Packing cylinder roller bearings

It is, did you not notice the robot holding the stick?

Why in the ever-loving fuck is a 5 minute old post with no comments at the top of my fucking front page???!

Why in the ever-loving fuck is a 5 minute old post with no comments at the top of my fucking front page???!

Seems like something that could be easily automated.

Not all businesses are large businesses. Automation often requires a large capital investment and is only profitable with economies of scale (large volume production). Sometimes human labour is the cheapest option.

Dicing a watermelon in 12 seconds

*Half of a watermelon

No longer impressed. This is bullshit.

It bothers me that at around the 2 second mark it suddenly goes from on its side to cut face down. Sure, it's just a second or two, but there's no point having a timer on the screen with a jump cut where things move

fast but not efficient, i estimate at least 10% of that watermelon went to waste.

Japanese woman giftwrapping with a cord and no tape

Japanese woman giftwrapping with a cord and no tape

Beautiful packaging and terrifyingly fast.

I don't know if the quality of Japanese workmanship is a good thing or a bad thing considering the impact on the workers.

But it can be intimidatingly beautiful.

i just got a papercut so this frightened me

Here is another one by her.

I swear there's a hint of a smile from her in the last two seconds of that video

Takoyaki, a ball-shaped octopus snack

this isn’t takoyaki, it’s a small sponge cake called castella

Yes, it's written on the giant sign behind the cook "ベビーカステラ" = baby castella

Edit: BTW, takoyaki is made in a half sphere without a top. The batter is poured until its overflowing from the half spheres. Once the bottom is cooked, the cook turns the half baked takoyaki 90° with a pick and fills it with octopus pieces and other goodies. Once filled, the takoyaki is turned another 90° completing the sphere. Source: am half Japanese and regularly make takoyaki at home


is takoyaki 🐙

Oiling a wooden floor (x-post /sub/gifs)

Only works that fast if the previous guy did his job well and the floor is sanded perfectly level

Smooth and fast. Nice. I’m curious as to what kind of oil this is...tung oil?

This might be a stupid question and I’m really not trying to be a dick but what about the vid shows you that? Is it just kind of common place to run behind in the flooring/construction industry?


Dishwasher Level 57

Fast - yes. And I bet a little on the "noisy" side of things. You can probably hear this guy from the street.

It's a commercial unit, washes at high pressure & temp. He's doing it right.

Nice technique, but what about when the plates are actually dirty with food stuck all over them?

It's a commercial unit. I guarantee that it doesn't wash at all. It's probably a "sanitizer". The plates should look clean before they go in.

Filling up a tray with batter (x-post r/gifs)

Filling up a tray with batter (x-post r/gifs)

Great post OP, best I've seen on this sub in a while.

Watching this thinking don't mess up, keep it going, don't mess up.... YES

THIS is why I subscribe to this subreddit.

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Fast block paver

But thats sped up.

This is sped up so it's hard to tell how fast he actually is

all movies here need to have a constant drip of water on camera with a yardstick behind it so we can use the acceleration of gravity to calibrate how sped up things are.

Owww my back

Cutting perfect scallops

Cutting perfect scallops

This guy shucks

"Here Whiffers, give this a go!"

Proceeds to drop whole shell in the bucket and throw the knife out of the window.

They have to throw the shells back in the ocean because there are baby scallops growing on them and this ensures there are always more scallops to harvest.

Efficient waste management as well

Fresh cut pineapple

I love the smile of pride right at the end of his clip.

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