This Student Gets It

This Student Gets It

What's the purpose of the board if not to write on?

Probably a white board they use to project a computer on and have to keep it clean otherwise you wouldn't see

But he didn't write "on board", this isn't anarchy at all

When you unsubscribe from an email list and they send you an email to let you know.

The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be televised.


I can give every other aspect of this situation a free pass except this. It is actually abhorrent. The restaurant should be shut down.

Good title

But how are you gonna force them to close when they're all armed with knifes?

Show 'em who's boss

Show 'em who's boss

Apple Music, a popular music streaming service, asked it's twitter followers "What's everyone listening to this morning?" And a fellow anarchist, a guy who gets it, stuck it to the man and replied "Spotify." Spotify, if you didn't already know, is another popular music streaming service and is a large competitor to Apple Music. This man's act have brought destruction to Apple ever since.

Sent from Twitter for iPhone

This is the kind of detailed breakdown I live for.

I prefer spotify

"They can't tell me how to feel."

"They can't tell me how to feel."

Those are expensive cookies

They look kinda raw too

Emoji movie irl

"I'll take the sad cookie, he is like me, and I will eat him out of his misery."

Rebel without a cause

Rebel without a cause

How long has he been there?

This is actually a picture of a porn library that has spots for different fetishises, this man is at the "teen spot"

Ten bucks says it's porn.

This was an unexpectedly wholesome joke!

Ethics solved

At least he was fair to everyone.

Awe how sweet, he's going to save everyo-:(

Is this kid up for adoption?

Kid knows how to establish a level playing field

no comment

no comment



They must've seen that coming


Edit: wait wtf we are in that subreddit. Am i retarded?

My soap is made of lies

My soap is made of lies


Op missed golden title opportunity.

I don't get it. Maybe because I'm colorblind.

he's probably green with envy now

One banana = Two bananas

One banana = Two bananas

This doesn't belong here. It belongs on /sub/crappydesign.

Well played

/sub/dataisugly rather

Rumour has it if you put a Geiger counter near him it sounds like two dolphins fucking.

Second top post...

No, I do not accept your agreement!

No, I do not accept your agreement!

That might hold up in court

EULA isn't a rock solid legal mechanism outright.

this pic is about as old as CD's themselves

Those stickers aren't enforceable anyway, but most people don't know that and assume they are now bound to the terms, so the sticker serves it's purpose.

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