It's not wrong

It's not wrong

Passenger in the passenger seat starts the car... :/ and the car starts there, idle... Waiting...

You can't start a car with a dead person in it?

My mustang won't start if the clutch isn't depressed

Battery, starter, ecu, fuel pump, ignition coil, and spark plugs would all be good answers to this question as well.

I have an idea. Need someone to realise it

I have an idea. Need someone to realise it

Hahahahahahahah.. Every emoticon are so cute..

Edit: I’m having trouble finding it, can anyone have address? user/kelly025 where did you get it ?

Why is this the #1 post on my front page?

Good, I'm not the only one wondering that...

i bought it from here.

Waking up to Reddit today

Waking up to Reddit today

God forbid Americans get excited over an American event on a website made by Americans.


Is anyone going to say anything about the World Cup?

It's weird how an American sporting event gets so much attention on a website that is heavily populated by American users.

Circumcision rage

Circumcision rage

Word to the wise: never get involved in an argument about circumcision. There are few arguments that get angrier.

It's just a little forced genital mutilation, lighten up!

It's such a stupid thing to criticize someone for. Especially because the decision to or to not is usually made by a parent and not at a time when the prospective snippee even knows what a dingaling is.

Nails and hair grow back ...

My first rage comic

My first rage comic

This is a great time to start doing rage comics. They’re just now becoming popular.

Yes, you did make a shitpost. OP's comic is very much in line with what rage comics are supposed to be though.

I apparently like to buy a deuce, take one sip, set it on an uneven surface and watch it fall and spray everywhere. I do this at least 3 times a year.

Why does it not?

Better cold than wet

Better cold than wet

Way worse warm. Let’s be honest.

Is it worse cold or warm cause someone just sat on it?

yeah, i live the life depicted in the comic, but my hope is that it is cold.

I knew a guy who truly hated cold. He had an IR light in his bathroom, and two IR lights in his bedroom, as well as a bedside table switch for the bedroom ones. He didn't like the feel of blankets, so he had a clamshell over his bed with an electric blanket on it, so the air above him was warm.

Eating and watching (Not mine)

Eating and watching (Not mine)

Me irl

Absolutely this

My fucking life

Yup happened the other day. I was cleaning off my table and didnt notice that I split water all over my keyboard, I go off make some food come back later and go to type into youtube bam can't type. I had no idea what to do ended up using my bookmarks to open pages to copy paste key words of what I wanted into the search bar before eating lol.

How to insult british people

How to insult british people

oh wow, haven't seen an f7u12 post in a while.


Edit: this is a post about insulting British people isn't it?

No we arent LOL infact I didnt even know it was the revolutionary war... I thought it was 'the war of independence'?

Its not even really taught in schools in the UK. Nobody gives a fuck lol


Edit: I am British and I feel insulted

Share With your Friends ...

Share With your Friends ...

Lol 'Yippie Cayenne-'

Shin ramyun is the shit. Still my fav even with all the copy cats out there.

People still make these in 2017 I thought these died off a long time ago

You mean ramen, or rage comics?

Because ramen ain't going nowhere

I Miss Doing This In School!

I Miss Doing This In School!

I miss rage comics.


Idk but i wish you would have instead of making some bullshit comment

So do I. I wish there was a collection of the best ones out there or something

Try one of these subthreads