word on various subreddits- the word is found in almost every one of their comments. Additionally, after being banned, they sent private messages to the mods calling us the n-word.

User #3 was banned for breaking the rules. They evaded their ban multiple times by making new accounts. Several months ago, they sent a ban appeal, however due to a high amount of messages when they sent it, we missed their message. A while later, they sent a modmail saying they wished for us to review our ban policy and asked why we had not replied to their previous message. We realized they had sent a ban appeal months ago but that we had missed it. We apologized and asked them to send a new one because we could not find the old one due to how old it was. We asked them twice to resend a ban appeal if they wanted to be unbanned however they chose not to send a new appeal.

User #4 admitted to ban evading while messaging us from a new account. We found out they had been posting on the subreddit for a while under the new account before telling us they were evading their ban. Had they asked to be unbanned, we would have allowed it. However, they decided to ban evade before asking us to be unbanned.

User #5 is a DirectDoggo impersonator. After DirectDoggo deleted his account, they made an account stealing his name (with a few added underscores). If they make a new account, we will allow them back onto the subreddit, but we can't allow them to use DirectDoggo's name.

User #6 has a long history of intentionally creating or fueling drama in the FNaF community repeatedly over the past 2.5 years. We decided to ban them because we felt that their behavior was harmful to the subreddit, however they will be unbanned if they acknowledge why their past behavior has been harmful to the community and make a conscious effort to avoid drama.

The last thing I would like to bring up is mostly unrelated to what I've written above, but we still feel like it is important to address. I would like to discuss the ban of a user who henceforth will be referred to as "User #7".

User #7 was a very well known member of the community who claimed to have beaten 50/20 mode less than 24 hours after UCN was released. When asked repeatedly for proof, they decided not to provide any. This by itself wasn't an issue (we did not care about the claim alone), however User #7 had been giving false advice to multiple users (including popular streamers) on how to beat 50/20. We decided to ban User #7 unless they provided proof to back up the advice they had been giving out, they chose not to, and we banned them. We do feel the ban was needed at the time, due to how intense the community's efforts to beat 50/20 were and User #7's tips were harmful to the community. That being said, In retrospect, the way we handled this was very poor and unfair to User #7. Additionally, we have no desire to keep this user banned. Though we still believe a ban was needed, the ban length should have been significantly shorter. If User #7 would like to be unbanned, they only need to send a modmail. It should be noted that User 7 has never sent a ban appeal or asked to be unbanned. We felt like this was important to talk about however, due to controversial nature of the ban. We apologize for how poorly the mod team handled it.

Section 5: Summary

As long as in your ban appeal you acknowledge why the actions that led to your ban were an issue and tell us you will make an effort to not act that way again, you will almost certainly be unbanned. We have no desire to keep users banned if we do not feel it is necessary.

In the past 3 months, 26 different users asked to be unbanned. 20 of them were unbanned.

The minimum length of permanent bans is being decreased from 30 to 14 days.

If you're reading this post, and you've been banned for a while, but have yet to send a ban appeal: Please send one!

If you send a message in modmail, and we fail to respond, please send another message. The layout of modmail makes it very easy to miss messages. We will never ignore a ban appeal. Send us another message if we do not reply within 12 hours.

edit: I know about the typo in the title.



Perhaps it would be useful to formulate and publish a Code of Conduct that includes this as a section, along with the necessary Freddit-specific amendments and expansions to normal reddit rules?

Honestly, this is one of the most fair set of rules I've seen on reddit, and one of the best mod teams, too. Great job, guys!

Alright, William. Just leave the kids alone. (Five Nights + Deadpool 2)

Alright, William. Just leave the kids alone. (Five Nights + Deadpool 2)

He protecc

He attacc

But most importantly

He always com bacc

I’m not gonna lie, I heard this post and chuckled

"How to beat Night 9999 in Five Nights at Deadpool?"

Actually now that I think about it William does remind me of Deadpool i.e. clings to life no matter what, pretty damn amoral, is A-Okay with killing and can have exceptionally morbid senses of humour. Heck can you imagine if William became aware of the 4th wall as well?

circus thot

circus thot

Calling the clown girl a thot is a one way ticket to losing your guts, you know.

is that a threat

Like half the people in the comments agree with the idea of baby being a thot and half the people don’t.

Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.

No, it's a warning.

Thank You except its a Smash Bros meme

Thank You except its a Smash Bros meme


I still can't believe they killed Bonnie

Freddy and Toy Chica as well... sad day. Oh yeah, possibly Nightmare Fredbear as well, but we don't really know for sure yet.

Since today is my birthday, I celebrated by drawing one of my favorite characters.

Since today is my birthday, I celebrated by drawing one of my favorite characters.

Note: I did leave out some parts of Scrap's design as I found they didn't turn out quite well enough as I was hoping.

So yeah today is my birthday, even though there isn't gonna be a party today (since my parents are out of town).

I thought I would celebrate by combining two of my favorite things aka drawing my boi Scraptrap and the Game Boy (so that was the color palette used for this), before I go out to dinner with my Grandparents later.

happy bday

Scraptrap version Super Star Ultra and the Amazing Mirror Dream Land 1 Star Allies & Gooey - Paint

Also Happy Birthday!

Thank you!



Yes my children hide inside my trash body

"He pieced the remains together."

Is that minecraft withering that I see?

Why are you taking like my uncle/s

Scrap Baby as a Cuphead boss

Scrap Baby as a Cuphead boss

I honestly can’t get enough of your style! Great work!

Hmm, wonder what her death quotes would be...

"'Fraid you're a laughing stock-- Time for your controlled shock!"

"It feels like my birthday, but you seem to be lacking a gift!"

"All those little souls in one place; I have work to do, so get out of my face!"

If this were Circus Baby I could imagine her saying something like this: "Before I turn you into a pile of bone, I should probably offer you an ice cream cone!" Or something like that.

Thats a nice style

[Edit] N. BB, JJ, DeeDee and more POP! Edits

[Edit] N. BB, JJ, DeeDee and more POP! Edits

Great work as always!


These are all really good, although I think DeeDee and XOR should have larger propellers on their hats.


Farmer Foxy

Farmer Foxy

Foxy became a farmer after retiring the pirate

Right, it's daytime over there.

Farmtime Foxy

After all those years, he can finally do what he loves...

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