Facepalm facepalm

America has Pizza

America has Pizza

Cheese, syrup waffles, legal prostitution

Vegemite and a new prime minister every week

Technically, since tomatoes are native only to the Americas (much like the Peruvian Puff Pepper), the pizza we know and love today wouldn't exist had the New World not been discovered.

cheese. cheese. cheese. cheese. cheese except with holes. cheese. neutrality. cheese. cheese. cheese. chocolate. cheese. cheese. cheese. cheese.

It’s perfectly clear...

It’s perfectly clear...

Every person who has ever died had consumed dihydrogen monoxide

That’s why I only drink floor cleaner.


i think not

My science teacher in 8th grade made a huge deal about DHMO. He got us all riled up about it, telling us how dangerous it could be and it was used in all sorts of chemicals. He then told us it was in our schools! He had us sign a petition and make posters to put all over school so the school would ban it. Fast forward a few weeks later and he reveals DHMO is water. I’ll never forget him saying, “you all tried banning water from this school because not one of you could do 2 seconds of research.” He got us all good and I always fact checked after that!

How could they have ever found out...?

How could they have ever found out...?

I'm starting to think these guys do this on purpose.

How I got gifted a cool wooden horse!

A day later...

How my empire was overthrown (I WAS FOOLED)

I remember seeing a similar one. One video was called "Our open relationship"; the other video was called "How I found out I had herpes", or some other STD.

Why I follow a carnivorous diet

3 months later....

I think I have scurvy

Don’t let your children have a YouTube account

Don’t let your children have a YouTube account

Wow /sub/woooosh

This subreddit just gets woooshed every time. That’s why I love /sub/woooosh.

They spell oxygen and scientists correctly, but not liars or they. Smells like a joke to me. Also, don't forget to censor names and such.


Dumbass homophobe

Dumbass homophobe
Dumbass homophobe

If this is real it’s fucking hilarious

I think someone else didn’t get the joke.

This is from the first episode of, RuPauls Drag Race Season 10.

Christina was a guest judge. She is often compared to this really womanly Drag Queen named Farrah Moan, and in the episode they actually call Christina Farrah. So it was a cute inside joke that she is a Drag Queen.

The comment is probably real, as it’s probably an extended scene of a show about Drag Queens that the person who screen-capped the image did so deliberately to make it seem like they can’t tell if Christina is a man or not.

That's my favorite Autobot

That's my favorite Autobot


Pretty sure it's a joooookeee

Pacific Rim 😎😎

Iron giant😎😎

Thanks Obama

Thanks Obama

I’m not into dudes but I guess I’d fuck Obama. It would make a great story to tell the grandkids.

Would you wanna be that guy who didn't fuck Obama?

I wonder if believing in some sort of "gay agenda" conspiracy is a self-enforcing idea. You start searching "gay agenda", "gay marriage evil", "turning the frogs gay" etc and then Google starts serving you a bunch of ads based on the word "gay", making you believe even further in the idea.

Gaybama gate

I'm sure that's not how it works...

I'm sure that's not how it works...


No, this Tumblr screenshot isn't satirical at all.

I was recruited to the homosexual agenda after being bitten by a ladyboi. It is not just the chemtrails.

I'm confused, where did spiders factor into this?

Let’s call 911 over YouTube being down

Let’s call 911 over YouTube being down

"Hello, 911? What's my Netflix password?"

Well? What is it?

they got me on hold I think

People called 911 over this.

People called 911 over this.

They need to call whine-one-one

Pretty sure it’s a joke.

So cops surf Youtube also? Not noteworthy.


While on duty? Note worthy... I can't assume they checked theirs because of a 911 call. They were watching binging with Babish.


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