#Jets WR Robby Anderson was limited in practice after injuring his hamstring today.

#Jets WR Robby Anderson was limited in practice after injuring his hamstring today.

Why can't we have nice things?

With every player sacrificed to injury, the Dark Lord Gordon only grows stronger.

His thirst is insatiable, he cannot be satisfied!

(Also, I own McCown and Anderson... this really sucks)

Please... take me isntead

Gronk, Ingram and Anderson owner checking in on the final day of the regular season fighting for a playoff spot........

Sweating balls.

Joe Mixon (concussion) out again Thursday

Joe Mixon (concussion) out again Thursday

Carry me through the first round Gio.

I bet you never thought you'd be uttering those words just two weeks ago.

I picked up Gio before the Monday night game.(yahoo league)

Feels kind of dirty.

These are league winning moves. Don't feel dirty.

ESPN 10 Team League Deleted - trying to track down leaguemates - Just got scammed?

ESPN 10 Team League Deleted - trying to track down leaguemates - Just got scammed?

File a paypal dispute and try to get your money back

Make sure you post on that sub to let the mods and anyone else who joined know even though it might have been a throwaway. I remember the mods had to ban a user that kept changing settings after everyone had paid.

My personal rule over there is to make sure a commish has actual legit history before considering even a $50 league. There's way too many throwaway commishes posting there

wait lol you joined a $150 league full of strangers and you didn't even really know the league's name by playoff time

Them's the breaks, but at least hopefully you learn from it

Am legitimately wondering if there is a modelling career being funded by fake fantasy football leagues.

Saints’ RB Mark Ingram, listed as questionable for tonight’s game vs Falcons due to a toe injury, is expected to play, per source.

Saints’ RB Mark Ingram, listed as questionable for tonight’s game vs Falcons due to a toe injury,...

so he‘s a must start. right?

I think he is, yes. If nothing else he will probably get a few goal line carries, which is generally more than you can say for a replacement level back. If he starts he will be in my lineup.

I feel good. Idk how you could want any higher performance from what he’s currently doing with Ingram. I’d rather Ingram do all the dirty work between the tackles.

They keep each other fresh and if one of them got hurt, you’d wouldn’t want to play ff again. So why complain?

Can someone explain to me why all the kamara owners are so confused/torn about how to feel if Ingram doesn't play? It sounds really dumb.

If Ingram plays, great. Same Kamara routine where he gets 20+ pts on 15 touches.

If Ingram doesn't play, Kamara probably gets more volume. Its likely hes less efficient, but still more likely to sustain RB1 numbers....

Why cry about it?

Samaje Perine - RB1 this week?

Samaje Perine - RB1 this week?

This week, has Perine within the top 10, in the same tier as Hunt and Freeman. ESPN has him projected to score the 10th most RB points this week. And Fantasy Pros has him as #12. (All taken in half PPR)

Is this a little optimistic? I get that the Chargers have given up a good amount of points to RBs. And Washington seems to at least want to lean on Perine for the bulk of the carries.

But on the year he hasn't been all that efficient. So far he's at 3.7 YPC and he has only one TD in 125 rushes. That includes 19 rushes in the red zone and more specifically, 8 rushes within the 10. Plus, Washington being down against Dallas lead to Marhsall taking snaps away from Perine. Marshall ended up with 43% to Perine's 57%. This contrasts with the 70/30 split when Washington beat the Giants. And the numbers are a bit skewed due to Thompson's 26%, but when Washington was able to at least stay competitive against New Orleans (34-31), the split was 70/4.

Clearly, RBs that have a better chance than not at getting 20 carries (and against a bad defense) are rare. But how much faith should we have in Washington and their ability to establish the run on a week to week basis?

It's tough to rely on season long analytics. If you look at every game after week 5, they have only given up a 100 yard rusher 1 time in a weird blowout game that they won by 30+. The chargers gave up about 200 rushing yards to the chiefs in week 3, almost 300 rushing yards to the Eagles in week 4 and another 200 to the Giants In week 5. Since then, only McCoy has had a good output vs them. So in this case, the chargers run defense looks bad because they gave up big games when their best linebacker Perryman was out. Since he came back in week 10, the chargers have given up:

33 yards on 17 carries to Fournette

114 yards on 13 carries to McCoy (flukey game with Peterman putting the Bills in a massive hole early on)

36 yards on 10 carries to Alfred Morris

41 yards on 11 carries to Crowell.

Don't depend on stats. Look at each game to see if there is a reason why certain things happened. In this case, I would argue the chargers run defense is 100x better than what the season long numbers portray.

Should be top comment.

Facts, reasoning, suggestions and answers. Quality shit.

O line hurting has me worried

I wish there was a statistic site that you could use a slider to eliminate early season outliers and look at latest trends with teams like the last 7 weeks or so.

Kickin' It Old School - Week 14 Kicker Projections

Kickin' It Old School - Week 14 Kicker Projections

Hello, /sub/fantasyfootball! It's another beautiful evening for kicker projections. Let's get right to it.

Note: the accuracy results be up later tonight

Week 14 Projections Team Kicker Opponent Time Spread O/U Implied Total Projected Score PB rk ATL Matt Bryant vsNO Thu 8:25PM 1 52 25.5 10.849 1 TEN Ryan Succop @ARI Sun 4:05PM -3 44 23.5 10.438 2 NE Stephen Gostkowski @MIA Mon 8:30PM -11 47.5 29.25 10.069 3 LAR Greg Zuerlein vsPHI Sun 4:25PM -2.5 48 25.25 9.983 4 NO Wil Lutz @ATL Thu 8:25PM -1 52 26.5 9.649 5 BAL Justin Tucker @PIT Sun 8:30PM 5 43.5 19.25 9.410 6 PHI Jake Elliott @LAR Sun 4:25PM 2.5 48 22.75 9.352 7 KC Harrison Butker vsOAK Sun 1:00PM -4 47.5 25.75 9.280 8 LAC Travis Coons vsWSH Sun 4:05PM -6 46 26 9.118 9 PIT Chris Boswell vsBAL Sun 8:30PM -5 43.5 24.25 9.102 10 CIN Randy Bullock vsCHI Sun 1:00PM -6 38.5 22.25 8.771 11 DAL Dan Bailey @NYG Sun 1:00PM -4.5 41.5 23 8.668 12 JAX Josh Lambo vsSEA Sun 4:25PM -2.5 40 21.25 8.606 13 ARI Phil Dawson vsTEN Sun 4:05PM 3 44 20.5 8.566 14 HOU Ka'imi Fairbairn vsSF Sun 1:00PM -3 43.5 23.25 8.438 15 DEN Brandon McManus vsNYJ Sun 4:05PM 1 41.5 20.25 8.349 16 NYJ Chandler Catanzaro @DEN Sun 4:05PM -1 41.5 21.25 8.253 17 MIN Kai Forbath @CAR Sun 1:00PM -2.5 41 21.75 8.106 18 OAK Giorgio Tavecchio @KC Sun 1:00PM 4 47.5 21.75 8.075 19 SEA Blair Walsh @JAX Sun 4:25PM 2.5 40 18.75 7.894 20 WSH Nick Rose @LAC Sun 4:05PM 6 46 20 7.650 21 SF Robbie Gould @HOU Sun 1:00PM 3 43.5 20.25 7.566 22 CAR Graham Gano vsMIN Sun 1:00PM 2.5 41 19.25 7.493 23 MIA Cody Parkey vsNE Mon 8:30PM 11 47.5 18.25 7.480 24 GB Mason Crosby @CLE Sun 1:00PM -3 40.5 21.75 7.273 25 CHI Mike Nugent @CIN Sun 1:00PM 6 38.5 16.25 7.225 26 DET Matt Prater @TB Sun 1:00PM 0 N/A N/A 7.220 27 TB Patrick Murray vsDET Sun 1:00PM 0 N/A N/A 7.220 27 NYG Aldrick Rosas vsDAL Sun 1:00PM 4.5 41.5 18.5 6.983 29 IND Adam Vinatieri @BUF Sun 1:00PM 0 N/A N/A 6.720 30 BUF Stephen Hauschka vsIND Sun 1:00PM 0 N/A N/A 6.720 30 CLE Zane Gonzalez vsGB Sun 1:00PM 3 40.5 18.75 6.268 32

No major surprises at the top of the list. If you've followed my advice all year, hopefully you've managed to secure one of the top options here. If not, consider grabbingTravis Coons, who should get a fair bit of opportunity vs Washington, but isn't particularly accurate. If you'd rather take a guy who makes his kicks more reliably, look no further than Dan Bailey, who will have to tough out the cold in NY this weekend, but can be trusted to convert the opportunities he does receive.


That's it for this week. Be sure to check back next week with more kicker advice. If you missed my post last week, that's because I never posted it here! Though I did get them up on my personal page, which you can find at /u/PhoecesBrown.

As always, let's have another quality discussion in the comments.

Best of luck, all!

EDIT: There are no lines out currently for DET/TB and IND/BUF. The current projections are placeholders. Will update once lines are out, which could be as late as Friday.

Can you tell Philly to stop treating games like madden #elliotishungry

Hoping for 17 from Greg The Leg again.

Sure thing, bud.


There is no tough decision. I'm starting Legatron unless his leg falls off.

Amari Cooper has been cleared from league’s concussion protocol. Ankle kept him out of practice today

Amari Cooper has been cleared from league’s concussion protocol. Ankle kept him out of practice t...

Drafted Ajayi and Amari 1&2 in my super competitive 12 team - AMA

He’s having a down year, sure. Bust seems a bit harsh though

Edit: thought he meant like as an NFL player, if we’re talking ADP/fantasy yeah he’s a bust

First 3 picks were David Johnson Cooper and ty Hilton!





Only players with more Rushing TDs than Josh McCown: Ingram(9), Gurley(8), Zeke(7), Kamara(7), Fournette(7), Lynch(6)

Only players with more Rushing TDs than Josh McCown: Ingram(9), Gurley(8), Zeke(7), Kamara(7), Fo...

The passing NFL is so strange. In 2006, Ladainian Tomlinson ran for 28 TDs (He had 23 TDs after week 13). Compare that to this list after Week 13, and let that sink in

Wait, you telling me Kamara isn't gonna score 21 in the next 4??

Kind of interesting that Zeke is still tied with third.

Zeke is still RB#7 and he hasn't played since week 9. Including his 2.2 performance week 2, he was averaging more points per game this season than in his rookie season.

edit: Forgot he sat out week 17 last season. He averaged 19.5 last season compared to 18.9 this year. Still impressive especially with how some said he looked a step slow this year

Alex Collins not on injury report

Alex Collins not on injury report
Alex Collins not on injury report

A lot of player's lineup decisions just got a lot more difficult.

All aboard the Collins gong.

collins isn't a mediocre waiver wire RB tho!

Gong Collins over freeman this week. Can't stand freeman anymore

Zach Ertz still in the concussion protocol.

Zach Ertz still in the concussion protocol.

Rest up sweet prince. Gonna need you after my bye.

Looks like its Stephen Anderson for me this week.

I feel like this will be the case for many people. I'm guessing there's a correlation between those who own Ertz and those who have a first round bye

If he's out Trey Burton won't be a bad fill-in.

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