An interesting title

An interesting title

They look like they would smell like stale farts and cigarettes

Vape juice*

Dude on the left totally has Mountain Dew in his cargo pocket and semi cleaned Cheetos fingers.

That’s very progressive of him

Someone got fired

Someone got fired

This looks like it's from Bojack Horseman

Happy Birthday Diane

Use a pretty font

Probably all automated

Customer: "Make it say 'no engraving' huhuhu, it will be hilarious." Sales Clerk: "So you want the engraving to say 'no engraving'?" Customer: "Yeah it will be funny, right!?!?" Sales Clerk: "Uh huh, knee slapper..."

Sales Clerk to Engraver: "hey frank, yeah we got another 'original' one to do today."

A spy!

A spy!

Alert! Blu spy in the base!

It will turn red any moment now.

See, red!

No wait... that's blue.

world explodes

“No wait, that’s blood.”

Mark Hamill gets it

Mark Hamill gets it

...does nephew not mean what I think it means?

2 things. The word you're looking for is niece. Because the kid is a girl. But it isn't. Your cousin's kid is your first cousin one removed

No it does, he's just trying not to assume the gender of this baby


What I wore to see Avengers: Infinity War

What I wore to see Avengers: Infinity War

This post got me Deja Vu

A comic book shirt to a comic book movie? The nerve!

You can't hold me back

You can't hold me back

I got dirty looks from TSA last time I was at the airport. Tiny little airport with like 7 of those zigzags to get to the security person checking IDs. There was NO ONE in line. Just in front of me was a couple in their 70's or older, the lady walking the slowest. I said, "here, let me" and proceeded to remove the ropes, let them pass, and then put them right back the way they were. I made their walk 20 feet instead of 60. Fuck you TSA.

edit: cure old lady even said, "I don't think you're supposed to do that." I said, "Oh well" and smiled.

Man. I got back to America once when I was a teen and no one was in the line. About 1000 yards of zig zags. So I just went under them.

My brother and I got our asses chewed out by customs who was also a big sassy black woman. She threatens to make us walk back and walk the line again.

This is why they have airport security


Only the strong survive

Only the strong survive

This is not first world anarchy, the post has /sub/madlads written all over it

It would hurt going down cause I don't chew my KD put a forkful in my mouth and swallow

I for sure thought this was /sub/madlads. Especially with the use of “wrecked.”

I wanted to see if he'd notice.

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