Facepalm facepalm

Not the best place for this Double Cheeseburger commercial

Waiting..... Waiting....waiting....waiting.....OH FOR FUCKS SAKE

yo this is gold

I personally think that is fucking hilarious 😂

This is awful! They only get one fucking coke and fries

Oh god my insides make it stop!!




Yea they ate the whole onion and proud of it


Yeah, one shot should have done it... 2 if you suspect a zombie.

Remember to protect your ears when firing a gun.

Remember to protect your ears when firing a gun.

Well, imagine what would happen if his trigger dicipline sucked.

Yeah so this is another for /sub/woosh, if you know the context.

This photo, showing a man in an ATF hat doing something clearly stupid with a gun, was undoubtedly staged as something between humor and anti-ATF propaganda.

Many gun owners in the USA consider the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to use the full name) to be somewhere between murderous villains (because in the 1990s they instigated a number of high profile actions that got a lot of people including children killed) and incompetent clowns. They are not well liked.

So, yeah either not a facepalm or a deliberately staged facepalm depending on how you look at it.

His hearing issues would clear right up!

All his issues would clear up - it's a cure-all!

Shot oneself in the foot

Shot oneself in the foot

Is this true....guess if this is it will serve as an interesting test if all sexual assaults are handled equally

Can someone translate those words to English? I don’t understand who did what.

Is it that she assaulted someone (the actor mentioned) and then payed him to shut up about it?

We have already had that test, and they are not all handled equally. See the recent case of #metoo luminary Christina Garcia. The accusations she faced, by themselves, would have led to the immediate public crucifixion of a male politician, yet she was cleared after an "investigation." I suspect we will find reason to extend special treatment to Ms. Argento and her conduct as well.

Yes it does mean that

I wasn't asking a specific person, just needed someone who knows

I wasn't asking a specific person, just needed someone who knows

This applies to about half of all Amazon questions. They need to word the email they send out to the stupid people better.

This facepalm is totally on Amazon and the stupid email they send out to previous buyers. They make it seem like you're being asked personally.

Exactly. They seem like you are being asked personally. Probably as intended as people are more likely to respond if they think they are singled out.

Well... I appreciate the honesty.




And everyone applauded as the mayor handed over the keys to a new car.

Welcome to Earth!


That must be one hell of a wedding.

That must be one hell of a wedding.

Definitely my vibe

Roses are red, love is fake , weddings are just funerals with cake

This is perfect for my friend getting married in October

no Bones about it ;)

A bullet well deserved

A bullet well deserved

Link to story?

Edit: Nevermind, found it. In 2014.


No more OC on reddit. :(

This happened in 2014

The dog (pit bull) apparently approached him "threateningly" and barking and it seems like the cop freaked out.

I definitely understand the fear that comes with a dog coming at you barking menacingly (especially a pit) but cops really need to be trained better to do deal with dogs. I've read tooany stories of cops shooting dogs just for barking aggressively and supposedly fearing for their safety.


More biased source with more info:


The headline for OP post is so far from the truth its in the next dimension

I hope his fellow officers bust his balls forever. From the look of the pic; this isn’t a big enough of an asshole check for a psychopath like that.

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